Impeachment of Obama in Sight

By Keith Davies

Many conservatives have been wishing for Republicans to have the courage to impeach Obama. I have stated previously that this will never happen because they lack courage and to be frank are basically a progressive tax and spend-lite version of the Democrats. Even if they did try, they do not have the votes in the Senate. The (un)affordable care act is now revealing itself to all Democrat politicians who have even less than half a brain, for what it is – a disaster. Obviously, any independent or conservative who is more intelligent knew this nearly five years ago. We knew this was a terrible idea that also contradicted the very basic tenets of freedom in the Republic.

However, I did say that impeachment might happen if the Democrats themselves would throw Obama overboard. It now looks like this could very well happen within the next six to nine months.

Barack Obama: What, me impeached?

Barack Obama: What, me impeached?

It depends on the potential stubborn attitude of Obama himself. If Obama bends and is willing to at least postpone the mandate, adjust the law, which will actually negate most of Obamacare (repeal it without using the word ‘repeal’ in order to save face) or the President will flatly refuse to allow any changes.

The (un)affordable care act is the only signature legislation Obama passed in his first term when he had a filibuster-proof senate and a majority in the House. It is unlikely that Obama will wish to budge even if it means sacrificing his party’s fortunes in 2014. He is a true believer in socialist dogma and in his mind the healthcare act is actually working or going to work the way he wishes even though we know it is a disaster. Obama is delusional when it comes to everything he stands for even when it proves that it is failing. Look at his foreign policies. They are a complete failure. Yet, as bad as they are, Obama continues to follow the same failed policies over and over again with similar results.

If Obama opts for stubbornness and I believe that will be the case, this will lead to a probable 129 million policy cancellations, or huge premium increases with worse coverage for the money. The Democrat caucuses – both in the House and Senate – will not only wish to distance themselves from the president but may well go against him in an impeachment purge when the polls show that 15 – 20 senate seats will go up in smoke and the House may also lose more ground in the 2014 elections. Politics is war and maybe these 15 – 20 Democratic senators may wish to gain at least revenge and force impeachment before they get thrown out. Twenty-two Democratic senators with the Republican forty-five are enough to convict. Dianne Feinstein, who is not up for reelection, is already turning tail because of huge pressure from her constituents, so things could fall into place if Obama stands his ground and says no to any reform. This may be repeated in many more blue states, which is ticking off their own supporters which may be the nail in Obama’s presidency.

If the Democratic party goes in to full revolt because of Obamacare, it will be felt first in the Liberal media, as they will lead the charge. When the mainstream media leads the revolt and the full rigor of “proper and good” journalism returns, it will be as good as over for the Bamster. The media attacks will allow the Democratic party to fully revolt openly. We have tons of scandals to choose from in order to initiate articles of impeachment. The Fast and Furious legal case might be conveniently rushed forward in the federal courts. The IRS scandal may just become very clear that Obama knew first and directed personally the attacks on the Tea Party with a nice leak, or maybe the right witnesses will be suddenly available to testify and prove the high crimes and misdemeanors of the Benghazi terrorist attack. The Media will all of a sudden be willing to do their duty as they have never done before. If any of the scandals take hold fully in the media, Obama will have no recourse and will be unable to back down on Obamacare; it will be too late.

The tragedy for Americans’ healthcare, which was self-imposed by their poor decision in electing and reelecting this president will certainly provide for some very interesting politics over the next year.


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  • shirleyanne12

    Look at that, COULDN’T CARE LESS LOOK !! (assuming it isn’t a photo shop.)

    • richinnameonly

      Probably talking with Netanyahu about Iran and nukes.

  • richinnameonly

    I would hope that any evidence gleaned from foreign countries would be admissible toward any impeachment proceedings, like Egypt for Benghazi.

  • ronwagn

    They will not impeach because they all voted for it. Democrats did, and control the senate. We would have to win the senate.

    • shoebat

      Ron, you do not understand the article. Democrats do not care about you or me or anyone else, they are only interested in power. If that power is endangered by Obama or anyone else, you will see how quickly they turn on the president. This also applies to the main stream liberal media. If Obama is not willing to bend for the sake of the party and the polls sink for all of the Democrat incumbents the media will try their best to reverse this by turning on Obama, that is just the way politics works. If there is no impeachment before the election of 2014 there will probably never be one. If and when the GOP win the senate and retain the house the GOP will not attempt to impeach as they will be labeled racist and be too fearful. The only way they could impeach is if they held 67 senate seats which is impossible because there are only 21 Democrat incumbents so even if they all lose that would only give the GOP 66 seats. The only way to avoid the racist charge is if the media and the Democrats advance impeachment themselves prior to 2014 election. The article outlines that possible scenario. It may not happen but it could if the polling numbers continue to drop like a rock for Democrats. The key to my scenario are the poll numbers, so watch them carefully over next few months and see how the landscape changes.

      • Richard Cotromano

        I agree with you fully,the old addage that people vote their pocketbooks will come to pass.When floor falls out of the medical fiasco called Obamcare and people can’t afford to be covered under any plan democrap poll numbers will fall through the same floor.That’s when the marxists begin eating their own!

      • richinnameonly

        I think you are correct about the 2014 timeline. I hope possible impeachment plans proceed on all fronts, from faked documents through Obamacare. I hated the fact that those who called into question the birth certificate issue caved to the “birther” name calling.
        When described as a racist for criticizing Obama, I ask who they would prefer I support? Ben Carson, Allen West or Joe Biden?

    • smrstrauss

      Not merely win the Senate. The Constitution requires a two-thirds vote of the US Senate in order to convict in an impeachment trial.

      • ronwagn

        If there were any honest Democrats we could get the votes. It is questionable though.

