Muslims Tie Girl To A Tree, Burn Her With Cigarettes And Gang Rape Her

Watch this video of the account of this Christian girl, who Rescue Christians saved, of the unendurable pains she suffered under the Muslims.

I posted this video before, but it did not get the views it deserved. AFTER WATCHING THIS, PLEASE DONATE AND SAVE CHRISTIAN LIVES


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  • BustNuts

    Dirt bags Christian Militia that’s whats needed. Muslims have declared that they are the Christians enemies….

  • prbrown60

    Muslim men are nothing but diseased vermin pigs that need to be irradicated from the face of the earth!

    • Collin Nonapplicable

      I know these horrendous crimes are akin to what early Christians used to do! Just awful..!

      • GSIMS

        That is just ridiculous colin. Christians do not engage in the act of rape and never have. If someone commits a crime in name of Christianity or claims to be a Christian while committing crimes, they are not actual Christians are they? It is hard not to be angry with people like you, but I know what you need is prayer – to be shown the Way, the Truth and the Life. Whatever has skewed your views on Christianity is blinding you to some very simple truths. A true – Bible believing follower of Jesus is not a rapist, no matter what time period he comes from, is he? Jesus told us that to even look at a women with lust is to commit adultery and thus breaking one of God’s commandments and rape is far worse.

        The crimes being committed by islam are indescribably heinous and mounting by the day. People need to stand up and do something, most importantly we need to pray against it with everything we have. God will take action as His will dictates, but nothing will happen so long as we are guilty of maintaining silence.

      • Christian Groenheide

        Holy smoke, from what planet are you?? Early Christians… That’s the generations where it was most deadly to be a Christian and your telling us all that is the generation where Christians used to oppress, kill and rape… Get out of here!!

        • Jonathan

          that’s right. The apostate church engaged in atrocities. The early Christians were the ones of the book of Acts. Persecuted by Jews and Romans and the world wasn’t worthy of them.

        • Heidi

          Wow, have you people ever heard of the Spanish Inquisition? Or how Christians set fire to Rome, killing thousands? Or, how they killed those of other faiths and beliefs? They have executed children for playing around pagan statues. They have beheaded people for not converting to Christianity. They raped, murdered, taken from people who would not convert. They’ve committed cannibalism.

          If you sit there and say those people aren’t real Christians, then you have no idea about the Christian history.

          You have no idea what you are talking about Christian Groenheide and I suggest you read a freakin book before you sit there and try to play the woah-is-me, we were oppressed card when it came to early Christianity.. You obviously know nothing……

          • 4True

            Wow, haven’t you heard of 400 YEARS and have a concept of TIME? What is your point, if any? These atrocities are happening now.

          • Christian Groenheide

            Nahh I know absolutely nothing Heidi… You show your utter stupidity in every word. The inquisition killed about 2000 people in 400 years, that’s 5 a year. Your atheist regimes killed about 200 million just last century. That’s about 2 million a year. I’d say that’s a tad more.. But you are braindead. So we’ll leave it at I know nothing. The Christians also ofcourse set fire to rome… That’s how Caesar killed hundreds of thousands of Christians. Now go and kill yourself before more of this braindead nonsense comes from you.

          • Prav

            Ah, you mean Communist regimes which consisted of atheists, agnostics and THEISTS as well, Communism is a political ideology, Atheism is not an ideology it is simply not having a theistic ideology. The communist ideology had genocide built into its core concept, just like the religion of peace.

            That’s a simple difference you haven’t understood, hopefully now you do.

          • Christian Groenheide

            No I mean atheistic communistic regimes. Don’t try and dodge the bullet here. I’m not sayhing catholics did this or that and they aren’t Christians. Or protestants… Or practicing Christians and not just Christians by name. Now you take a little responsibility for the mass slaughters of the 20th century. And yes, the entire idea was to create a new kind of man. One liberated from the shackles of traditional religious morals. That means that you atheists have directed your entire fury at religions. Every and all religions and have cleansed them from the lands where you could.
            The blood of the martyrs testifies against you!

