Peace, War, Appeasement and Stupidity

By Keith Davies

As the world descends down into the rat hole due to the deliberate Obama policy of weakening America – and the even weaker Europeans who look for America to lead because they just do not want that job – it is worth assessing where we are or to be more accurate where we are not when it comes to the problems in the international world concerning the Middle East.

Let us discuss the “peace process” in Israel and the dead end that we as a country will not admit that it is. The extinct Philistines – better known as the fake “Palestinians” – have decided along with the rest of the Arab league not to recognize Israel as a Jewish state despite the fact that the modern state of Israel is made up of 80% Jews with a flag that denotes the Star of David and has been around based on UN recognition for nearly sixty six years. I do not really care if some Bedouin fools cannot admit the obvious but as someone that I believe has some common sense it tells me and anyone else with half a brain that they (the Arabs) really have no interest in living side by side in mutual harmony with Jews, never mind a Jewish state. This is reality, so let the world stop fooling itself further.

This truth – as we have exposed thousands of times since we started this blog – has been obvious beyond doubt.

So I, as a Jew who has attended dozens of Walid Shoebat’s speaking events to Jewish audiences, can advise you that the first question Jews always ask Walid is, “What is the solution?” The second question is always “How do you get the Arabs/Muslims to love us?” The answer is very simple; peace through strength. From a practical perspective, Israel needs to copy Vladimir Putin, i.e. thumb your nose at Obama and annex the West Bank, Gaza and expel the terrorist leaders along with killing or expelling the murders. What will or can Obama do? Bloviate, have a tantrum, and send John Kerry on trip to wag his finger at Israel? Do you think the Congress of the United States is going to sanction Israel or do anything that will cause Israel a problem? If Israel uses the power of PR to make its case first as to why peace talks are no longer possible and that the security situation is no longer tenable as Hamas fires rockets into Southern Israel and Abbas continues to incite his people with hatred. Israel needs to make the case to stabilize the situation and once and for all remove all the terrorists.

Further, the Christian communities in Judea and Samaria continue to suffer terribly under the Palestinian authority, so Israel needs to point this out using the Christians in Israel like Father Gabriel Naddaf to help make their case. Once Israel has done its PR, they just need to take care of business. The naysayers will squawk about demographics. This is a myth, as Israel will easily maintain majority status. Do you think G-d brought his people back to Israel to become a minority in their own land?

Father Gabriel Nadaf with PM Netanyahu.

Father Gabriel Nadaf with PM Netanyahu.

Sadly, this will not happen because we Jews today haven’t the political courage to do it. We think we need America more than we need to have faith in our destiny. The American people would support this; only the corrupt Obama regime would not. The Europeans might squawk but they need Israel’s technologies and products more than they hate Israel.

The conservative media in America seems to think that Obama is weak. This is just not true. When it comes to domestic policy, Obama was able to get his way no problem. He twisted his own party’s arm to get Obamacare through; he stood up to the Republicans on spending with Republicans backing down. Most people respect Obama’s political instincts even though they are loathsome. We know from Obama’s background that he empathizes with the Muslim agenda and that he hung around with terrorists as a college student. He was pro-Palestinian. How could Obama be otherwise when one of his best friends was Professor Rashid Khalidi a former operative if not terrorist in the PLO?

Obama had no problem with overthrowing Gaddafi by declaring war on Libya and dropping tons of ordinances from the United States Air Force – no fear of war or acting out of strength there. Obama had no problem in sticking his finger up at Mubarak, the former president of Egypt and empowering the Muslim Brotherhood there. Obama was ready to bomb Syria but Obama cannot seem to act with strength with Putin. Why? The answer is simple, he is an ally of Putin in respect that they are both communists and both wish to take America down a few pegs if not outright destroy us. Acting with strength in the Middle East is something Obama seems more than capable of doing when it means helping the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda to effectuate the Caliphate. General Abdel Fatah el-Sisi, the acting president of Egypt, has put a monkey wrench into the plans of Obama and Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey. The complete takeover of the Middle East by the Muslim Brotherhood is on hold for at least a few more years.

What we have is a “peace process” which requires a “war process” i.e. the Israeli-Arab conflict. We have had a war process with Libya which required no action at all. Gaddafi – as bad as he was – was keeping the Muslim Brotherhood at bay. We have appeased Russia by being nice to them and withdrawing the European Missile shield and what we got in return was a Russian invasion of Crimea.

I am sorry to say that our American politicians both on the left and the right are stupid; there is just no other way of describing them. They have failed to study the history, culture and understand the Islamic agenda. Our media suffer from the same problem and as a result we have low information Americans who do not understand the danger and the issues that are about to befall them in a massive way.



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