Epic Two-Minute Smackdown of UCLA Student Council over Anti-Semitism

The video below is a must-see. Ben Shapiro is the Senior-Editor-in-Chief at Breitbart; he is also a graduate of UCLA who is Jewish. Earlier this week, the UCLA Student Council was hearing debate on a resolution that would call for the university’s divestiture from businesses that benefit Israeli companies that “profit from… Israeli occupation”. As you’ll hear below, Shapiro got out of bed to show up at the meeting. What followed was nothing short of an epic smackdown.

The Gestapo-like resolution failed only by a vote of only seven to five. It’s not clear what tangible influence Shapiro’s righteous rant had on the final vote but it says quite a bit that the reason the vote was anonymous was because council members feared for their safety

…and guess which side they feared most.

Perhaps never before has such a thorough tongue-lashing taken place in just two minutes.

Via Breitbart (h/t BNI):



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  • richinnameonly

    Nice. This goes well with the article yesterday about Naftali Bennett (“We are not blowing up Mosques like others are blowing up Churches”)

  • People blaming Israel and Christians and Jews are down right communist for even thinking that….. this a hate crime against these people

  • yahshua love’s you

    If noticed that today a lot of people are anti Israel that’s to show how much we have learned from the second world war but at least there are some brave men and women that are willing to stand up against many of today’s stupid ignorant backwards dumb thinking dope heads they are the same as al Qaeda or al nusra or ikhwan al muslimun low life terrorists

  • Smallchero

    What an awesome young man!! <3 for Israel, always…..

  • Forrest Jane Cline

    What an articulate young man! I have to watch this video again…..and again! I love it!

  • prodigal

    Amen, that was a righteous rebuttal of evil. May God bless and keep him safe.

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