          • Prav

            The communistic regimes killed EVERYONE (Atheists, Theists) who were against their Communistic ideology, now there would have been extremist Atheists in the hatred for religion (having suffered under religion) who wanted to do it purely to rid the world of religion, so which ideology allowed them to justify it?, Communism did. I am a Democratic, Capitalistic Atheist…….I too would have faced the same FATE in the communist regime.

            Atheism is merely a lack of belief in God, nothing more, nothing less, there is no Atheist Holy book, no Atheist philosophy or doctrine. Communism though has a prophet (Karl Marx), it has a MANUAL, and it preaches elimination of all who oppose it. Just like Islam does.

            Now, the same applies to ANY Totalitarian ideology which has a policy of CONVERTING the whole world into its fold, it can be POLITICAL or RELIGIOUS and when force is authorized to achieve the end, the means will be justified.

            So how many people have been killed in the NAME of ATHEISM…….maybe a few, just to be technically safe, how many people have been killed in the name of RELIGION? – Hundreds of Millions, How many people have been killed in the name of COMMUNISM? – Hundreds of Millions.

            Another point of view is : Hitler had a narrow mustache, does it mean his genocide was committed BECAUSE he had a narrow Mustache or because he was a Nazi ?

            The same thing applies to communists as well. The genocidal communists were Atheists, Agnostics, Theists etc who all PLEDGED allegiance to COMMUNIST TOTALITARIANISM.

            So can at some point a group or extremist Atheists try committing genocide against theists simply because they are theists?…..plausible, but for that they HAVE to make up an ideology or they have to do it due to their own PERSONAL prejudices, either way they would be dealt with appropriately not just by Theists but even by Atheists themselves.

            Theists on the other hand have NO CHOICE but to commit genocide as PREACHED by their Holy books which they are not supposed to revise, reform or even throw away. That same moral weakness does not apply to Atheists……unless they subscribe to a genocidal political ideology like Communism or even a Racial ideology which would be totalitarian with a world domination agenda using force and intimidation.

          • Christian Groenheide

            So they killed everyone.. Including everyone who had a religion. Unlike the government.. Well al-Qaeda also kills non jihadi muslims. So what?

          • Prav

            The Al-Qaeda’s mission is SUPPORTED by the literal interpretation of their holy book, and it is the imperative of the said religion NEVER to change anything in that book.

            Now the same applied to Communism too…….we can NEVER have a perfect ideology or social system or a civil law structure, we will be needing continuous refinements and at various stages even shunning of some old laws and philosophies, religion DOES NOT allow for that, Holy books don’t allow for that……if they did they’d have become SCIENCE, they wouldn’t have remained as religions.

            That’s WHAT it is……the answer to your ‘so what?’ !!!

          • Christian Groenheide

            The answer of my so what.. I’m sorry but it seems that you are capable of grasping the connection between the religious commandments and morals and the actions of the followers of that religion which are the direct consequent result of those morals and commandments.. Maybe you can also grasp the absence of such morals in atheism… About a muslim at least I can say he acted evil because his god commanded him to do so.. He doesn’t have to be such an evil person himself. Atheists who have committed the greatest slaughter in all of history don’t have that kind of excuse. And lets take the numbers. the crusades have caused about 1 million deaths in 400 years. That includes famine, war casualties, soldiers, everything one can imagine. The inquisition cost about 2000 lives in 350 years and the salem witch trials cost about 18 lives. That is about 1 million + 2018 lives. In 20 centuries. Atheism has cost about 200 million lives just last century which is ONLY genocide. I’m not even counting the war casualties. Soldiers ABSOLUTELY NOT included. Neither is Hiroshima or Nagasaki or the phosphor bombings over Germany as those countries were the agressors and not victims of genocide as such.

