Archive | September 5, 2012


American Thinker’s Stella Paul explores the Clinton / Abedin / Weiner ‘soap opera’ dynamic

Stella Paul looks at the similarities and dysfunctions of four powerful and very politically connected individuals; she even refers to this bizarre dynamic as a ‘soap opera’ while describing Huma Abedin’s 2007 Vogue photo shoot. Via AT: The photo of Huma statuesquely displayed on a chair drew attention, as did the eyebrow-raising descriptions of Huma’s […]

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Is this why Democratic Party platform no longer acknowledges Jerusalem as Capital of Israel?

The 2012 Democratic Party platform is on full display this week and one of the most glaring omissions is verbiage that identifies Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Could the increase in the number of Muslim delegates at the Democratic National Convention have anything to do with it? Via Newsmax: A record number of Muslim […]

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