  • Arrogance personified!

  • rmill2k

    The media will not lead any charge. Obama is their creature and in many respects, their creation.

    Obama could borrow a 9mm from one of his secret service guys, walk into a bank, rob it at gunpoint and be captured on the surveillance cameras and there would not be 60 votes in the senate to convict him.

    Obama still has a 90+ approval rating from blacks, even thogh his policies have disproportionally affected them.

    The Democrats need a monolithic black vote and decent turnout to win the urban strongholds their winning elections depend on, as well as cooperation in voter fraud in certain areas. And even certain Republicans would not vote for impeachment, fearing they would be dubbed ‘racists’.

    Also, Obama owns the huge database his tech guys created showing Democrat voters, donors, activists, volunteers, opposition research on potential Republican candidates, etc. and will be leasing that data or parts of it for cash for some time to come. No Democrat wants to be excluded from that bonanza.

    I’d rather you were right rather than me on this one, but the brunt of ObamaCare and similar fiascoes will be carried on the shoulders of Democrats and the Left. Obama will walk out of the Oval Office with a smile on his face.

    • shoebat

      Well this is a possibility, but if the polls show that the president at under 30% approval in 6 months, with Democrat senate incumbents sitting way under 50% in the polls in their respective states, the DEMOCRAT media will do anything to save their agenda at the expense of Obama if that is necessary. They will need a scapegoat and who better to say ‘well Obama was the guy, we were wrong he failed us.’

    • YOU are underestimating as too many do the intelligence and good nature of african americans!!!!!!! barry obama is half white and only 15 percent african american!!!!!!! it is clear to the large majority of all americans now that obama has committed high crimes against the american people and needs NOW to be impeached and brought brought to trial in the Senate. once the impeachment in the house is underway no one except the brain dead or fellow criminals will deny that he NOW should be removed from office!!!!!!

      i will say it again !!!!!!! with 4.2 billion dollars Iran can probably buy a nuclear bomb ALREADY READY TO GO from somewhere!!!!!! this obama/kerry agreement is stupid!!!!!!!

      PRAY NOW !!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!!

      !!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!!

    • boondoggles

      Vote fraud was used in 2012 to get him in office. That said, he may have a huge database but he is losing his base. Period. One in four want to see him impeached who are dems and they are growing daily. The black community who are Christians do not support him.He is a liability to the dems so impeachment can happen.

  • James Martin

    Meanwhile…Issa is stalling time by exposing the web site while he should be calling for null and void the Obamacare since it has been illegally changed AFTER passage and approval by the Supreme Court. Not counting the waivers. Also, you say impeach in 6 months is possible. Plenty of time for Obama to cause martial law in this country and remain in power forever. He has plenty of Russian and China troops in the USA just waiting for their marching orders from Obama. Old Diane Frankenstein is giving lip service…has she asked for a vote against it? I think not nor will she. None of these Democrats are doing anything but lip service to stay in office while doing nothing of material value. Do not think for a moment the very second Jarrett and her crew think Obama is a hinderance they will take him out like a flash. Obama is to self centered and stupid to see this.

  • Why cant this moron just resign

    • Richard Cotromano

      cause he’s a MORON!

  • totallydomestic

    Somehow I feel that the Clinton’s are going to spin this so that Killery comes out
    as Wonder Woman forcing BO to “do the right thing” concerning Obamacare.
    I hope they stick with Benghazi and keep shaking that tree till everything falls out and
    he gets impeached for that and Killery goes down with BO.

  • Michael

    We all should be so lucky , I’m talking ” all ” as in globally. When it comes down to him or them , the Dems will throw Obumble under the bus faster than you can shake a stick.

  • Schawminator

    If the above were to come to fruition, I’m sure that would also be a cause for Mike Zullo and Jerome Corsi to finally get some air time on national news for exposing Obama for his indisputable ID Fraud.

  • Congress should be held accountable for voting Bills without reading them, therefore should be held accountable, if someone start a petition to have Congress impeached then they will surely start acting faster to impeach Obama.. Which l think we should start making more demands for those in Congress to step down because of their handling of backing unconstitutional laws.

    • NavyBlue1962

      You have it exactly right. The congress sits up there scared to do anything about this little would-be dictator. The RINOs are frightened out of their wits. I’ve wrote both of my senators (republicans) and told them that if they don’t at least draw up impeachment papers on this clown I will do everything in my power to see they don’t go back in again this fall. It’s up to the people and we are the government.

  • msbetz

    Maybe Valerie Jarrett is REALLY the acting president and Obama just relaxes and lets her do whatever she thinks is right…seems that way. Was it Valerie that gave the command on Benghazi?

  • IngeC

    All this could have been or should have been prevented if these cowards exposed this ‘Trojan horse’ of a bamster. He’s not who he says he is!
    All our politicians are compromised due to the NSA and, I am sure are acting accordingly in giving what barry’s handlers want!!1

  • hadenough48

    Now is time for the STUPID PARTY (Repubs) to target Krat districts with short simple to read facts about their (Krats) worthless gubmit health plan. Explain that before gubmit health care pays for 1 bandaid that a yearly deductible fee has to be paid by you. It’s several thousand dollars and up to 11,000 dollars and of course you have a co-pay on top of that. You have been been robbed by a herd of parasite tic democrat lawyers with law degrees. If only one repub would come on Fox News and simply state the above. All the repubs should state that first every time they are in front of a camera or anybody. But noooooo they just depend on us for votes and money. Time for a new tax payer party for sure. What do you folks think????

  • Lizard

    Obama is destroying America ..Wish Obama would go back to Kenya or some one in White house would have cajones to stop Obama

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