            200 million lives in 1 century vs 1 million lives in 20 centuries makes for atheism to be 4000 times as dangerous to mankind as Christianity. Which seeing you are able to grasp the connection between the behavior of a believer and the specific religious dogma that he follows is logical. Since Christianity teaches it’s followers to actually love their enemies. That hatred is to be extripated. Or as John Quincy Adams put it so eloquently.:”

            The fundamental doctrine of the Christian religion, is the extirpation of hatred from the human heart. It forbids the exercise of it, even towards enemies. There is no denomination of Christians, which denies or misunderstands this doctrine. All understand it alike—all acknowledge its obligations; and however imperfectly, in the purposes of Divine Providence, its efficacy has been shown in the practice of Christians, it has not been wholly inoperative upon them. Its effect has been upon the manners of nations. It has mitigated the horrors of war—it has softened the features of slavery—it has humanized the intercourse of social life. The unqualified acknowledgement of a duty does not, indeed, suffice to insure its performance. Hatred is yet a passion, but too powerful upon the hearts of Christians. Yet they cannot indulge it, except by the sacrifice of their principles, and the conscious violation of their duties. No state paper from a Christian hand, could, without trampling the precepts of its Lord and Master, have commenced by an open proclamation of hatred to any portion of the human race. The Ottoman lays it down as the foundation of his discourse ” Source: Blunt 29:300
            Logically Christianity is 4000 times more peaceful then atheism. With that kind of morals. THERE ARE NO MORALS.. That’s what you get. And those are the jerkoffs saying god is immoral because he didn’t abolish slavery in the law of moses. Mass murderers who steal the law of god think they can improve on it and then call it humanism and say they are superior to god.. But there is absolutely nothing humane about those ungodly men! If they had understood what Christianity teaches they’d known there is no greater moral example nor a better practitioner of those morals then Jesus of Nazareth. Fools!

          • Prav

            Thank you very much for the preaching, but all religions are just sadomasochistic hogwash. You have conveniently forgotten the systematic genocide of more than 100 million Indian by the British and close to 4 million as recently as 1943 Artificial famine in India by the British.

            MORALS do NOT come from religion, they come from HUMAN REASONING………..even Pigs and Dogs have enough brains to develop morality.

            The communists killed in the name of their RELIGION COMMUNISM……….not in the name of Atheism. You had the Russian Orthodox church collaborate with the Commies to eliminate other sects as well as democracy seeking Atheists as well.

            Your very frustration is clear indication that your emotions are clashing with plain logic. You believe in a stone age system, that’s your self-imposed punishment. Deal with it !

          • Christian Groenheide

            Right Britain is a religious government. Good to know. Go tell the Saudi’s how a religious government is run then. Now you have shown your hideous face and need not reply anymore!

          • Prav

            Then Christianity is Christianity, Christians started WW1, WW2, Christians raped and murdered 6 million Jews

            Christians murdered 100 million Indians

            Christians bombed Iraq, Afghanistan

            Christians have the blood of more than half a billion people on their hands. Happy now you crazy religious FUCKTARD ? HA HA HA

          • Christian Groenheide

            Christians started ww1 and ww2??? Lol… It’s atheistic post French revolution secular governments which did everything you mentioned before. And you are the retard here. Not able to confess the hundreds of millions slain in the name of atheism and not able to see what kind of a blessing Christianity was to the human race. No retard, Christianity has a track record which is 4000 times as peaceful as atheism. And that’s not even considering the enemy the crusaders fought. Because if we look at Islamic jihad then the crusades can easily be justified. So that leaves only a few thousands who have been killed by Christianity. Against hundreds of millions by atheists. Atheism is ugly. It’s hideous.. It’s the small rebellion. Islam is the great rebellion. When islam fell satan conceived atheism. But he’s not about not being worshipped. So he’ll discard you retarded atheists just as easy again.

          • keith bruner

            I think maybe you need to read the Bible and the words of Jesus and the Father. Anyman doing deeds such as this is NOT Christian. Organized institutionalized religion is not the church that Jesus created, it comes from man. Do not mistake the Roman Catholic bunch for Christians, read your Bible and find out what a Christian is.

          • Daniel D

            Those were not Christians. Many people have given themselves that title over the last two thousand years but are they truly not walking in Christ. You are not well versed in your history. That inquisition was of the Catholic church. The cannibalism that took place during the first crusade was (once again) of the catholic church which was and is of Rome, the system which supplanted ancient Babylon.

            A true believer and follower of Jesus Christ is filled with the holy spirit that is from the father of light and is a person who loves his brother, even his enemy. The atrocities of which you speak are of Rome and Catholicism and the many offshoots (agnostics) that went out from among the early Christians spoken of in 1 John 2:9 and lead people away from Jesus Christ.

