A Teenager saved by Rescue Christians speaks; CNN’s Drew Griffin should listen

When we post information about what Rescue Christians is doing for the persecuted in Pakistan, we do so primarily to encourage people to help us continue our work as well as to inform those who are already contributing, what their contributions are doing. We feel the need to add a third reason – to refute the smear merchants who attempt to sow seeds of doubt into the minds of those who would otherwise be inclined to join us in this very important and monumental effort.

Ryan Stanton, a sixteen year-old young man, was falsely accused of committing blasphemy against Islam’s prophet Muhammad.

Last November, Stanton’s case – one of the most high profile cases in Pakistan – was referenced in a FrontPage Magazine article:

Unless Pakistan repeals the blasphemy laws, they remain a threat and a weapon. Just days after Rimsha Masih was released from prison on bail and brought to her family’s hiding place, another Christian teenager, Ryan Stanton, was falsely accused of blasphemy in Karachi. He and his family are also in hiding. Perhaps they can be helped on an individual basis by this new precedent, set in the case of Rimsha Masih. Perhaps the new precedent to improve the interpretation of blasphemy cases can also re-interpret events and save the life of Asia Bibi. Like starfish on the beach that are flung back into the ocean, Pakistan’s Christians may only be saved one by one.

Since that story was published, Stanton has been rescued with the assistance of our Rescue Christians team members on the ground in Pakistan. Here is a video of Stanton explaining what he went through. Note that Ryan identifies Rescue Christians by name as being an entity that helped to save him:

Is it good enough just to be informed? Consider being a partner in saving the lives of Christians in Muslim countries, click here for details.

In the summer of 2011, CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Drew Griffin did a hit piece on our own Walid Shoebat. Part of that hit piece involved an exchange between Griffin and Keith Davies that included an attempt by Griffin to imply that Rescue Christians is a “scam”.

Via CNN transcript:

GRIFFIN: Well, you have all these foundations. And I’m trying to find out where this money goes in terms of charity, what is the foundation.

DAVIES: Well, most of the money is used to help persecuted Christians in the Middle East that the media doesn’t want to talk about.

GRIFFIN: I will talk about it if you can give me any information about that.

DAVIES: Yes, we have a Web site that you can have all the information about what we do on our Web site. It’s RescueChristians.org.

GRIFFIN: I read that. It’s very unspecific as to what exactly is going on, where the money is going.

Keith, I got to ask you, because I do a lot of this type of reporting on charities, organizations that collect money for various funds. Everything is not very transparent. Is this — are you running a scam here?

Scam, Mr. Griffin? Here is Ryan Stanton’s passport:


In the bolded portion of the transcript above, Griffin pledged that he would talk about persecuted Christians in the Middle East if Keith gave him specifics. If the personal testimony of a rescued Christian from Pakistan above – coupled with that young man’s passport – isn’t enough, perhaps photos of our team members distributing food in Joseph Colony near Lahore, Pakistan might satisfy Griffin. A few days ago, we published photos of the aftermath of a Muslim mob that descended on Joseph Colony and burned more than one hundred Christian homes because someone had allegedly defamed Islam’s prophet.

Here are some photos of our team members distributing food to the victims of that attack:




In addition to urging Drew Griffin to keep his word, we urge our readers to help us achieve our goal of $11,000 to continue helping the victims of the Joseph Colony attack as well as individual Christians who are being persecuted and desperately need help.

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