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Obama administration keeps driving el-Sisi into Putin's camp.

Obama Administration keeps driving Egypt’s El-Sisi into Putin’s Camp; U.S. Congress acting impotent

The Obama administration has just done more damage to Egyptian relations by denying the shipment of attack helicopters that were to be used to fight terrorists. Reports indicated that one of the reasons for the recent spat of U.S. Congressional delegations to Egypt was to help soften relations between the U.S. and Egypt, which has […]

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Christians Must Become Militant If They Are To Survive

EXCLUSIVE By Theodore Shoebat If Christians are to survive, they are going to have to become militant, rather than relying on the watered down secular Conservative Movement. The Conservative Movement is becoming a cult. It has become a group that accepts only a number of morals from Christianity, while being either indifferent or sometimes vindictive […]

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Krauthammer: Right where Obama wants him?

Why is Psychiatrist Charles Krauthammer in denial about Obama?

He is a psychiatrist who’s a highly respected columnist and political analyst. As such, Charles Krauthammer didn’t just learn about the primitive psychological defense mechanism known as denial years ago; he grokked it. Yet, when it comes to Barack Obama, Krauthammer is exhibiting the very trait he should be expunging from his own psyche. During […]

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