David Horowitz: Huma Abedin ‘worse than Alger Hiss’, John McCain is ‘bonkers’

While appearing on the Janet Mefferd show, David Horowitz discussed the topic of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration and singled out Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Huma Abedin, saying that she has been a ‘Muslim Brotherhood operative’ for ‘all her life’.

He even said Abedin is ‘worse than Alger Hiss‘.

You can listen to the audio here.

Here is the transcript of the relevant portion of the interview, via Right Wing Watch:

Horowitz: We have a medieval enemy with twenty-first century technology aimed at us, they’ve infiltrated our government. If you wondered how it’s possible that Obama and Hillary would not know or would pretend what was happening wasn’t happening in the Middle East or how they could turnover Egypt as they have to the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the fountainhead of Al Qaeda and all of these terrible Islamic Nazi organizations, the answer is not really hard to find: the chief adviser to the American government on Muslim affairs, Hillary Clinton’s deputy chief of staff, Huma Abedin, is a Muslim Brotherhood operative and she has been all her life, and her whole family is. This is worse than Alger Hiss, for those in your audience who are old enough to remember, Alger Hiss is a Soviet agent who was right next to Roosevelt at Yalta.

Mefferd: It’s very true and yet you had these five congressmen, Michele Bachmann and the others, who tried to say the inspectors-general need to look into this, and even Republicans stood up on the floor and said no!

Horowitz: You had Boehner and McCain, and McCain is just bonkers. But the Republican Party has also been infiltrated. Grover Norquist is a Muslim, he is a practicing Muslim.

As for that part about John McCain being bonkers… this pretty much sums it up:

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  • madxxdog

    I used to think that Horowitz was the one who was bonkers and McCain was the good guy. But when McCain ran for president I realized what an empty suit he really is. Does he really believe all that crap from that posted speech on the house floor? Wow! He is bonkers.
    I blame the residents of Arizona for continually electing him. Come on guys wake up. Term limits anyone?

    Now about David Horowitz, the more I hear him speak the more I Think …he is really cool.

    Thanks for the post Walid.

  • proctech

    I really wish McCain woulld leave the Republican party. He has only ever been a Republican by name. He is more liberal than Senator Joe Lieberman. I have no idea why anyone puts up with him. He is almost as obnoxious as Hillary Clinton.

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