Muslims Take Young Girl And Throw Her Off A Building

By Theodore Shoebat

Muslims in a village of southern Minya province charged at Christian homes, and put 10 houses to the flames. They wounded 14 Christians, and the mob also took a 15 year-old girl and threw her down from the third floor of a building, injuring her severely.



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  • darkknight91

    The religion of peace strikes again.

    • dlg1956

      Time for another great crusade to rid the world of pigslamic scum

    • ssmith

      Well , we must not forget as the “educated ” Muslims assure us , when the world is all islamic, then it will be very peaceful. Sharia installed world-wide will be just great and as we all know that is so just and reasonable and very peaceful.
      Only problem of non-peace battles then will be the infighting then between various Muslims sects, especially Sunni against Shia, for supremacy but nothing to unduly worry about, as this is normal and acceptable, and been going on for centuries, a bit of allahhu akbar slaughter here and there and can fit in very well with “peacefulness”as long as there are a few infidels left paying Jizya for the coffers of peaceful extortionate Muslims .
      It wont take that long to convince the infidel that this is “peace” either, they Muslims, have it all worked out, some threats and rapes, maybe a few public beheadings and all will be under control.

      What a future , back to the seventh century! Not exactly what I thought it would be when growing up, when I , being silly and gullible of course,thought we would be ultra modern, space-age star trek stuff.

      Sarc off….

      • Abdelkhalek El Shinnawy

        It’s interesting to know that all the barbarian acts, head slaughtering, wealth Confiscation in the modern world that we all were looking for (with space-age star trek stuff) was all done not by muslims, but to muslims. Don’t believe me? check out the mascres done by israel since it’s foundation (thanks to mr. Belfor), Iraqi War, Afaghanistan, Bosnia and hursec….etc. count how many millions died there, and you’ll be amazed

        • sumsrent

          Now you’re spewing Islamic propaganda…
          Tell ya what… do a research and see who owns the largest percentage of land in the world…
          You’ll find three of the five to be muslims… and the other two Islamic sympathizers.
          Now then… if you actually researched the truth… you’ll discover that the muslims were the ones that instigated the very first Islamic/Israeli wars in 1922 (I believe) on Easter Day.
          Ever heard of Dar al Islam? That’s why you are programmed to hate Israel.
          How ’bout Dar al Harb? House of War… all territories not under Islamic rule but must be conquered.
          Understand this… you ARE a programmed and brainwashed muslim… lacking true knowledge.

        • bjreg3

          Lie much?

  • sayzero0

    Fucking barbarians.

  • Scooter Tramp

    religion of peace my ass

  • Carl Thompson

    It is a cliche, the the only good one is a dead one.

  • Jim S.

    Time to start shooting the fucking bastards…

  • Hiroyuki O. Inosanto

    Proper references and Citations or it didn’t happen.

    • sumsrent

      BULL !!!
      If you doubt it… research it yourself. Or… use the links…

      Ever heard of Bing? Or… the Islamic controlled Google?

      Try it… you might find it personally helpful in becoming more intelligent.

  • why do these people want to be Christians in a place like this unless they have a death wish, don’t they get it, there is no such thing as freedom of religion with these idiot Muslims, you’re dealing with people that have no ability for logic or reason, what do you expect from these animals, leave and find somewhere else if you want to believe in some other fairy tale other than ali… RIP

    • sumsrent

      Honestly… they don’t have much control over where they can go.
      For example… Iraq was once known as having the largest Christian population of any Islamic nation. Ever since the fall of Saddam… those that weren’t killed fled to other Islamic nations like Syria where they have been cornered and persecuted to the death even more.
      Folks… The Islamic controlled UN dictates who can immigrate to the USA… and Christians are being refused immigration status… and basically muslims are given precedence.
      WARNING !!! Islam is satanic to the core! The Luciferian Globalists are aiding, funding and helping satanic Islam to cleanse itself of Christian Infidels.

      • this just confirms why I say most religions are evil, and why I live in Thailand where the Christian and Muslum population is only 0.5% & 4.5%. I have never had a Thai person try to convince me their religion is the right one or try to argue with me over thier relgion or knock on my door and tell me I am lost and a sinner and need to be saved and Buddha loves me, blah blah blah

        • sumsrent

          On the flip side… I’ve never had a religious person try to convince me that $10 would get me number 1 for a long time… blah, blah, blah…

          For some reason, I continually run across people like you who act like moving out of country to some remote part of the world has been their saving grace. And what I’ve found out is… it’s hogwash.

          How long have you lived in Thailand? Are you familiar with the Red Shirts/Yellow Shirts? That is more than a political issue… you can believe that.

