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Video: Tyrone Woods’ father putting false hope in Elijah Cummings’ Sincerity

During an interview on Hannity, Charles Woods – the father of former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods, who was murdered in Benghazi on 9/11/12 – was asked about his reaction to the claim by Oversight Committee’s ranking member that ‘death is a part of life’. In response to questions about Cummings, Woods appeared to trust that […]

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Shocker: After being proven wrong, useful Muslim Sisterhood idiot Nicholas Kristoff still has no Intellectual Curiosity about Benghazi

Whistleblowers at the House Oversight Committee hearings into what happened at Benghazi revealed some shocking realities relative to the lies told by UN Ambassador Susan Rice on 9/16/12. These realities included the firsthand account of Gregory Hicks, the State Department’s top guy in Libya after Christopher Stevens was murdered. The Weekly Standard’s Stephen Hayes presented […]

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Video: Palestinian Official reveals why Israel should have Nukes and Palestinians shouldn’t

Israel became armed with nuclear weapons sometime in the 1950’s – more than half a century ago. To this point, not a single one of them has been used, despite the expressed desire and attempts of the Arab world to destroy Israel, which hasn’t once publicly threatened to use nuclear weapons. It is this mentality […]

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Evangelicals for Hamas!

By Walid Shoebat Jesus At The Check Point is a “Christian” organization with a “liberal socialist” twist and will soon be speaking at a church near you. They are touring in order to muster support for “Christian Persecution”, or so they claim: Their motto is “none-violent resistance against the Israeli Zionist occupation”. “Zionism is the […]

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