• GentleIslam

    Hi Walid,

    London is in immediate point of no return danger. I hope this is not too naive but can you get a message to the right people? I have an idea, one I’ve not heard before, to address London’s Koran/Muslim problem. Here it is:

    JUDGES OF BRITAIN: Declare the Koran illegal via existing laws. The Koran globally and in England demonstrably and continually incites:

    Commotion, riot & open violence
    Insurrection against the established order
    Subversion of a constitution
    Subversive acts
    Incitement to discontent and civil unrest
    Resistance to lawful authority
    Hatred and violence toward gays women polytheists adulterers
    Incitement to murder critics

    Koranic colluders are outlaws. GET THE POLICE/ARMY READY, ARREST THE ENTIRE CABAL. Resistance is met with all force.

    Walid – a good lawyer/judge with the help of government could make some legal charges stick sufficiently to have grounds for arrest and deportment or imprisonment of a great many of the Muslims in London.

    Why isn’t something like this being done? Why are they being allowed to riot and scream hoarse voice threats of overt violence in the streets of London? Will the great nation willing to “never surrender” to Hitler now prostrate to this dirty desert viper?

    Please help us to understand why arguably the world’s greatest country is falling into Islamic hands. Is it too late for Britain?

    Your patriot of all free countries friend,
    Hugh Rockford

  • GodsSeer

    I have a good idea, Put dried pigs blood in all artillery and bullets.