Catholic Priest Says Homosexuality Is Gift From God, And That The Bible Is Not The Word Of God, And Then Pope Francis Kisses His Hand And Praises Him

By Theodore Shoebat

A 93 year old Italian priest named Michele de Paolis, considered to be Italy’s most rebellious priest and amongst the most universally notorious advocates for the Catholic Church to change its position on homosexuality, said:

homosexual love is a gift from (God) no less than heterosexual.

This same damned heretic said:

The Bible “is” not the word of God

And now, just a few days ago, Francis, whether by his own will or through some malicious advisors, celebrated mass with this evil man and then kissed his hand, as this photo attests:


According to one report:

Francis closed the meeting by kissing the priest’s hand, a gesture that the far-left newspaper L’immediato called one “revealing the humility of a great man to another of the same stature.”

The sodomite supporting priest, Paolis, described in his Facebook page how the meeting got organized: when requesting the meeting, he asked the Pope, “Is it possible?” Francis then responded, “Anything is possible. Talk to Cardinal Maradiaga and he shall prepare everything.” Paolis stated on his Facebook page, “And then (unbelievably) he kissed my hand! I hugged him and wept”.

Paolis is “a well-known figure in Italy as a leading clerical apologist for the homosexualist ideology.” How, then, could the Pope not know about this man’s evil behavior? How could he kiss his hand and do mass with such a reprobate?

This same sodomite priest openly condemns the Bible, saying that its not the Word of God, and illustrates the spirit of Antichrist. He wrote in a damned book:

[W]e must overcome the letter of Scripture. It is the same St. Paul in 2 Corinthians 3:6 who says, “The letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.” … That this biblical letter.. killed and continues to kill, unfortunately, at times, not only morally but also physically, is a fact. The Bible “is” not the word of God; the Bible “contains” the word of God. …Instead of wasting energy in endless controversy the Church aims to build a Christian spirituality of joyous acceptance of self, gratitude to God in the knowledge that homosexual love is a gift from Him no less than heterosexual. A spirituality in which we dialogue and we compare to all, but obey God alone.

He moreover said that Christians:

completely ignore the phenomenon of homosexuality, which science has now clarified unequivocally: the homosexual orientation is not chosen freely by the person. The boy or girl will discover that it is an approach deeply rooted in personality, which is an essential aspect of his identity: it is not a disease, it is not a perversion. …Some church people say, “It’s okay to be gay, but they should not have sex, they can not love each other.” This is the greatest hypocrisy. It’s like saying to a plant that grows, “You must not flourish, you must not bear fruit!” …We must have patience with our Mother Church… Her attitude towards homosexuals will change.

There is a very dangerous homosexual supporting ring deeply entrenched in the Vatican, which is helping enable it when it conducts mass with such a depraved heretic.

I have myself experienced, to some measure, this homosexual supporting ring in the Catholic Church, in a conversation I had with one priest and Catholic canon law judge, named Robert L. Kincl (also known as Fr. Bob Kincl), who was ordained in Rome. Kincl had befriended us as a fan of acting as conservative, yet referred to homosexual fondling as permissible in the conversation. Having been shocked at his remarks, I told Kincl:

How can you, as a priest, be so liberal toward such a sick evil as two men fondling each other, or as two men having a “relationship” just as long as they are not going with other men. It is evil and it is reprobate.

I also told him:

It is not tolerable for you, as both a priest and a canon law judge, to be permissive to somebody having a homosexual relationship just as long as they are not being promiscuous with other men. It is deplorable, and in the words of St. Paul, “worthy of death” (Romans 1:32).

Kincl defended his position and responded with a rejection of the Old Testament and a twisting of St. Paul’s condemnation of homosexuality in Romans, stating

We do not follow the Hebrew Scriptures. We follow Jesus Christ who never mentioned gay relationships. When St. Paul mentioned such a relationship he was referring to the promiscuousness of the Romans using sodomy. decided to investigate Kincl and found that he has a dark past. In 1993, Kincl worked as a Commander in charge of clergy at the U.S. Navy, and while he was in the service he defended another chaplain confirmed to be guilty of child molestation, named Robert Hrdlicka.

The investigation revealed that Robert L. Kincl had even written the authorities, not to charge the pedophile who molested the young boys, but urged them to send him back to serve as a chaplain:

Catholic chaplain Lt. Robert Hrdlicka pleaded guilty to molesting boys in 1993. Before his sentencing, six other Catholic Navy chaplains and the church’s archbishop for the military services urged authorities to send Lt. Hrdlicka to a church-run treatment center.

“It is my fervent hope and prayer that he will be able to return to the active ministry as soon as possible,” wrote then-Cmdr. Robert L. Kincl.