            I hear the self importance and in your comment. You mock and scoff but you do not know Jesus Christ personally which is to say you have not given your life to Him nor have a personal relationship with Him and therefore you judge Him by the actions of people and groups who down through the ages who strayed away from the true gospel message.

          • Deej Peterson

            Excellent Daniel…

          • Daniel D

            Thanks…I need to add a change to my comment. I meant to use the word Gnostics where I put agnostics in parenthesis. These were the people to which John was referring.

      • Daniel D

        I will tell the same thing I told Heidi. You are not well versed in your history. If you knew the bible you would know that 1 John 2:9 speaks of those who went out from us, meaning those who reject the true gospel. Jesus spoke of this in the parable of the sower. Those who may have gave themselves the label of Christian over the last two thousand years and are truly not walking in Christ does not mean that they were of Christ. You judge Christ by those who purport to be followers of Him but Christ said you shall know them by their fruits (Matthew 7:16). You do those who truly walk with the Lord a disservice by lumping them in with the group who were not of Him and not walking in obedience to Him thereby cutting your self off from being able to understand that He is the one who paid the price on a cross for all the sin you (personally) have ever committed and will ever commit if you would recognize who He is and ask him to be the Lord of your life (Revelation 3:20). I hope that you will make the right choice. God Bless.

      • Meena

        Can you please tell me where any crime is sanctioned by Jesus. Read HIS WORDS & please explain. A Christian is one who follows CHRIST. I have read many holy books including communist manifesto. I have not seen one WORD of Christ that sanctions any crime.

  • foxxybey

    Nothing strange about this, they worship satan and act like him in everything they do, lie, murder, rape and commit every evil there is in satan’s play book. Animals have more morals then they and their god do. I’d call them pigs but, that would be a insult to pigs.

  • How Not To Play The Game

    KInd of reminds me of the Vatican and its affinity for little boys. I do not see one iota of difference whatsoever. Except there is little to no outcry about the little boys getting raped. Maybe institutionalized faith belongs in prison. Or better yet, hanging from a rope.

    • GSIMS

      Anything to come against the true faith huh? I agree that there are many awful things that happen in the vatican/catholicism, but don’t confuse catholicism with Christianity, they are NOT the same. Rape occurs in the vatican along with other crimes, but islam accompanies their crimes with violence and terror. islam means submission and they will do anything, including rape, molestation and murder to accomplish their satanic agenda.

      • How Not To Play The Game

        All beliefs based on the teachings of Christ are Christians beliefs. I did not condemn any one’s faith. I condemned the Vatican. Which I still do. All the way back to the gates of hell.

  • CorruptionInColumbia

    They are a religion of peace. At least that’s what GWB told us, didn’t he?

    • CorruptionInColumbia

      This site is whackey! You cannot post a comment without it first going into moderation. You cannot reply to someone whose comment has not yet been approved by the moderators.

      I replied to an earlier post which apparently did not make it through moderation, despite it being civil and devoid of bad language. The system would not let me reply to him until he had made it through moderation.

      I posted a YouTube link of GWB saying just that, in effect. It was also deleted by the site. Gotta love the censorship over here.

      Yes, BHO said it, but GWB said it first.

  • Jonathan

    just feel sorry for them because they’re doomed for eternity unless they really repent

  • The problem is religion, not Muslims per se.

    • Christian Groenheide

      The problem is islam. Not religion.

  • Jonathan

    Are you afraid justice won’t be done or what? They’ll get theirs. They’ll know how wrong they are when they die. God doesn’t need our help to administer their just punishment. I’ve sometimes pitied satan, but not much. God loves all souls, but the soul that sins will die.

  • BillybonesIII

    Hey eveyrone, these are the people (term used loosely) we want to negotiate a peace plan with on behalf of Israel. Isn’t that what that grey haired clown wants during his vacation in Europe? You know, cook up an agreement between the 2 combattants. That way US citizens pay for his(and his wife) trip which was no doubt first class..

    • sumsrent

      Me thinks you make al lot of sense… hope to see you around more often.

