Why Karl Rove is Protecting Hillary Clinton

The man known as ‘Bush’s Brain’ and who Bob Woodward says will just ‘never go away’ is championing the perpetuation of a failed Republican strategy. During an appearance on Fox News Sunday, Karl Rove actually asserted that if Hillary Clinton runs in 2016, Republicans should not attack her.

As for why Rove might be insisting on a losing strategy that will only serve to help the Clintons, please click here and here.

In making his argument, Rove advises Republicans to say what they’re for instead of what they’re against. What he fails to acknowledge is that conservatives are FOR honest government. Fighting the corruption of the Clintons and the Obama administration is what conservatives are for. Rove is clueless about this while simultaneously running interference for Hillary.

Via Fox News (1:00 mark):

Perhaps there is no better example of the failed strategy behind Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign than his third debate with incumbent Barack Obama. The Republican nominee put his gloves down and rolled over. We were told that it was a calculated effort to portray Romney as the statesman who would win the day because the economy was so bad.

He lost for one simple reason; voters didn’t turn out because he wasn’t seen as a fighter.

Former George W. Bush adviser Karl Rove was heavily invested in a Romney victory and had a meltdown on national television on election night.

Now, instead of going away, he’s advocating the same failed strategy with Hillary Clinton.


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  • BustNuts

    Rove is a idsgusting assweasel and should go away.

    • Sometimes ,l wonder if Rove just swing back and forth and is hard to follow what he really believe in., he confuses me about his politics…But l see this in a lot of these people today.

  • Totally agree that Romney whimped out in the third debate! It was sickening! Mr. Nice Guy looked like an idiot!
    As for Hillary and Billary, I think there is a fine line that Republicans need to tow. Number one, we already know that most dems don’t give a rat’s bottom when it comes to morality and/ or the Constitution (and for that matter, most Repubs have given up on morality too). I say we attack Hillary for lying about Benghazi and then making it sound like a non-issue. Either way, the dems have pulled the wool over most Americans eyes anyway. I like Karl Rove. I think he’s got a point when he says Benghazi won’t go away.
    I say that whoever runs against Hillary (or the Dem nominee, if she loses in the primaries) has to push the issue of ‘telling the truth’ to the American people. “Hillary lied and our beloved ambassador died!” We need to get down and dirty, “Liar, liar, pants on fire–pants suit that is.” Make her look incompetent, dishonest and a poor choice for women and minorities! You’re right, that pushing a starry-eyed ‘positive emphasis’ campaign in 2016 is not going to cut it. The dems have betrayed the American people and it’s all to line their pockets with blood money from the disenfranchised and the deceived! Unless Republicans are willing to step on some toes and bang some heads together, they might as well stay home and play with their toys–or anything else they can find to play with!

    • JulieB

      How can you like Rove when he admitted to wanting to kill the Tea Party? Rove is a perfect example of what is wrong with the Republican Party.

      • OK, seems like something I wrote might have struck a ‘positive’ chord, but anyway, I like Rove because I think he has both feet planted firmly on planet Earth. There’s lots of pis-in’ and moanin’ going around criticizing the Republicans on everything from having caused Hurricane Katrina to collaborating with the Westboro Baptist church. Ahemm! NOBODY’S PERFECT!
        I don’t follow any blogs pertaining to Karl Rove’s activities and didn’t hear that he had ‘dis-d’ the Tea Party. Quite frankly, I’d like to hear his reasoning behind making such a statement. Let me guess–“the Tea Party only serves to ‘dis’ every Republican candidate that comes down the pike”–that sound about right??? JUST GUESSING….
        You want protest and controversy? Fine! You go girl! Sometimes it’s the only way to get things done. MLK thought so–now we celebrate his birthday. But third party candidates only ever accomplish one thing–THEY STEAL VOTES AWAY FROM THE CONSERVATIVE (REPUBLICAN) CANDIDATE AND THEY HELP THE CAUSE OF THE LIBERAL ‘TAX ‘N SPEND’ DEMS!!!!

    • richinnameonly

      I agree that whoever runs against the libs needs to use some of their same tactics and get down and dirty. Bad, but it works if it’s done well. Unfortunately, people are currently not conditioned to assimilate and understand only weak, positive political messages. One flashy, negative campaign message from the other side blows it out of the water with these low-info voters.

  • A fish stinks from the head down. Karl Rove has been near the top.

    Well, there is less cause for folk outside the US to think things will begin to be corrected in the next Presidential election.

  • gregzotta

    STFU Karl and GO Away!

  • libertytribune

    Rove is done anyhow, he is only trying to be relevant which he no longer is.