Instead, Lt. Hrdlicka went to prison. looked up Kincl’s My Life page, to find out that after all these years Kincl is still friends with Hrdlicka the pedophile, since he is on his friends list, of which I took snapshots:

ted kincle photos 4-1 copy

ted Robert Hridlicka copy 2

Just as we have Muslims, like Bergdahl, who have infiltrated the military, we have people like Kincl who have infiltrated both the military and the Catholic Church, with their depravity.

Kincl is now serving as a priest in Our Lady’s Maronite Catholic Church alongside Msgr. Don Sawyer. When I confronted Sawyer on Kincl, Sawyer vehemently defended Kincl.

Robert L. Kincl, depraved priest who defended another child molesting priest

Robert L. Kincl, depraved priest who defended a child molesting priest

Don Sawyer, Msgr. at Our Lady's Maronite Catholic Church where Kincl serves

Don Sawyer, Msgr. at Our Lady’s Maronite Catholic Church where Kincl serves decided to contact the Diocese of Austin to file a complaint, and spoke with the Very Reverend Daniel E. Garcia as the Vicar General for the Diocese of Austin, and Chancellor and Secretariat Director for Administration, Deacon Ron Walker, who were under Bishop Joe S. Vásquez of the Diocese of Austin.

We asked them how could someone who supports homosexuality and defended a pedophile still be serving as a priest and not be excommunicated, to which Deacon Ron Walker, rolling his eyes, said that the Church’s main objective would be to reconcile him with God, and not excommunicate him.

It seems that the Diocese of Austin could care less if one of its priests supports homosexuality and defended a pedophile.

Bishop Joe S. Vásquez

Bishop Joe S. Vásquez

Vicar General Danny Garcia of the Diocese of Austin

Vicar General Danny Garcia of the Diocese of Austin


Why is this man serving as a priest when the Catholic Church, in its teachings, forbids homosexuality?

It is not surprising to see how far reaching homosexuality has gone in the Vatican. What other deviancies will enter the Vatican in the next decade remains to be seen. Whatever happened to normal sin? In the good old days, steeling a chicken perhaps constituted such sin, but these days, its sleeping with it.

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  • mikeammo

    Gods word is crystal clear fagots will not under any circumstances inherit eternal life Period.

  • This is as bad (blasphemous) as when Pope John Paul II was photographed kissing (in respect to) the Qur’an, the Islamic holy book that denies the Trinity: The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Reportedly, Pope Francis has already “hinted” at resigning. What is going on in the RCC?

    • shoebat

      Mike, I would like to get solid proof that the book that Pope John II was kissing was indeed the Quran. I think you will find it difficult to prove this.

      • Google “Pope kisses the Quran” there you will see a photo of JPII kissing the Quran and an imam looking on.

        • shoebat

          Mike, its not as if I am not familiar with the photo you are referring to. I am. But what absolute evidence do you have that that book was indeed the Quran? It could have been an Assyrian Christian handing him a Christian book. If you research it to obtain solid proof, you will find it difficult. A book cannot be judged by its cover which never says “Quran” on it. And neither can you prove its an Imam. Do you know his name? Do you have confirmation he’s an “Imam”?

          • (Article excerpt) “…the former Chaldean patriarch–Raphael Bidawid–was present at the meeting where the event occurred, and in an interview with the press service FIDES, he said the following:

            ‘On May 14th I was received by the Pope, together with a delegation composed of the Shi’ite imam of Khadum mosque and the Sunni president of the council of administration of the Iraqi Islamic Bank. There was also a representative of the Iraqi ministry of religion. I renewed our invitation to the Pope, because his visit would be for us a grace from heaven. It would confirm the faith of Christians and prove the Pope’s love for the whole of humanity in a country which is mainly Muslim.

            At the end of the audience the Pope bowed to the Muslim holy book, the Qu’ran, presented to him by the delegation, and he kissed it as a sign of respect. The photo of that gesture has been shown repeatedly on Iraqi television and it demonstrates that the Pope is not only aware of the suffering of the Iraqi people, he has also great respect for Islam.’

          • Additionally, this may be a reflection of Catechism 841 and a show of inter-faith acceptance. ?

          • shoebat

            In addition Mike, Pope John Paul II stated about Islam the following:

            “Some of the most beautiful names in the human language are given to the God of the Koran, but He is ultimately a God outside of the world, a God who is only Majesty, never Emmanuel, God-with-us. Islam is not a religion of redemption. There is no room for the Cross and the Resurrection. Jesus is mentioned, but only as a prophet who prepares for the last prophet, Muhammad. There is also mention of Mary, His Virgin Mother, but the tragedy of redemption is completely absent. For this reason not only the theology but also the anthropology of Islam is very distant from Christianity.” (Crossing the Threshold of Hope)

            This does not seem like a Pope who worshipped the God of the Quran, does it?

