Hillary and McCain boost Al-Jazeera’s bonafides

As if they needed to do anymore, both former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Senator John McCain (RINO-AZ) have boosted their pro-Muslim Brotherhood bona-fides by supporting stealth jihad. In an Al-Jazeera America promo used to help launch the stealth Muslim Brotherhood network on August 20th, comments by Clinton and McCain were featured.

Hillary and McCain: Give Greenlight to Stealth Jihad in USA

Hillary and McCain: Give Greenlight to Stealth Jihad in USA

When it comes to McCain and Hillary, consider Huma Abedin, an extremely close aid to Clinton for many years. Abedin’s family is up to its eyeballs in Muslim Brotherhood affiliations. When Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) expressed a desire to look into this last year, one of the loudest voices against her was ‘friendly’ fire from McCain, who chastised Bachmann and defended Abedin with lies. Hillary lauded McCain for doing so.

Meanwhile, as Al-Jazeera America gets a boost from McCain and Clinton, Egypt’s new government – which McCain and Hillary obviously don’t like – is giving serious consideration to banning Al-Jazeera from Egypt.

Beginning at the 2:04 mark, Hillary gushes over Al-Jazeera before calling it “real news”. Shortly thereafter, McCain touts Al-Jazeera for making “a contribution”. The rest of the video is worth watching – if you can stomach it – to see the wide swath of dhimmis that exist in America. There are plenty of people out there who are literally clueless when it comes to the stealth Jihad that is being waged against them by the Muslim Brotherhood television network:

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  • In my view, John McCain is without a doubt the worst Senator to ever sit in the Senate in my lifetime. We did our best to get rid of him in 2008, but he spend $30 millions on his re-election campaign. The most ever spent in a senate campaign. By spending all that money in the primary and getting his friends to re-register as independents and vote for him in the primary, he won. The question you might ask, where did all that money come from. I lot of it came from George Soros groups and fronts.

  • rich

    McCain got he best out of his prisoner of war status, but obviously he continues in a confused downward spiral.

    The media slot goes from Al Gore’s Current to Al-Jazeera, another downward spiral that had a pitiful start.

    Is there anywhere on this earth that is improving or left untouched by the liberals and islam?

  • This is really a network to “Watch” and beware of even though the “politically correct” politicians see no potential harm. A few years ago, an agency known as the FCC would not allow any broadcast station with ties to foreign ownership to operate within this country – and with good reason. The following excerpts are from a very timely article with link referenced:

    “Make no mistake. Regardless of the veneer of the product produced today on its Al Jazeera America brand, the total business model and ideological force of Al Jazeera Media Group is not compatible with liberal democracy and in fact is at odds with our Constitution and our national security.

    Qatar hosts the world’s only foreign office of the militant Islamist Taliban and has just recently pledged $400 million to the militants of Hamas. Elliott Abrams of the Council on Foreign Relations recently pointed out that “Qatar is no model for human rights, much less democracy.”
    Qatar, which has deep problems with forced labor and human trafficking among many other human rights violations described by Human Rights Watch will be writing the paychecks of its American reporters and those who begin to give them advertising space.

    The Arab Awakening is an opportunity, not a destination. While the White House sleeps and presents no foreign policy strategy or doctrine, Islamists are putting their global influence operations into high gear to fill the vacuum. Al Jazeera is clearly positioning itself to fill that vacuum with an operation that will package the news from Qatar to our own shores in a way that keeps the Islamist ship headed towards populist victories across the 56 Muslim majority nations.”

    Source http://www.clarionproject.org/analysis/al-jazeera-opens-propaganda-front-us-shores

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  • tywayne1976

    Boy are you ever right on the stealth jihad and the people that are clueless. There is a widespread ignorance, as well as deception going on. I was speaking ill of the network on facebook, and here is a response I got, and this is coming from a supposed “Christian”.

    Here is what he said:

    “They are actually one of the only news networks that covered the Arab spring how it really was and they have been blocked by many middle eastern countries during conflicts and up risings, I’m not saying that they are a fully balanced news network but they have more journalistic integrity than most of the garbage that runs in our own country. Always on news is silly, politicians in this country think they are celebraties and that they always need the spot light that is why there is no compromise in this country it’s all left or all right agenda. And so what if a if a middle easterner or the likes are anti semetic, Americans and much of the west is anti Muslim, they do things we don’t like and we do things they don’t like but we both stir the pot just to get a rise out of eachother.”

    • rich

      I wonder how this facebook person would like living as a dhimmi, under sharia, with the ever present possibility of having a limb or his head chopped off?

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