          It would appear as if you have a tendency to compare religious issues from a Christian perspective and then act as if it’s their fault for being persecuted. Don’t tell me… you have a bunch of sweet. kind and friendly muslim friends that never give you a hard time… right? Typical…

          • you miss my point and it seems you would rather try some lame attempt to be sarcastic instead, the point is, it’s just stupid to live somewhere that is full or hateful Muslim idiots and try to oppose there ideas and practice another stupid religion like christianity and from your statement you have no ideal what is going on with the civil unrest in Thailand, it has nothing to do with idiotic religion you moron.

          • sumsrent

            You mean??? You’ve been saying all along that’s it’s better to give up your beliefs and submit? Give the bully your lunch money?
            And yet you’ll bash America and act as if Thailand is the best place for anyone to hunker down???
            Such hypocrisy! You expect everyone else to give in while you run away…
            Wow! You are one messed up person. You sound like a Liberal Occucommie to me.
            PS… Do you know the underlining factor of the Red Shirts? I’ll give ya a hint… Islam… satanic Islam. My advice… you best get out of Thailand while you still can.
            PS… If you bump in to Cartalucci…

          • Tony Capo

            americans and westerners only go there for the sex trade. We all know that atheists are gaytheists.

          • sumsrent

            Gaytheists… never heard it put that way… and… it makes sense.

        • Tony Capo

          you ARE going to hell. Obviously you have already heard the word and rejected it. The commandment of God is not a suggestion, Believe on him who he has sent.

          • you sound just like the Islamist radical Muslims you stupid religious self righteous fool

          • Tony Capo

            Muslims do not preach faith in Christ you dummy. Your problem is not with me it is with Christ words. So your insults are a waste of time. tough luck.

    • Tony Capo

      fairy tale. like the big bang or evolution?

  • gerbilcrusader

    It’s unfortunate I don’t see this muslim turds do this in my presence. I guarantee they will die. Exterminate muslims. The only good muslim is a dead one. Burn their quran.

  • El Boricua

    FUCK that animal religion, they want to be Animals, let’s give them Animals. I’m tired of this false prophet religion… My Gun is Peace if they screw with it feel sorry for them.

  • waterstealer

    Tis is a very good reason for Nuclear Armaments

  • Aized Jamal

    They are not real Muslims… They are just unhumans, illiterates and they did disgrace of ISLAM!!! They forgot to love human beings and animals!!! They should shame on themselves and kill themselves (Committ suicide)

    • sumsrent

      “Real muslims” do these types of things… it’s Quranic.
      What they don’t do is commit suicide…
      Folks… more trickery of satanic Islam…
      muslims aren’t permitted to commit suicide… but encouraged to become martyrs for satanic allah.

  • Rundimc

    Are you lot so thick?? Believe everything you read!! These people who are doing the atrocities are Alawis!

    • sumsrent

      Alawites? Sure… doing the bidding of satanic Islam… Kill… kill… kill… then kill each other… it’s the satanic Islamic way of doing things.

  • Fried Chicken

    We should do battle with these barbarians, bomb their country and rape their women, and steal all their oil. An eye for an eye I say, and so does the Holy Bible. Praise Jesus, Praise His Holy name, and death to sinners !

    • wordfromthewise

      An Eye for an Eye is Old Testament. Jesus Christ cancelled the old Law when He brought us the 2nd Covenant: Love God with all your strength and might and love your neighbour as yourself. The hard part is defining who one’s neighbour is – it certainly isn’t muslims.

  • Brian B. Kane

    IF you “Google” those words …. The ONLY referenced you’ll find is back to this bloke. We ALL know WIKI isn’t perfect, but they say

    “Walid Shoebat (Arabic: وليد شعيبات‎) is a Palestinian American Christian who converted from Islam.[1][2] Shoebat claimed to be a “Palestinian Liberation Organization terrorist” in a CNN television interview,[“

    • sumsrent

      “Google” what words?
      What’s your point?

      • Brian B. Kane

        1. “Goggle” is to “Internet Search” as “Hoover” is to “Vacuum Cleaner”.

        2. Having “Internet Searched” ( I must say, it’s VASTLY faster to type “Google”) for those words: The only references I found related to that item by that author. MANY though they were, none was by ANY second contributor.

        Point 1. Is mere clarification.

        Point 2. Explains “What’s your point?”

        • sumsrent

          Funny… because you make yourself look like a complete idiot… Ha!

          Brian… you said… “IF you “Google” those words ….” <<< Your words…you said that… remember… to nobody, I might add.