          • Think about it. Not to take away from what JPII said, because he was correct in the statements but this sounds very political in nature. I don’t think he was addressing the Muslim delegation at the time of those comments. 🙂

          • shoebat

            Mike, when dialoguing, if you notice, I don’t skip and I don’t speculate what is political and what is not. I asked for a verifiable reference. You might be right, but you might also be wrong. Now you know why its difficult to try to keep everything reputable. References must be reliable.

          • I do understand, Walid, and I sent you the link via a separate post that has not yet appeared. Your blog service does not immediately post any text where it detects an Internet link. It should appear soon or may need to be sent to you from your service for approval. The link with the article info is to Catholic Culture Dot org and hopefully will appear for all to read. Only then can you determine whether that is or is not a reputable and reliable source. I will trust your judgment. 🙂

          • shoebat

            Mike, again, I am familiar with this too. Your citation came from Hutton Gibson who is known to be a conspiracy theorist who also told radio talk show host Steve Feuerstein that the Holocaust was fabricated and “mostly fictional”. Is this the reputable source you cite? I need reputable sources.

          • This is from a Catholic source, dated June 1, 1999. The meeting with JPII took place May 14, 1999. Below is the article headline, lead-in and link to the complete info:

            Headline – Iraqi Catholic Leader Decries Allied Bombing:
            (article excerpts)
            “A Catholic prelate has charged that American and British air strikes are killing Iraqi civilians every day.

            In an interview with the FIDES news service, the Chaldean Catholic Patriarch of Babylon has lamented that– because of the warfare in the Balkans– the focus of world public opinion has shifted away from the suffering people of Iraq. The Patriarch also said that his Church– and the political leaders of Iraq– are anxiously looking forward to the prospect of a visit by Pope John Paul II to their country.

            Patriarch Raphael I Bidawid is the spiritual leader of about 600,000 Catholics of the Chaldean rite, most of them living in Iraq. There are also about 200,000 Latin-rite Catholics in Iraq, along with 200,000 non-Catholic Christians.

            The complete text of the interview with Patriarch Raphael I Bidawid follows, through the courtesy of FIDES:
            Q: What is the situation in Iraq? …”

          • krinks

            Don’t try to prove anything that is derogatory to the Roman Catholic Church to Wahlid. He won’t accept it. Everyone knows the Pope kissed a Koran just as they know he was one of the ones that helped to cover up and shift around Pedophile Priests rather than have them arrested.

          • lemondrop1

            what difference does this make? this Pope is not following the word of God. the catholic church has too many man made laws as it is, but to deny Gods word is true, that is wrong. sorry the Pope has no creditability to me. he’s just a man, he’s not loved more by God than you or I am.

          • Cynthia Banks

            Lemondrop, you are 100 percent right. The first question before meeting with this man, would and should have been have you turned from your sin and deny this form of lifestyle. If there was no repentance, there would and should not have been any meeting let alone kissing his hand. This Church today holds no resemblance to the Church of the 1st century. I’d love to see your list of reasons why this is not the Church of the first century.

          • lemondrop1

            the first churches, were held in homes and taught by apostles some, trained by Paul. they all knew sin but repented as we do today. the church I attend, is a real bible believing church. we have a constitution that, our Pastor will not perform any marriages unless it’s a man and a woman. nor will we allow anyone to “rent’ our church for a wedding of a same sex couple by their pastor. we don’t go outside the word even a bit to fit any agenda , . I feel Dr. David Jeremiah of Turning Point and Charles Stanley still have upright , biblical Churches. Churches in the 1st century took care of the poor, the widows and more. today. we do but not in the way they did. I think Jesus is coming soon and the best thing we can do is share the gospel. I would not feel comfortable w/ this Pope.

          • Cynthia Banks

            I agree completely

      • Kamau40

        You’re right, it would indeed be difficult for Mike to prove that Pope John II was kissing the Quran. He has failed thus far to show rock solid evidence of that fact. Otherwise based on the photo, the Pope was just simply lightly kissing the hand.

        • Hi Kamau40. Actually, I submitted the link to the Catholic source that published the article. I was hoping that Walid’s blog service would post that link for all to see but it seems that the service censors web links until they are approved by Walid – or someone who gives the okay to show the link. The name of the Catholic organization from where the excerpts were extracted is called Catholic Culture dot Org and the link is to an archive article that it published back in 1999. It was not for me to prove that Pope John Paul II kissed the Qur’an as shown in the photo when the Catholic source is the one who made that claim. Again, once the web link is allowed to be posted on this discussion, you can see and judge for yourself as to whether the Catholic organization is a valid, reputable and reliable source. 🙂

      • 1Bobby8

        Amen Walid.

      • Grim Fandango

        What is someone kissing a book written by a mortal human for at all? No human that has ever walked this planet has any idea if there is a god, and what that god might want from us. Anyone trying to convince you otherwise is a charlatan or a fool.

