The Evidence Is Clear: Obama is nothing More than a Treasonous Islamic Terrorist.

By Keith Davies polictical commentator

The time is near at hand which must determine whether Americans are to be free men or slaves.

george washington
George Washington

The Bergdahl terror swap of 5 Afghani Taliban terrorists for one American Taliban terrorist is an act of treason by the President of the United States and his national security advisor Susan Rice, her deputy and the Secretary of State John Kerry. All should be removed from office and tried and hopefully convicted of treason and serve at least life in prison without parole.

The evidence of wrongdoing is as clear as a bell. You do not need to be a lawyer to understand the merits of the case.

From primary sources of dozens of eyewitness soldiers confirm not only did Bowe Bergdahl desert his post but according to at least one soldier’s testimony that he clearly heard on a military radio communicator that his colleagues reported that Bergdahl went on foot to a village not far from his base and requested to speak to a Taliban leader who could speak English. We know Bergdahl converted to Islam calling himself Abdullah. We also know based on conclusive evidence that his father is a fundamentalist Muslim who openly in the Arabic language supports the Taliban and the terrorist aims of the Taliban, as the saying goes “the apple does not fall far from the tree”. Bowe Bergdahl based on statements from the Taliban themselves stated that he helped them with battle strategy and bomb making. All the media are reporting that between 6 and 22 soldiers were killed in trying to “rescue” this creep.

If we at can determine this with 100% accuracy it is safe to conclude that the Pentagon, the CIA and military intelligence would also be able to come to this same conclusion way before us. It is also safe to conclude the president and his closest advisors were also privy to this information not months but at least five years before this Bergdahl traitor was sprung from his viper’s nest in Afghanistan. We also know that soldiers are now coming forth and stating that they were told to lie by their military leaders about the circumstances of Bergdahl’s disappearance.

The media state that Obama broke the law by not informing Congress concerning the deal to release the Taliban terrorists, the administration has admitted as much when the deputy national security advisor Tony Blinken apologized to Senator Feinstein, the Chair of the Senate National Intelligence committee. The reason no consultation happened is because the Congress would have severely objected and said No, No and No again, as the case history of Bergdal was already known to most members of the relevant house and senate committees. They all knew Bergdahl was bad news.

We now ask why Obama did it? Why did Obama compromise the security of the United States? His audacity is his narcissum that he is President and he feels no one has the guts to challenge him, which sadly is currenlty a correct assessment, but in the substance of the matter there can only be one conclusion, and that he is a terrorist himself, he agrees with the goals of Islam as we have documented before, that he is undoubtably a Muslim. He agrees and allies himself with the goals of Turkey and the forces of Anti Christ which most Americans do not understand or do not want to understand. When Robert Berdahl the father of Bowe made his Arabic “Bismallah” victory statement in the Rose Garden, a huge grin of obvious delight could be clearly seen from Obama, this should be enough to make Americans blood boil. As an American by choice I am outraged that not more Americans are willing to call for the removal from office of this President.

Lies, deceit and treachery are the hallmarks of this president and his administration, when will the racist Republicans act without prejudice. When will the GOP stand up and treat this president with the same contempt that a white president would be treated if the above outrage were committed by anyone whether Democrat or Republican? When will Republicans stop their policy of “Affirmative Action” for a black president, is that not racist? When will Democrats put their partisan politics aside and become Americans first and Democrats second and turn on this imposter who has shown clearly his contempt for this country and its rule of law? When will the American people march on Washington and demand the ouster of this president as well as the resignation of John Kerry and Susan Rice? When will our church leaders be willing to say enough is enough and arrange to bus hundreds of thousands of its congregants from all over the country to demand this terrorist president from destroying our country and handing the free world over to the yoke of Islam which is already undermining our freedom of religion in this country?

How many more acts of treachery, deliberate mismanagement of all our government departments will it take before all Americans whether they be Republican, Democrat or Independent can restore this country back to honor and freedom?

Unless this president is removed from office by the other equal branches of government within the next 6 months our democratic principals, freedom and prosperity will be a distant memory.

Help us save the Christians in Syria, Pakistan and other countries controled by the Islamic Horde