CAIR reaches out to Attorney General Eric Holder after Judge ruled against Mosque

When various states pass anti-Sharia law legislation, judges often block their implementation despite widespread public support. Here we have a judge in Tennessee ruling that construction of a mosque must stop and CAIR immediately calls on Attorney General Eric Holder to do something about it.


Council on American-Islamic Relations called for the Department of Justice to intervene in the case if the county doesn’t issue new building permits to “protect the religious rights of Tennessee Muslims.”

CAIR said the judge’s ruling “used phrases and reasoning which could be viewed as indicating that a higher degree of public notice is required for issues related to Tennessee Muslims.”

“American Muslim constitutional rights should not be diminished merely because anti-Muslim bigots are able to manufacture a controversy about what would otherwise be normal religious activities,” said CAIR attorney Gadeir Abbas.

“If the Rutherford County Planning Commission does not immediately issue new permits for the mosque, we urge the Department of Justice to intervene in this case to support the religious rights of Tennessee Muslims.”

On a related note, despite the judge’s ruling the builders of this Tennessee mosque have reportedly not stopped construction, which is a thumb in the eye of the judge.


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