    • Lidia

      Mike, he is not retiring any time soon. He said that he wants to retire in the future. He thinks that popes should have the option to retire and not be expected to be pope till the very end of their life.

      • Hi Lidia. I realize that Pope Francis may not be planning his retirement in the very near future, however, it appears that he is pre-planning for that possibility. This brings up another interesting point. Have you heard of St. Malachy’s prophecy that there would be 112 Popes before the end of the world? Pope Francis is the 112th. If you believe the prophecy to be true, and Pope Francis does end up retiring, then….?

        By the way, this may coincide with current Islamic belief that claims the global savior, al-Mahdi, is alive and ready to step onto the world stage to bring peace to this earth in the near future. again, ???

        • Lidia

          Hi Mike, how does al-Mahdi coincide to Pope Francis to you? I am just wondering since everybody has their own opinion. It is interesting to know that Saint Francis’ real name was Giovanni di Pietro (Peter) di Bernardone. Francis is his nickname. He was born in Italy so it makes him a roman priest/friar. Could Pope Francis then be “Peter the Roman?” Or is this just a coincidence.
          If he is the last pope according to St. Malachy, then it does correlate with the other Catholic prophecies. For example: Pope Saint Pius X (early 1900’s) states: “What I have seen is terrifying! Will I be the one, or will it be a successor? What is certain is that the pope will leave Rome and in leaving the Vatican, he will have to pass over the dead bodies of his priests!”
          Another Catholic prophecy concerning the exile of the pope from Rome is by Brother John of the Cleft Rock (1340 A.D) who states: Toward the end of the world, the tyrants and the hostile people will suddenly rob the prelates and clergy of the Church of all their possessions and grievously afflict and martyr them. The ones who heap the most abuse upon them will be held in high esteem. The clergy cannot escape these persecutions but because of them all servants of the church will be forced to lead an apostolic life. At that time, the Pope, with the cardinals, will have to flee Rome under trying circumstances to a place where he will be unknown. He will die a cruel death in exile. The suffering of the church will be much greater than any previous time in history.” St. Methodius states, “A time will come when the enemies of Christ will boast ‘We have subjected the earth and all its inhabitants, and the Christians cannot escape our hands’; Then a Roman Emperor (European King) will rise in great fury against them, drawing his sword, he will fall upon the foes of Christianity and crush them. Then peace and quiet will reign on earth and the priests will be relieved of all their anxieties.”
          So is Pope Francis the last pope of Rome? I really don’t know. If he is, there goes his hope for retirement.
          After the last Pope, Rome will be occupied/destroyed by a powerful force (al-Mahdi?). This though does not end the RCC. The Catholic Church will endure! Another pope will be elected in exile. When the right time comes, he will return to Europe from across the sea. They call him the angelic pope. He will be pious pope who will be blessed by God and he will spread Christianity throughout the world. Yes, even to places like China. St. Bridget of Sweden talks about a monarch (with the help of St. Michael the Archangel) will lead a war against Islam in Europe and be crowned Emperor by the angelic pope in Hagia Sophia in Constantinople. In the end before the anti-Christ, everybody will be Catholic. I believe the RCC will be reformed in some ways, it will return to its early church years. There will be no Vatican II for sure.
          St. Francis de Paul (1470) and St Augustine and many others also have similar prophecies. And so does Nostradamus. These prophecies also coincide (same time period) with a natural catastrophic event which I could talk about later.
          I know everybody is upset about Pope Francis. I look at it this way. Do you know the real story about St. Francis? If not, read about him. St. Francis came from a very rich Italian family and gave everything up to follow Christ. He became very, very poor. He wore a sackcloth. He loved all the people and even nature. He loved animals too. He loved all of God’s creation. I think Pope Francis is trying to be like him. That is why he chose his name.

    • Danny Dodge

      The trinity is pagan – the creator is ONE, however kissing any book is idolatry even the torah, tanackh or records of the Messiah’s life and prophecies (matt, revelation).

      • Yes the Creator is ONE – but the “Trinity” concept is that of three simultaneous qualities of being Father, Son and Holy Spirit and yet being the Same Creator. Not three individual personages (as what is taught in Mormonism).
        Another example: You are comprised of a body, a soul and a spirit. Does that make you three individual and separate people or are you one within your being with all three qualities? 🙂

        • Cynthia Banks

          Mike why is I written, I am sending a helper and HE will lead you into all truth. Holy Spirit is referred to as HE a number of times. Is that a mistranslation?