          And then carried on about Wiki…

          And now you add… "The only references I found related to that item…"
          Tell me… Do you find yourself entertaining to only yourself? Like the person who talks to his self… and then answers back?

          • Brian B. Kane

            I don’t say anything for entertainment. If I don’t address a comment to an individual it is deemed to be a comment to anybody reading the piece.
            In addition I’ve better things to do than trade insults with a stranger.
            Toodle oo.

          • sumsrent

            You say… “I don’t say anything for entertainment.”

            You don’t? Really? Because the only person you’re talking to is yourself.

            But… since you’re the straight forward kind of guy you claim to be… tell me…

            Let me ask again…
            “Google what words”? The headline? Your moniker? Are you the bloke?
            Q: Do you even know what “bloke” means?

            Nope… you’re not straight forward… nothing but a ‘beat around the bush’ kinda person that just logged on to say something to himself.

            Care to expound and spit the truth out yet? OR… are you gonna still play stupid?

  • extvwatcher

    thank the one in the whitehouse! bastard!

  • Every country must now follow Angola and ban Islam, the most advanced country in the world.

  • Susan Fuchs

    it’s about time we started cleaning the country of these mosques….. if christian churches are not wanted in Muslim countries, why should they be allowed here….???

  • yahshua love’s you

    A bunch of scums that’s what they are it’s time for us to stand up in yahshua’s name

  • yahshua love’s you

    We really need to start doing something about this people of God this is sick

  • ayhan

    continue to give arms to innocent free syrian army

  • Tony Capo


  • sumsrent

    All motorcycles must be CRUSHED!!
    Sounds stupid doesn’t it?

    • Dave Watt

      Yeah that comment sure does you fucking retard

      • sumsrent

        Awww… how sweet. You changed your avatar.
        What? You don’t like motorcycles anymore?
        PS… Loud pipes DON’T save lives!

  • Annis

    Dont let satan lead us astray. Jesus said love your enemies and pray forthose who persecute you. Matt 5 43 to 48. He wants us to resist converting to islam when that demand is made of us but also resist behaving like children of the Devil .. always a liar and a murderer. We must not fight back physically but love them pray for them and tell them the Good News of the Kingdom to come.

  • sumsrent

    You don’t recall???
    You must not be a devout to the Quran muslim then…

    A devout to the satanic Quran muslim enslaves, rapes, mutilates, maims, bombs and murders other humans in the name of a fake god called allah.

    PS… Islam is NOT a race. It is a totalitarian government cloaked in a satanic

    PS #2… You need to learn what an “innocent” vs. “non-innocent” is… the girl thrown off the building was a “non-innocent”, in accordance with the Quran.

    • Abdelkhalek El Shinnawy

      Well, repeating what the media is programming people on how to think about Islam isn’t helpful. I can just open the TV and listen to it.

      But if you are willing to discuss, then please provide proof of the claims you mentioned. Because i would really challenge you to provide me a versue of the quaran that says that we should rape, mutilate, maim, bomb and murder other humans just because they are different.

      And pleaaaaase, don’t mention that a Muslim did this or that, cause what a person does, he is to be blamed for, not his religion.

      • sumsrent

        Aren’t you a devout to the Quran muslim? Do you not know your satanic Quran?
        Know this… if just 10% of the muslims in this world were devout to the Quran… that would figure to be 168 million people.
        That would be more than half the population of the USA.
        AT just 10%!
        Now tell me… what percentage of muslims do you figure to be devout?

        • Abdelkhalek El Shinnawy

          I am devouted to Quran, thanks to allah. The Quaran that teaches me:
          – To give the poor, what i love most, not what i have in excess.
          – Not to raise my voice when talking to my parents, whatever they do to me.
          – That all people are equal.
          – To pray and directly ask Allah for forgiveness at any time, and he’ll forgive, no need for a 3rd party to do this for me.
          – To hold my anger.

          Such delicate meanings is a teaching of a true god, not a Satan.

          The Quaran, is not just a book, but an amazing trip that teaches you to be a human being. It is a book that is in complete harmony with itself from the first page to the last, unlike other books.

          I believe if you want to refer to religions that are of satanic nature, you can look in religions that debated the main pillar of any religion i.e defining who we worship. A religion that defines god through holding a council and taking votes, then deciding through a 60-40% who god is, is clearly a man made religion, not a holy one.
          Another religion that does not allow people to join the faith, and keep all the goodies for a certain race is a religion of discrimination, thus a satanic one.

          I didn’t attend to belittle the other religions, but i wanted to put in some sence in the conversation instead of insulting without any facts.

