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Muslims Get Job In Children’s Nursery At Church, Only To Try To Assassinate The Pastor

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Turkey infiltrated a church and got jobs babysitting the children of the pastor, named Emre Karaali, as a ploy with the intent of assassinating the pastor. According to the pastor, the would-be killers “accused me of disrespecting the Quran and of deceiving children’s minds.” As one report states: Turkish police […]

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Muslims Break Into Christian Woman’s Home, Drag Her Out, And Murder Her

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Mogadishu, Somalia, broke into a Christian woman’s home and murdered her in cold blood. Her name was Sufia, and they dragged her out and executed her. Before killing her, some locals tried to rescue her, but the jihadists opened fire on them. As one report recounts: “Sufia” was killed by […]

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Gaza Arabs Welcome Another Terrorist Organization

ISIL, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, has spread its terrorist activities to the Holy Land. It is not enough that after Israel removed its own citizens from 21 beautiful Jewish communities in Gaza nine years ago in an effort to make peace, the Arabs turned their former homes into a launching pad […]

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Caught by Israel?  Can't Murder Any More People?  Here's a Consolation Prize

UK Taxpayers’ Money Used to Reward Imprisoned Palestinian Murderers

Governments who support the Palestinian Authority with monetary donations are rewarding terror with monthly payments. The UK, for example, claims that it is “support[ing] the peace process by building the institutions of a future Palestinian state which can live alongside Israel in peace and security. “ How exactly does the PA use these funds? For […]

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