          • Good question, Cynthia. No, that is not a mistranslation.
            1.) John 4:24 states that God is a Spirit. (there are not two or three spirits, only one)
            2.) The Bible calls God “Holy” many times throughout;
            3.) In John 5:7, Jesus states, “For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.”
            4.) Jesus is called The Word of God, Revelation 19:13 (among other verses)
            5.) Jesus states that His Words are not His but those who sent Him: (John 14:10)
            6.) Jesus states that only God is Good (Matthew 19:17)
            …Is Jesus Good?
            7.) Jesus states that the Father is Greater than He, yet He and the Father are One (John 10:28-30)
            8.) Jesus states that the only unpardonable sin is blaspheme against the Holy Spirit (Luke 12:10) …is the Holy Spirit greater than God, The Father?
            9.) The Bible states that Jesus is the image of the invisible God and that all things were created by Him and for Him (Colossians 1:14-16)
            10.) I am sure that you could also find many other examples, that show how God is Divinely manifest unto the world through three binding qualities but we serve Only ONE mighty, powerful, Righteous and Holy God and it is summed up in this:
            Hear, o Israel: The Lord our God is One (Deuteronomy 6:4)

          • Cynthia Banks

            Exactly, Jesus has come as Son of Man, the flesh and blood of God. HE is the image of God, He has emptied himself of his deity. I see the Father Son and Holy Spirit, as the offices of God. Isaiah 9:6 For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Now because I see it this way and you see as three totally different persons, does not mean we don’t worship, love and are saved by the same Jesus. If Jesus wanted to name himself a trinity he would have done so. He didn’t think he needed to explain it any further. If I say when I get to my brother I’m going to do x x and x I have spoken it into existence. It is simply up to me to fulfill it when I get there. I hope you understand.

          • Hmmm…sorry if you took my response to indicate that I see the Godhead as being three totally different persons. What I was pointing out was that if Jesus sends the Holy Spirit as your verse cited and the Father also sends the Holy Spirit (Comforter) in the verse that I cited, that this is the same God. There aren’t “two” sending the Holy Spirit. 🙂
            As far as the Three offices of God being manifest and present within Jesus, these could be examples:
            1.) The Spirit of The Lord is Upon Me (Luke 4:18)
            2.) Acknowledged that He is The Son of God (Luke 22:69-71)
            3.) Proclaimed that He is in the Father and The Father is within Him (John 14:10-11)
            Thanks for the conversation, Cynthia! Have a great weekend and Blessings to you and yours.

          • Cynthia Banks

            Thanks yourself MIke, have a good weekend

          • Danny Dodge

            Good point, yes the Greek implies a SEPERATE “thing” addressed with a masculine article (which would denote a he or it, rather than another form of the one who speaks).

          • Cynthia Banks

            No Danny he is Jesus, the Holy Spirit and Jesus are one and the same. Jesus as the man is one and the same as the Father, just emptied of his deity. Because you can’t kill a spirit, you can only kill flesh.

        • Danny Dodge

          The scriptures don’t support your pagan idea and human reason is stupidity in the view of our Creator. We go by what HE tells us not by the reason of paganised statue worshipping churches that tell people that their god is a pagan triangle.

          • Hi Danny. Some denominations teach that God is three separate individuals and view them as such. Thus, your “pagan triangle” comment. God is ONE as explained in the Scriptures and in my follow-up thread with Three Attributes, that of being Father, Son and Holy Spirit, as referenced even through the Words of Jesus when He mentions those attributes of God and Himself. This is the Attribute of One Triune Deity; NOT 3 deities.
            The other attributes, as you know is that God has three qualities of being Omnipotent (All Powerful) Omniscient (All Knowing) and Omni-Present (Present everywhere at all times).
            I agree that setting up any kind of statues is paganism, but God is ONE and is to be worshipped in Spirit and in Truth. 🙂

          • Danny Dodge

            God in human form, divine human, demigod, this is also pagan.

            The creator is ONE, He is not man that He should lie, nor son of man that He should change His mind (Numbers).
            The Ruach HaKodesh (set-apart breath) is His influence, His inspiration and power endowed upon any person. It is not a being it “spirit” as it is often translated, although it was reportedly seen coming upon the Jewish Messiah in the form of a dove.
            The messiah, one like tut-moshe/moses who would draw out the true followers, separate the wheat from the chaff, who would speak as the voice of the Creator (His voice frightened the Israelites, it is indeed a frightening voice) and would guide the lost sheep of Israel back to torah and out of the Talmudic teachings of the corrupt religious leaders before bringing the pagan nations into Israel and giving them Torah and his own testimony, which he did before sealing the covenant made with Abraham by dying as our suffering servant having rejected sin and temptation.

