J Street Attempts to Silence Pro-Israel Student’s Voice in the Media

J Street has called upon media outlets to distance themselves from pro-Israel student Daniel Mael. Mael, a Brandeis junior, wrote an op-ed in The Jewish Press entitled, “J Street Activists Defame Former Israeli Spokesperson,” to, among other reasons, make clarification about a campus event last fall. An article was written in a different publication discussing the hostile conduct of some J Street student leaders toward the Israeli spokesperson, and was removed after publication because said leaders said that it would hurt their chances for employment.

The original article was removed, and Mael wrote a new one. Subsequent to this, a verbal exchange allegedly occurred between one of the J Street leaders and Mael. J Street then asked the media to “distance themselves from this blogger.”

Acquiescence by the media to this request would effectively silence a powerful pro-Israel voice.


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