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Marty Nesbitt to head one Barack H. Obama Foundation. Man tied to terrorism runs the other.

Two Barack H. Obama Foundations; One Tied to Terrorism

There are now two Barack H. Obama Foundations. The first one was founded by the President’s brother Malik Obama, who has subsequently been tied to terrorism ( The most recent one was founded for the purpose of handling President Barack Obama’s future library and is being led by close Obama friend Marty Nesbitt, who apparently […]

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Obama Family Discovered to be Part of Secret Muslim Terror Operation

**EXCLUSIVE** By Walid Shoebat The Obama family’s legacy – although most today would not even consider saying it – will one day be etched in history books under the heading, “How a family of terrorists fooled America”. They have promoted Wahhabist interests in Saudi Arabia and were the greatest supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood in […]

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Muslims Butcher 99 Christians In A Matter Of Moments

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims charged into a Catholic church in Wada Chakawa village in Adamawa state, set off explosives, took hostages, and ripped through Christians with bullets in a five-hour attack. The Muslims also attacked another church in the village of Kawuri and killed more Christians there. The incursion left 99 Christians dead. John Onaiyekan […]

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