          • What the Holy Bible states:
            “Philip said, “Lord, show us the Father and that will be enough for us.”
            “Jesus answered: “Don’t you know me, Philip, even after I have been among you such a long time? Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father. How can you say, ‘Show us the Father’? Don’t you believe that I am in the Father, and that the Father is in me? The words I say to you I do not speak on my own authority. Rather, it is the Father, living in me, who is doing his work. (John 14:8-10)
            Moses was led by God but did not have the supernatural abilities that are natural to God only and that only Jesus, Yeshua HaMashiach, performed.
            When a person repents, becomes born again through faith in the New Testament Jesus Christ and is indwelled by the Holy Spirit (Ruach Ha Kodesh) this makes one a Child of God. 🙂

          • James Foard

            You said “The creator is ONE”. One what? One huge metaphysical bowl of spiritual jello? One bodiless, amorphous
            indistinguishable, unapproachable entity?
            “No man has seen God at any time; the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, he has declared him.”
            Jn 1:18
            “No one has seen the Father except the one who is from God; only he has seen the Father.” Jn 6:46
            “Jesus said to him, “Have I been among you all this time without your knowing Me, Philip? The one who has seen Me has seen the Father. How can you say, Show us the Father?” Jn 14:9

          • Fred Pickles

            those were good quotations to use.

          • Cynthia Banks

            Danny the scripture, that says, The creator is ONE, He is not man that He should lie, nor son of man that He should change His mind. He is God in the flesh, and paid the price as fully man paying the price for our sins, literally taking our sin on his body and bearing it so that we might live. That man was God, read it…. and God became Man. The only one who dwelt among us was God himself, emptied of his diety and taking on the fullness of man. Talk about sacrifice. Would give up all your powers and enter a flawed body, with no powers. That’s love.

            Joh 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
            Joh 1:2 The same was in the beginning with God.
            Joh 1:3 All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.
            Joh 1:4 In him was life; and the life was the light of men.
            Joh 1:14 And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.

          • Cynthia Banks

            Danny we know the spirit of a man by the way he speaks and responds. The word trinity is a man made explanation for a Spiritual condition. No body has to believe in the Trinity, the Lord said he would dwell in you and me when we believe. There are a number of ways to describe our Lord, even a burning bush. The Lord was in the burning bush just as he is in you and me, but he was not the burning bush. Leave this alone and have love for your brothers and sisters. The Lord says we will know one another, for we will have love for one another. Your love isn’t showing, so how could anyone hear you.

        • Cynthia Banks

          Agree 100%

      • Cynthia Banks

        Agree the book, even the Bible, then becomes an Icon instead of the written word of God. But some don’t see it that way.

      • slhancock

        No, the Trinity is not pagan. From the book of Genesis, God refers to the Godhead as “Us & Our”. Jesus is not saying He and the Father were the same exact being, and He said that the Father would send the Comforter, a different part of the Godhead. Jesus is sitting on the right hand of the Father. A pastor in Jerusalem likened it to this. God the Father, no one can see, God the Son, is the Visible One. and God, the HS is the One who indwells the believer, also invisible. We were told to make disciples and to baptize them in the name of the Father, Son and HS. One God in spirit, soul and mind, but three.

        • Cynthia Banks

          slhancock, that was a good response. Another way, that some think is water, vapor, ice, All the same with different manifestations. Or example I am a daughter, a mother, a sister. But all one in the same person. No of these conversation really edify the body or affect or salvation in anyway. You believe on Jesus and his completed work. The measure of faith he gave you as a gift is ignited and you are one with Christ and follow him right into the baptismal waters, just as those who believed in Cornelius’s household went OUT that very night and were baptized. Or Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch, when the Eunuch said, here is water, what doth hinder me to be baptized, Act 8:38 And he commanded the chariot to stand still: and they went down both into the water. The actions of belief were immediate. That seems to me to be far more important, then any arguments regarding the Catholic. In the end that which is real will stand and that which is not will be burned up.

      • momprayn

        It’s not human reasoning – it’s Scripture, inspired of God. Seems to me, it’s your human reasoning that is in error and btw, I’m not Catholic.

        I would think it’s easy to see the “Trinity” in Scripture. In fact, those
        who deny Jesus, Son of God (who is equal and part of the Godhead), came in the flesh is an “antichrist” – are you the one who is “pagan”?

        “For many deceivers have gone out into the world who do not confess Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist. Whoever transgresses and does not abide in the doctrine of Christ does not have God. He who abides in the doctrine of Christ has both the Father and the Son. If anyone comes to you and does not bring this doctrine, do not receive him …” 2 John 7-10

        “For there are three that bear witness in heaven: the Father, the Word (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit; and these three are ONE.” 1 John 5:7

        “He (Jesus) is the image of the invisible God….for by Him all things
        were created that are in heaven and that are on earth…All things were created through Him and for Him (Jesus) and He is before all things…and He is head of the body, the church..” Colossians 1:15-18

        “God, who…spoke …to the fathers by the prophets, has in these last days spoken to us by His Son, whom He has appointed heir of all things, through whom also He made the worlds..who being the brightness of His glory and the express image of His person and upholding all things by the word of His power, when He had by Himself purged our sins, sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on
        high…” Hebrews 1:1-4

        And many more — please do more research with a more open mind.

