Saudi with Pressure Cooker arrested in Detroit for altering Passport

Terrorism isn’t just about exploding bombs or committing terrorist acts. It’s also about playing on the fear those explosions cause. On 9/11, Americans were introduced to the serial-killer culture that is Islam. Ever since, they’ve been fed a steady diet of it under the radar.

Serial killers don’t just enjoy murdering innocent people; they also enjoy instilling terror in their victims.

That leads us to this rather suspicious story, via NBC News:

The incident occurred Saturday at Detroit Metro Airport in Romulus, Mich., authorities said. When customs officials noticed that a page had been removed from Al Kwawahir’s passport, they examined his luggage and found the pressure cooker, the complaint said.

Al Kwawahir, who was flying into Detroit from Amsterdam, told agents he didn’t know how or why the page had been removed.

Al Kwawahir first explained the pressure cooker by saying he’d bought it as a gift for his nephew, who he said was a student at the University of Toledo in Ohio, believing they weren’t sold in the U.S. He then changed his story, saying his nephew had managed to buy a pressure cooker in the U.S. but that it had broken.

The complaint didn’t explain why the nephew needed someone to fly into the country with a pressure cooker, but the U.S. officials told NBC News that federal agents tracked him down and said he does, indeed, cook with one.

The Associated Press quoted the young man, Nasser Almarzooq, as saying he’d asked his uncle to bring him the pressure cooker because he wanted to cook lamb and the cookers he bought in the U.S. didn’t work.

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Why would a Saudi with a passport that has been tampered with land in Detroit with a pressure cooker less than one month after the Boston marathon bombings, which were perpetrated by Muslims with… pressure cookers?

At a bare minimum, Al Kwawahir demonstrated a level of insensitivity on par with that of Feisal Abdul Rauf, who wanted to construct the Ground Zero mosque two blocks from where Muslim fundamentalists hit us on 9/11/01.


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  • citizen622

    Pay no attention to the fact that he changed his very bad story. That would be what we call telling a lie. No, Americans still can buy pressure cookers. At least as of today. Sure, a pressure cooker is just what every college student puts on his list of things for uncle to bring from the old country! College student can’t figure out how to program an American pressure cooker to cook lamb? Guess what, college student? We do cook lamb in this country and our pressure cookers are very good and doing it.
    I’m sure the FBI can’t see through this one either.

    • Demelza

      I bought a pressure cooker on Amazon, and it works very well. Maybe I should not say this, because one never knows if there is a jihadist out there reading my post! Any way, I do a lot of canning, and I have used it to cook roast. The meat comes out nice and tender, so I do not see why this guy needed his uncle to bring a pressure cooker from abroad. Also, how can a kid, who can’t learn to use a simple pressure cooker even make the grade to attend university?!!! For goodness sake, it’s not rocket science! No doubt the left wingers will want pressure cookers to be banned, or to have people who own them have background checks done. Hey, the day the government wants to confiscate my pressure cooker from me, will have to be from my cold dead hands!! 😉

  • Demelza

    Have you read this article. I will share it with you. it fits in well with the topic above.

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