Rescue Christians saves False Blasphemy Victim from Prison and Death

On May 18, 2012, a case of Blasphemy was registered against Sajid Masih, Christian – aged 20, resident of Saidqabad, Farooqabad district Shiekhpura.

The complaint was made by Muhammad Shar-ullah-Zaman, who filed an application at the Police station city Farooqabad under-section 295-B. Shar-ullah-Zaman stated that Sajid Masih had burned a page of the Quranic text which was in the box (Placed by the Theerk-e- Nafazey Muhammadi). Within a few hours, thousands of Muslims and clerics from around the Punjabi area gathered at the police station. They demanded that the police station officer hand the blasphemer over to them.

Later on that night the police launched a FIR against Sajid Masih the son of Inayat Masih under section 295-B and sent him to the Central jail of Sheikhpura. FIR NO-297/12 with reference report no-19 /18-5-12

Our people on the ground in Pakistan, headed by our leader RW2, questioned the victim’s family to find out what happened and based on what the family relayed to him, as well as incontrovertible evidence, proved that Masih was innocent of the blasphemy allegation. RW2 then went and met with both the police and some of the clerics who agreed that the evidence of innocence was valid, then agreed that the charges should be dropped, however the accuser gathered support of other extremists and it appeared from public statements that when the court would hear the case for dismissal, Sajid Masih might be assassinated outside the court which has happened to several other victims in other false blasphemy cases. Our organization currently supports financially, a family who lost two sons exactly this way. We needed to have the dismissal case heard in the jail and away from the public. We needed to hire a lawyer at great expense, costing several thousand dollars to arrange this. We sent the money a few days ago to pay for the lawyer, and today Sajid Masih was released from prison and whisked away to a safe house by our people. He is still in danger but free from prison.

We were only able to perform this act of rescue because of the courage of our people on the ground as well as the generous donors we have in the United States and around the world who support our work.

We have about 16 families in hiding but the need is great and the amount of families needing help from the blasphemy laws are growing as Islamic fundamentalism takes more of a hold across the Muslim world.

We are working on many new initiatives to help persecuted Christians and your donations go a long way.

The Raoul Wallenberg project is the initiative to save persecuted Christians in Pakistan run by Rescue Christians. Our team in Pakistan the real heroes as they set up safe houses, rescue Christians from false blasphemy charges, forced conversions and indentured slavery. Rescue Christians received donations mostly from individuals in the United States but has some donors in other parts of the world.


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