        • Danny Dodge

          Lol “the godhead ” do you have any idea what that means? Clearly not if you think it’s a noun and that it refers to a triangular god. Ye olde English of the kjv days (really badly translated btw, even Shakespeare worked on the translation) has many outmoded words that you can’t just apply a random meaning to.
          It is translated from a Greek word that means divine (adj) in some cases and divine beings (n, plural) in others.

    • Dante Ardenz

      You all worry about the Jews running the Catholic Church since Vatican 2,(plus the US Federal Reserve-57 %Rothchild Zionists-700.Trillion) and not the ‘Muslims’,who honor Mary,and Christ. Jews DO not ! See:Opus Dei AT THE WAILING WALL REAL JEW NEWS.Com.HOW JEWS MOCK CHRIST:REAL JEW NEWS.COM. SECRETS OF THE SYNAGOUGE:REAL JEW NEWS.Com.THE UGLY TRUTH.Com. SATURN WORSHIP OF JEWS.YOU TUBE.

      • There is a spiritual battle for the soul, Dante, and the demonic forces that are assisting antichrist come in all sorts of religious and ideological forms, shape and sizes. While your post claims that Muslims “honor Mary, and Christ” the truth is that Islam does not truly teach Muslims to honor the teachings of the real Jesus. Here is a comparison of the teachings between Jesus and Muhammad. —————-

        Teachings of Y’shua compared to teachings of Muhammad:

        Y’shua (Isa’ / Jesus) taught:

        1. Love God and fellow man – even those who may be your
        enemy. (Matthew 5:44) (Matthew 22:37-40)

        2. Forgive others. Do not seek retribution and abide no
        longer by the rule of “an eye for an eye” (Matthew 5:28-48) (Matthew 6:15)

        3. Put away the sword, for those who live by the sword
        shall die by the sword. (Matthew 26:52)

        4. Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called
        “The Children of God.” (Matthew 5:9)

        5. “I Am The Way, The Truth and The Life; no man can come to The Father except through Me.” (John 14:6)

        Muhammad taught:

        1. Oh slaves of Allah (Muslims) Obey Allah and invite all mankind to embrace Islam. Strike terror into the hearts of “Unbelievers” and slay those who do not accept Allah and smite the necks of those who do not believe that Muhammad is the prophet of Allah. (Qur’an:047.004)
        (Sunan Abu-Dawud, Book 14, No. 2635, Narrated Anas ibnMalik)

        2. It is legal to seek vengeance and retribution in like manner: “A life for a life” and a Muslim who shall abandon Islam shall be killed.(Imam An-Nawawi’s Book – Hadith #14)
        (Sahih Bukhari: Volume 6, Book 61,Number 577, Narrated ‘Ali)

        3. Paradise is found “Under the Shades of Swords.”
        (Bukhari: Vol. 4, Bk 52, No. 210, Narrated Salim Abu An-Nadr)

        4. There cannot be peace until Islam rules over all as the true religion on earth. This earth has been made only for Muslims to inherit and Muslims are commanded to fight until “faith in Allah prevails everywhere.” (Qur’an: 008.039)
        (Bukhari: Vol. 1, Book 8, Number 429, Narrated Jabir bin ‘Abdullah)

        5. “It is obligatory to love the prophet more than the members of one’s household: one’s child, father or even the whole of humanity”
        (Sahih Muslim: Book 001, Chapter 17: Number 0070)

        That’s Quite a contrast, Dante. Whom will you believe?

  • Cynthia Banks

    Why would the Pope meet with an unrepentant. Why after a period of time of counseling if they do not turn from their sin, are they not excommunicated? Why did they hide these things for so long instead of setting the example. Why are John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, who have openly supported the gay life style and abortions still members of the church. In short it appears to be about money and power and it sickens me. The scriptures are clear they are to be brought before the church and if they don’t repent, the are to be anathema maranatha. So please why is the church not upholding the Lord’s teachings? Can you see why so many have a problem with the church. Please understand I don’t think the protestant church should look the other way about adultery, we need to stand firm in the truth. Whether we agree with it or not.

    • shoebat

      “Why would the Pope meet with an unrepentant. Why after a period of time of counseling if they do not turn from their sin, are they not excommunicated?”

      Its called “corruption” and playing politics, Cynthia. Its all around us. Running into a Catholic leader who is a straight shooter is rare, especially if they have the title “Bishop”. The higher they are, the more corrupt and the numbers of homosexuals entering the priesthood is alarming (estimated one out of four). It is no wonder why the Catholic Church are loosing their sheep by the millions and there is no end to the sewage.

