Jihad From The White House

By Keith Davies

The shame is on us as Americans, that we as a nation would vote for a Jihadist named Barrack Hussein Obama, a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood and now a sellout to terrorists advancing their cause.

The nay sayers might like to refer back to Obama’s decision to take out Osama Bin Laden but this was a ruse to show us suckers that our Commander in Chief was strong on fighting terror which is a total deception. The informed all know including Obama that the source of Jihad and the political aims of Islam come from the Quran and The Sharia, but we as a nation prefer to worship an Emperor with no Clothes.

It is now clear for any average American who wishes to call himself informed that it is now beyond obvious that Obama is a stealth Jihadist advancing the same cause as Al Qaida but using deception to advance it in order to weaken the United States as quickly as possible. This strategy is advanced without alarming his own supporters and using the fawning media to keep at bay the pathetic, weak and useless Republicans from opposing this traitor we call President and Commander in Chief.

obama jihadist

The release of this deserter Bowe Bergdahl (for five dastardly terrorists) who is now obviously a Taliban operative of the “radical” form of Islam according to the PC crowd, along with his father who is also a fundamentalist Muslim declared in Arabic from the Rose Garden standing next to the President who smiled with agreement when this terror supporting jerk proclaimed his victory for Islam in the Arabic language.

The so called conservative media is ignoring this, making excuses for the father or asking out loud why the father praised Allah in the Rose Garden, and dare not conclude the obvious.

Why should Obama care? Since he has gotten away with dozens of impeachable offenses without boo from our media and a feckless Republican party, why not now advance with full force the Muslim terror agenda? The vast majority of the American people are so ignorant whose strong opinions are reserved just for gay marriage, legalizing weed and the latest local baseball game.

Overnight the President has gone from stealth Jihad to overt Jihad right from the Whitehouse and the best coverage from our media is that what Obama has done is illegal and that Bowe Bergdahl is a “suspected” deserter but we at shoebat.com are the only ones to uncover incontrovertible evidence that this “POW” is a Taliban operative used to help the propaganda machine of the Obama administration. Since the face of the Veteran Affairs scandal is now on Obama, what better way as to get the release of a POW to change the news coverage? This would be fine and dandy if the soldier was a patriotic American, but we know now this is certainly not the case.

My next question is how in the name of G-d did Bowe Bergdahl ever get hired by our military in the first place, sorry silly question, Fort Hood massacre and Nidal Malik Hasan is your answer.

The final question is why did Obama break the law in not consulting Congress? The answer is simple, based on the case history of this deserter many in Congress would have strongly objected to saving this treacherous cretan by swapping five of the worst Muslim terrorists held at Guantanamo Bay.

This latest scandal, which incredibly seems to be a weekly occurrence, last week, was the accidental outing of a CIA agent, the week before was VA scandal, I wonder what we are in store for us next week. It does not matter, as there are no consequences for this charlatan of a president. The guy is not a chief executive other than he loves flying Air Force One, but the big picture of destroying this country economic and military power so his Jihadi Muslim Brotherhood friends can build their Caliphate is now open for all to see if you have the common sense and courage to see it. Alas still most Americans are not even low information but are no information voters as we continue down the sink hole created by our own stupidity.

  • Kamau40

    Well stated. God help us!!!

  • Helmut K

    For a long time, public opinion has been conditioned to follow an image
    and ignore substance. Maybe we have to wait for the roof to cave in to
    change that habit.

  • lemarie1

    Sorry, I think Obama much more the AntiChrist than Erdogan. He has done much more stealth jihad than him and can lead from Turkey later. Wake up everybody!

    • He may be Satan’s favorite puppet but he sure is ant- Christ..

      • Cynthia Banks

        I don’t see Obama as the Anti-Christ, he more fills the roll of the false prophet whom Satan will betray. Remember he was prophesying hope and change. What do you think.

        • Anyone against Christ is considered a anti-Christ , l think Obama is like more of anti-Christ minion But no, he can not be the anti-Christ and may be paving the way… I really do not know for any fact, who he would be… This is just my opinion and that does not make me right..
          I need to study more in the Bible, l am no expert on this.. LOL
          Remember there were many fallen angels also toss out with Satan…There are many other there to deceive the Christians..

  • Someone Whocares

    Im sure we will see the names of the five released once again in the news. Im sure the names will be attached to a nice humanitarian story. This is sarcasm by the way.

  • richinnameonly

    Obama is laughing at us. He gets 6 muslim taliban released. The rest of the government does nothing to stop him. If there is no martial law before 2016, and the next POTUS is a liberal, just change the name to Ameristan and I am out of here. It is way beyond sickening.

    • DontMessWithAmerica

      If he’s laughing he’ll soon choke on his laughter because this latest atrocity is getting a far greater reaction than anticipated. That and his latest war on coal will probably lose him the Senate and lead to impeachment. That should be followed by indictments and arrests and prosecution of a whole host of his puppets who together have been lying to America as none before them ever lied.

      • Cynthia Banks

        Don’t, do you see that he is trying to create a revolution, in which case he declares marshal law and calls out his private army to kill anyone who would protest. My granddaughter left the National Guard when she told her supervisor she could not fire on civilians…. My grandson is still in the Marines and I am praying everyday….

        • Proudvet56

          No Cynthia, he doesn’t have a private Army. He has been firing Generals left,and right because they won’t disarm the people, and their replacements give him the same response. The fear I have is this uninterested, apathetic, ultra laid back portion of the population that make him think he is invincible, and of course the lying useless media. Even the so called conservative media are to interested in being polite, and as Hannity says, sticking to his standards. What the standards of a wimp? Keep praying my sister, and remember we win in the end.

      • richinnameonly

        That should all happen, but I don’t know if it will. The administration is corrupt and the rest of the government is not fighting it hard enough.