CBN Interviews Rescue Christians Executive Director

Rescue Christians Executive Director Keith Davies recently sat down with Gary Lane of CBN News to talk about the heinous plight of Shafqat Emmanuel and Shagufta Kasuar in Pakistan. Regular readers to our site know that Rescue Christians has been intimately involved with this case for months, as has reported.

Here is the full interview with Davies:


Here is the general report on the death sentence case:



  • richinnameonly

    Set up the rules about blasphemy, lie in order to convict those you don’t like, and then teach all your little children to do the same thing. And there are those in the U.S. and other parts of the “west” that want to do the same thing. Wake up people while you still have a chance.

    • Curtis Day

      Who pray tell are you saying is lying? I suppose it doesn’t matter because you really are not fooling anyone. But this vague “Alinsky” type move is not a good idea to start here on this forum.. just an idea…. try to say something important on topic. Not deflect and run maneuvers like this post of yours did.

      • richinnameonly

        Alinsky move? Run maneuvers? I hope you misunderstood what I was saying. In these Sharia Law places, like where this took place in Pakistan, these Islamists have an easy run at imprisoning or killing Christians. They have their laws in place which allow them to easily accuse someone blasphemy. They have no qualms about lying just so they can get the person imprisoned or executed. So called “moderate” Muslims have made major inroads in western locations of Europe and America. Their aim is also Sharia, and as soon as they have sufficient number to gain power any Christian can be a victim. Of course at the same time Muslims can tear a bible apart in broad daylight with plenty of witnesses and there’s no consequence.
        Now, how am I trying to fool anyone?

        • Curtis Day

          You are not. I did not understand what or to whom you were describing my bad… God bless. I thought you were accusing someone and wasn’t aware you were referencing the governments of the middle east. Shalom.

      • Grace Ziem

        False witness against them, Curtis. The phone was not in their possession when the texts were sent! Why are you here to criticize valid comments, you sound like a troll with that comment…

  • yahshua love’s you

    God bless you guys keep on doing what you are called to do in yeshua hamasiah name

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  • Sibor Hanady

    Who’s going to help Christian Serbs in Kosovo? The Serbian province of Kosovo, as you know (but you pretend not knowing) has been illegally taken away from Serbia during the bombing campaign lead by NATO (read it: USA Clinton-Albright administration), sarcastically called “Mercifull Angel”. The Christian Srbs are left alone with no protection from the muslim Albanians. Abduction and “organ trafficking” have never stopped. It’s still happening. Help us or let us take our “Cradle of Serbhood”, KOSOVO back

  • BuyNorthAmerican

    hilary is cancer.