          • sumsrent

            You are NOT devout to the Quran!
            Or… you are a liar!
            The sixth pillar of Islam is Jihadic conquest… and those muslims that enslave, rape, mutilate, maim, bomb, kill and war with the Infidels are doing what the satanic Quran instructs.
            You’d best wake up to what your satanic government stands for…. and realize that it is an extension of satanic Babylonian Paganism.
            Don’t believe me? Just research the meanings and history of the evil Kaaba that stands in Mecca.
            Q: I sense you are Shia… aye?

          • Abdelkhalek El Shinnawy

            I am tempted to swear back at you, but i decide not too to level down.
            Regarding, Jihad, of course it is a pillar of Islam. And i am proud that we stand for this pillar, but the question is, what is Jihad? If the media is convincing you and others that it is brutal killing of innocent people, then the problem is with the media, and the people who believe in it without research.
            Jihad is something mandatory for all Muslims. We have to help those in need, who are under oppression, to fight back conquers. If this is a sin, then yes, i am a proud sinner. Under no circumstances did Islam permit rape. On the contrary, Islam instructed that even in war, we are not allowed to kill women, children or old people.

            Talking about satanism and babylonyan religon, i guess you are refering to another religon. We don’t sit and pray infront of statues or pictures, like christians do. Exactly copying pegons rituals, don’t you think?

            Kaaba is chosen to be the house of god. We pray in the direction of Kaaba, we don’t worship it. I don’t put a statue of Kaaba infront of me when i pray!!!

            If you want to know who currently hold the slogan of Satan, you’ll have to research Free masons, and see which governments are their sponsors.

            I am Sunni, living in Egypt. Majority here are Muslims.

            Looking back at our converstaion, i see that you keep attacking Islam, and don’t respond to what i accuse christianity and Judism for. So i guess you are content that these are edited religons.

            Salam Alikom (May peace be on you)

          • sumsrent

            A Sunni living in Egypt? Wow! That’s a surprise… considering you despise voting the way you do.
            How else do you figure your gonna get a new Caliphate? I’ll give ya a hint… by voting it in.
            Now get this… your Kaaba is every bit an extension of Freemasonry… Babylonian Paganism! Purely satanic!
            Have you ever researched what’s inside that Kaaba? And what those pillars represent?
            Have you ever taken your pilgrimage to Mecca? Have you seen the vagina shaped meteor mounted on the exterior of the Kaaba? A vagina that removes sin… aye? Purely satanic! All tied in together with the “pillars” of sin.
            You may not have a little Kaaba in your home… but facing the Meccan Cube in prayer means just the same. allah is no more a god than the air that fills an empty glass.
            You are duped… brainwashed into a satanic pagan government which is solely designed to keep people from obtaining Salvation through Christ Jesus! The Son of the True God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
            And allah is NOT that same God… it is a non-existent fake god.
            So… Save your fake “peace”… I don’t want anything associated with your satanic government that’s cloaked in a religion.
            Now then… tell me… what does the Quran say to do with us Infidels that says God has a Son? What does the Quran say to do with us Infidels that refuse to submit to your fake allah and it’s prophet?
            The answer? It’s satanic…

          • Abdelkhalek El Shinnawy

            I guess this is enough for me in this conversation, It’s not my way to insult back.

            But looking back at the conversation, i see that following:

            1- i defended my position, and responded to your accusations, while you didn’t say a single word defending christianity, or trying to explain it’s position. but instead you invested your time in adding more accusations to islam in an attempt to find a weak spot,and this will continue forever, if i continued this conversation.
            2- You have been insultive, i wasn’t.
            3- I responded with facts, and challenged you, while you only made accusations.

            So that’s it for me. Wishing you all the best 🙂

          • sumsrent


            Get this… I have pages and pages of references that back up everything I’ve said. Including verses from the Quran…

            You don’t need me to post those verses… you already know them… don’t you?

            You say… “i defended my position, and responded to your accusations”

            No… you haven’t. You’ve been evasive and deceptive.

            So listen to me… you need to get out of Islam now! You need a Savior to forgive you of your sins… not a black meteorite.

            Islam is satanic. Everything the Holy Bible warns us Christians about points to Islam.

            Isa is a fake Jesus! Your Caliphate will be the Christian antichrist! Who you see as the Jinn will be our Two Witnesses… proclaiming the Salvation of Christ Jesus.

            Your seven years of victory will be our seven years of Tribulation and persecution.

            Do you get it? Islam was designed to kill Christians and keep people like you from accepting the real Christ Jesus as your Savior.