Syrian Rebel tries to put out Cigarette with Gunpowder

After the Chemical weapons attack in Syria on August 20th, the propaganda war was on. Those who wanted to defend al-Qaeda (John McCain) insisted that Bashar al-Assad was responsible. Despite multiple indications that the Syrian rebels were responsible, the McCainiacs refused to deviate.

Keep your eye on that guy with the Cigarette.

Keep your eye on that guy with the Cigarette.

In McCain’s case, he defended the rebels at every turn, saying “I know who these people are” while insisting that al-Qaeda = “Freedom fighters”.

One of the charges against the rebels included multiple on-the-ground accounts that Chemical weapons inadvertently went off because the rebels did not know how to use them. While this video does not include Chemical weapons, it does feature the incompetence of the Syrian rebels.

Consider it anecdotal evidence which bolsters the claims that the rebels mishandled Chemical weapons on August 20th. Pay attention at the :20 mark in this clip as the jihadist (3rd from the left) attempts to put out a cigarette in a mound of gunpowder:

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  • LibertysSon

    Brave Muslims shoot a handcuffed man. I am so impressed.

  • OK, now what is making these people so dumb? what is their problem? This is not a normal bunch of human beings… They need to be banned from all governments and Nations if any one wants to have any peace…

    • sumsrent

      “what is making these people so dumb?”
      I don’t think anything is making them dumb… my understanding is… they are kept dumb from birth.

      • mbiajc

        It must be the inbreeding, They were stupid in the days of Noah too. It makes me wonder how they have survives so long. It must be some freaky genetic link left over from when Satan’s fellows bread with humans. Actually, God still has use for them to achieve his will, which is to lead Israel to salvation.

      • Robert Jaspers

        I agree. Like us all, they learn from their parents, and the environment that they live in.

    • Madam

      they were educated by the quran (in German we say KORAN). Western education is a sign of evil. So what do you expect? Naughty kindergarten boys playing “who is the greatest idiot of all”… nothing else more

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  • Carolyn Ann Dewrance

    Good, hope non of them got out alive. What a joke.

  • This video is just too hilarious! Yes, Virginia, there is a God!
    Hahahahahaha! Hahahahaha! Hahahahahaha!

  • mbiajc

    It that a result of inbreeding, or cross breeding?

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