Muslims Fry Christian Boy’s Head And Cook It With Rice And Vegetables

Posted By Theodore Shoebat

Watch this exclusive video of Sister Hatune Dogan, an Eastern Orthodox nun who has rescued thousands of persecuted Christians, recounting how a Christian boy in Iraq was beheaded, his head fried and cooked with vegetables and rice, and the pot which the head and food was in, was placed in front of the mother’s doorstep:



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  • Tony Capo

    muslim inbreeding together with the teaching of the pervert mohammed breeds insane criminals

  • And have we heard the new term CHRISTIANPHOBE yet in the Middle East? I had a dream several nights ago and saw these two demons devouring the flesh of Christians! It was one of the most disturbing dreams in 35 years of living and I also had another dream of the sun not giving its light and the earth was in total darkness, a sign mentioned in the book of Revelations 6:12. What can we do to stop this horror? Recently, I heard how the US Government is denying the visas of thousands of young Israelis desiring to visit the country… Can these Christians be given a safe haven in the US?

    • DJ

      All nationalities have citizens who are sometimes denied visas, not just Israel.

      • Sometimes? Since Obama took office things have changed significantly.

  • yahshua love’s you

    What a bunch of sick bastards may yehoshua Ben yehova visit these low life’s damn scum bags

  • snakeguy

    lol. You nuts actually believe this shlt? “Oh the horror! Give me your money!!”

    • DJ

      Yeah it really is gibberish. Many of her claims are completely without any evidence at all. First it was that terrorists are bottling Christian blood and selling it to wealthy Saudi’s for some weird hand washing ritual. Of course- no evidence at all. Then it was that there was a killing field with over 400 dead bodies in Syria and that they were being eaten by dogs. As usual with this nun- a claim based on no evidence at all. Now its a Christian who’s head is cooked with veggies and rice. Once again- no evidence at all.

      Now lets be honest- jihadists do TERRIBLE, DISGUSTING, SUBHUMAN acts of violence. I saw a Vice documentary where a Syrian Christian said two of his friends were beheaded and that the terrorists lined the bodies heads with the wrong bodies. So yes, these crimes exist.

      • sumsrent

        Try a little research DJ David…
        “We are the Muslims,” said Omar Brooks, an extremist also known as Abu Izzadeen. “We drink the blood of the enemy, and we can face them anywhere. That is Islam and that is jihad.”

        You do know that Jihad is the sixth pillar of satanic Islam… aye?

        Any half wit can research and find dozens of articles regarding how satanic worshipping muslims bottle, sell and purchase blood. Credible sources at that!

        One commenter said…
        January 18, 2007 at 8:06 pm

        pythagoras says:
        “The Babylonians worshiped Marduk, the Mesopotamian moon-god, on their ziggurats and performed human sacrifice ceremonies culminating in the slicing up of their human sacrifice and drinking the blood of the unfortunate person(s).

        If there is any doubt that Islam is a human sacrifice cult which originated in Babylon, may the above article with its quotes as they are remove them for all time, for all the world to know and revile.

        The statement of their determination to drink human blood can and SHOULD be taken literally.”
        So let’s be honest… yes… and learn that a devout to the satanic Quran muslim will enslave, rape, maim, mutilate, bomb, behead, kill AND sling about the limbs of their victims in a celebration of dancing and partying while passing out candy!
        It’s the satanic Islamic way!

        • snakeguy

          You should seek professional psychiatric help as soon as possible.

          • sumsrent

            Silly you…
            You’re living in denial… satanic worshipping muslims do these things in accordance to their satanic Quran.

            Therefore… if you still can’t see it… you’re the one that needs help.

          • snakeguy

            You do realize that worshiping a god other than yours isn’t ‘worshiping satan’, right you fucklng sociopath?

          • sumsrent

            The worshiping of any god other than the True God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob stems from Babylonian Paganism which is pure satanism.
            allah is no more a god than the steam rising off a pile of cow dung in a pasture. No more than Zeus, Nimrod… Lady Liberty… Jupiter, Venus, Diana… mother earth worship, moon worship, the Illuminati, Freemasonry, Bohemian Grove, Baal worship… Buddhism, Hinduism… Baha’i faith… etc. It’s all satanism!
            satan does NOT indwell in these fake gods… they’re fake! All designed to get the masses to worship anything and everything other than the True God of all creation… The Father of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.
            If allah was any sort of a god… than why does it need muslims to kill other humans? What kind of god approves of enslaving, raping, maiming, mutilating, bombing and killing other humans because they refuse to submit to satanic Islam?
            Islam is satanic to the core! If left to take it’s course… it would eat itself up…
            Wherever satanic Islam goes… death follows! Now that’s satanic!

          • snakeguy

            You are certifiably insane. Seek mental health now.

            There are no magical sky beings, of any nature, and all thinking adults know this.

    • Woody

      Boy you hit it right on this SumRat; he is definitely “unbalanced.” He belongs with the pretty girl; you know nothing upstairs, all looks…

      (I think he posts from an institution – don’t tell anyone I said that) They shouldn’t allow patients computers.

      • sumsrent

        You’re only offended because I expose and speak the Truth. Which you can’t because your arrogant demeanor would mean you’d have to denounce your satanically influenced Catholic fake church.

  • texasjo

    How can we believe all of this? I know terrible things happen, but this is ridiculous. Please let me know how we can check it out…Thanks.

    • Leslie Hoffmann

      Why don’t you just look up the videos of the beheadings and the sick things these animals do to their own people! Why is that even when a person sees this and tells the American people about it you still think it is fantasy! Sadly there will be a lot of people waking up to late . Read Revelations and understand they will be here soon enough. Don’t say that you were not warned…

      • Woody

        I go to sleep with Jesus every night and wake up with Him any morning so I have nothing to fear; Reading “Revelations” does nothing since most people botch it up misinterpreting Scripture and then passing it on to ignorant people. Read the early Church Fathers and you will see the truth, e.g., there is no such thing as “The Rapture” so it was never mentioned in the first 1500-1600 years of Christian thought. The people of Jesus age thought the End Times would be during their lifetime and each generation thereafter believed the same thing. Trust in the Lord for He is Good. Now go to sleep and rest in His arms.

    • Woody

      Where you ben mah man? Some of the people you are listening to are unbalanced; so read it with a grain of salt–we are in deep trouble and need an impeachment fast

  • kelso

    Obama is NOT a Christian!!! He went to Catholic school for a few years and that’s it.

  • ForJesusChrist

    Have you seen the video, how Obama made a mockery of the Bible & Jesus? What (true) Christian would do that? Obama has ties w/ the islamic brotherhood. Sorry to burst your bubble!

  • Connie Chastain

    Communist and democrat are not mutually exclusive. We don’t know where he was born.

  • Woody

    Nonsense; his grandmother says she was present at his birth in Kenya, and his brother said he is a muslim. Also, the hospital listed on his birth cert was built years after he was born,