  • BillybonesIII

    Do really need a video here? The news-rags show plenty of that.
    There are other websites that show stuff like that.
    Wallid is a Christian. If you don’t believe him then you’re probably not.

  • DHardy

    It’s no wonder they don’t eat pork they are all godless pigs..

  • barbarakelly

    I want to see our country to stop giving our hard earned tax money to the Pakistan gov. officials to not trying to put a stop to this kind of behavior. They didn’t even have the guts to get this poor girl medical help when she needed it. This dirty muslims who have unprotective sex and carry who know what kind of sexual diseases. I hope it falls off, that will teach them.Let them come down with the pox. And they say their peaceful, what a laugh.

  • mtpineda2003

    These men should be all put in one cell… let them rape each other!

  • CorruptionInColumbia

    Ah, your comment has been properly “moderated”, therefore I can now list a reply.

    I guess my point, since you are also correct, is that our so -called “leaders” have been selling our country down the road for decades, now.
    This includes BOTH parties. All hail to Islam and the NWO and all that good $#%*.

  • CorruptionInColumbia

    Please see the video I posted, above. Sorry, I couldn’t reply to you until your comment was “moderated”.

  • CorruptionInColumbia

    He did, but Bush said it first. We have a bunch of traitors in the WH going back to the late 1980’s, at least.

  • sumsrent

    Maybe if you would take the time and convince the world to remove Crude from the control of the Islamic world and allow us Christians to control the profits… then… we would have all the $$$.
    Q: Do you spend anytime thinking for yourself?

  • sumsrent

    No need to be nervous and stutter… we all know the Quran is satanic.

    Q: Since I don’t believe allah is a god… or believe muhammad is a prophet of any god… Do you still think I’m your friend?

  • Prav

    If you are accusing all Atheists for the crimes of Communists because SOME (not all) Commies HAPPENED TO BE ATHEISTS.

    Then by the same analogical standard you have to accept the blood of all people killed In Europe, on Christianity, because the leaders happened to be Christians.

    If you can’t see how faulty your analogical analysis is…….you won’t EVER refine your mentality and you are hence no better than those Islamic fundaMENTALists !!!

    • Christian Groenheide

      Ow sure the communist party created a church controlled by the communist party. And everyone is only allowed to worship with a revised bible which is adapted to fit the communist ideology. And hence now Christians have some shared guilt.. No retard, the entire communist manifesto is about the fact that religion is the opium of the people. They wanted to create a new man liberated from the shackles of religious morals. The same way for example the mongolese didn’t want to exterminate Buddhism in it’s entirety because Mongolians would no longer have any history or identity apart from being communist. So they kept a few Buddhist temples and made them into museums. That means shared guilt and equal responsibility between atheist and religious people to you?? YOu need to stay off the dope man!

      • Prav

        Blah blah blah…….you want to avoid the hundreds of millions slaughtered by Christians…….that shows your morality.

        • Christian Groenheide

          Yeah Christians slaughtered 100’s of millions. You sound like some al-Qaeda crack head.. Go check a doctor man… It’s really bad with you!

    • Christian Groenheide

      From 1966 to 1976 during the Cultural Revolution, the expression of religious life in China was effectively banned. Mao Zedong once said that Christianity in china is dead. Now china has the fastest growing Christian community in the world with far over 100 million Christians. And if the west continue down this path china will be the largest Christian nation in the world soon.

      • Prav

        Lol….Atheism and non-religiousness is the fastest growing trend all over the globe…..religions are going to be finished like the barbaric cults they are and so will be your cult as well.

        There is no place for religious cults in a SCIENCE based world economy !!!

        • Christian Groenheide

          Growing trend. Your little rebellion has had it’s glory days. Now satan is all over islam again. In the middle east nothing remains of atheism in a few years. And in the areas where you atheists have exterminated religion there Christianity will be the dominating religion everywhere soon. In the west…. Well the Islamic problem will most certainly lead people to refind their Christian origins. And you and your little band of crack heads.. You can end up with the traitors to the human race.

          • Prav

            Yeah, like you think your cult can get away with violating women and children………….go on pal, let’s see whether cults win or commonsense and science wins !!!

            Oh wait, Science already WON !!!! ha ha ha

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