Louie Gohmert shoots back at Wacko Bird John McCain

If you haven’t been following the back and forth between Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) and Senator John McCain (D-AZ), click here before reading on. It all started when Gohmert identified McCain for what he is – someone who is aiding and abetting the enemy that hit us on 9/11/01.

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX): Shoots back at wacko bird McCain.

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX): Shoots back at wacko bird McCain.

McCain, who never speaks poorly of Democrats, accused Gohmert of having “no intelligence”. Well, Gohmert has responded to the Wacko Bird, Via a statement published by the Daily Beast:

“Obviously, Senator McCain would be better off with ‘no intelligence’ since he does not know the Syrian opposition he met with is infested with al Qaeda and terrorist kidnappers. His ‘intelligence’ even caused him to support the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt that burned churches and killed Christians, as the senator stood against the will of the massive majority of Egyptians including moderate Muslims, Christians, and secularists who demanded the Muslim Brotherhood extremist persecutions must end.”

When it comes to McCain’s support for the Syrian rebels, the most damning evidence begins with the group he aligned himself with – the Syrian Emergency Task Force (SETF) and its one-time member Elizabeth O’Bagy, whom McCain has amazingly decided to hire. We have written extensively about the SETF, which is steeped in Muslim Brotherhood affiliations that McCain should not be allowed to plead ignorance over. In fact, Gohmert should be getting reinforcements from within the Republican caucus. Then again, he’s quite familiar with being abandoned on this front.

Of course, McCain is doing exactly what someone who has been busted usually does; he smears his accuser. Why else would McCain defend the likes of Reid, Schumer, and Durbin while accusing Gohmert of having “no intelligence”?

The answer is that Gohmert is doing what no one at his level or higher is doing; he’s calling McCain out for siding with America’s enemies.

We’d like to dedicate this song to Rep. Gohmert for deciding to call out one of America’s traitors (how can McCain be anything else if he supports al-Qaeda?):


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  • slhancock

    McCain, Hatch, Graham, Cornyn, etc., ALL MUST GO! They have become the problem, not just part of it. I am sick of the whole mess of them. Gohmert, Cruz, Lee…may your tribe increase and may the RINOs cease to exist.

  • Conservatarian

    McCain is leading proof that the govt is now comprised of s one party soviet style polit bureau. Kill the GOP and start fresh

    • karacek

      Kill the DemocRATS and revive the GOP!

  • Ikec_Boaz

    A vote of “thanks” to the House and the Senate true Conservatives that distinguished themselves nobly and allowed us the foot soldiers know who is for this Republic and adherence to the constitution, and those willfully undermining her. McCain is a hero for the simple reason that all our military personnel are heros in my eyes. Having said that, McCain, if not for his family name should be an ex-convict in the Keating Five deal. He is no better than John Kerry that would turn against his country in their made ambition to be noticed. Both Johns are loosers. McCain indeed is a dangerous as Kerry the Secretary of State. The demon in McCain pushes him for war to destroys our sons and daughters in wars we have nothing to do with. I voted for this loose canon, I wasted my vote, though I voted for Sarah Palin, but thank God he, McCain lost for who could have stopped him from his demonic desire to commit our troops to be slaughtered by Al-Qaeda operatives in Syria? McCain was nowhere to be found when Obama barricaded the Veterans Memorial in DC. I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t McCain’s idea of fighting Ted Cruz by asking Obama to barricade that. Intelligent McCain? He had his brain swapped in Hanoi. The man is a looser, vote him out, Arizona.
    To members of the T.E.A Party I have this advise: Keep your heads high, you are winning the war. Do not let a temporary loss or losses derail your resolve to reclaim our nation from the “Internationalists, One World Govt” and the “Blame America First” mobs. When “evil” people like Obama and Harry Reid, who by the way, no Democrate disparages as a Mormmon – being their own, shamelessly pour their venom on decent citizens excercising their constitutional rights; to be likened to terrorists and hooligan terms, you have been addressed by, make you true patriots. Never give up.

    • karacek

      A military “hero” does not commit TREASON! McCain was called “Songbird” by fellow American prisoners. What does that tell you?
      And the other lowest form of life on this planet, Kerry, is an arrogant conniving piece of crap that his men have nothing but nasty things to say about the fraudster who had self-inflicted wounds while under enemy fire and claimed a purple heart for his trouble!
      These two Traitors deserve a firing squad for all the harm they perpetrated against their military brothers and We The People! God is good and they will reap what they sow!

  • richinnameonly

    I’ve gotten to the point that my tolerance of seeing McCain on tv is just like seeing Obama. I can’t stand to watch or listen and I immediately change the channel.

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