      • Cynthia Banks

        Why isn’t pray working? The church has been the mocking of all nations and it should not be. If it were possible Origin and Eusebius would love to come back and set the church straight, just as Paul, John and Peter would. Men who were so dedicated to the Word.

      • Cynthia Banks

        Walid you say it is playing politics. That is the whole point, There is no politics in Paul’s church. He was willing to die for his faith, so was Peter and John. The remain faithful to Jesus’s teaching. The did not seek either the money or the approval of men. But every church today is. Jesus is right when he asks the question will I find one righteous man when I return. It is to the leaders of the church to set the example and when they don’t repentant or call those who are sinning to repentant they water down the gospel. There was no government Church. They were neighbors watching out for one another. Taking collections for the needs of one another and giving as the Spirit moved their hearts.
        We must get back to the original teachings of the Church and if it doesn’t start in the book of Acts then where?

  • Helmut K

    Just hours after the last Pope resigned, the Vatican was struck by lightning.
    I wonder who that was?

  • Mark Vance

    It Is a gift all things are praise worthy. Thank You Jesus by your Gift (although painful) brought us your Grace. Patience Is the gift of homosexuality. They didn’t ask you to participate in sin they asked you to show them the LOVE OF GOD.
    SIN IS MY ENEMY is hate a picture of the antichrist. YES is judgemental fundamentalism a picture of antichrist YES. walk by faith not by flesh. It’s not what sinners are doing that robs the salvation from Christians it’s what Christians aren’t doing that robs them. God will judge. all you must do is hand out the invites the feast is near. May JESUS BLESS YOU. 

  • shoebat

    Cynthia. STOP accusing me of removing your posts. Posts at times get stuck in the Pending Box and either I or my assistant have to go and approve them so they can get flushed into the system. If you think I am here monitoring comments this whole time to exercise sensorship you are DEAD WRONG. As I say, I have better things to do than to baby sit comments. Secondly, even if I did remove posts. People posting is a privilege, not a right. Now, if you track my thread with Ramirez you might understand what constitutes evidence regarding the Pope kissing the Quran. Yet you seem to want to repeat the thread for whatever reason is up to you, but to state “be honorable enough …” as if I am hiding something is ridiculous to say the least. So please, STOP.

    • James Foard

      Food fight! Jesus loves all of you. As far as Francis, he’s definitely blowing it, but our head is CHRIST.

  • Thank you, Cynthia. That link has another connecting link directly to the Catholic Culture dot Org website which I have had a hard time getting posted by the blog service of this forum. Strange that yours was able to post but mine hasn’t. Anyway, good job, that is the source that people need to see if they want to challenge the report about Pope John Paul II kissing the Quran.

    • Cynthia Banks

      Mike, I have supported Walid’s ministry, bought many of his books an DVD’s. I love this man very much, he has taught me a lot on Islam and the 666, however, we are at odds on the subject of the Catholic Church being the one true church. I don’t agree. This church is not the original church, it is so at odds with scripture.

      • Cynthia, I also have very high respect for Walid and his organization. I believe that God has a very special ministry for Walid in the manner of how he came to realize that Jesus Christ is The Son of God and Saviour of mankind. Walid, being married to a Catholic wife, was determined and sincere in searching for Truth, trying to prove the Qur’an/Islam right and the Holy Bible wrong. Yet God, through Scripture, revealed to Walid that Islam is not the truth and is actually an anti-Christ religion that denies Jesus as being the Son of The Living God. Walid has a tremendous amount of insight into the indoctrinated beliefs of Islam and can now share them openly to help others understand why Muslims are so determined to wage jihad against non-Muslims and Western/secular societies.

        I also believe that as Walid continues to read through New Testament Scripture God will reveal truths that conflict with the teachings of the RCC. Only God can do that. As it appears now, Walid is beginning to see that the RCC has been allowing some questionable actions in their church that are not Scriptural. Walid has openly expressed his concerns and this would actually be grounds for ex-communication since parishioners are not allowed to challenge papal authority or the magisterium’s extra-Biblical teachings.

        It may take an ex-communication for Walid to find the Truth and through this that he and his wife and son, Ted, come to know the Truth that Jesus spoke of:

        “…If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed;
        And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
        (John 8:31-32)

        • Cynthia Banks

          Yes but excommunication is seldom done to people of public stature. When is the last time you have seen one. I am just praying for the entire body, that we be of on mind in one accord, as the 120 were on the day of Pentecost.

  • Hi Franklin. Thank you for our comment. 🙂

    • shoebat

      Mike, the reason I did this dialogue with you is to show you what constitutes “evidence”. It still seems that you are not getting my point. Just for something to appear on a “Catholic” website is meaningless. I have already pointed out that Hutton Gibson is a conspiracy theorist and I provided evidence. When someone says they are providing evidence, it needs to be something acceptable in a court of law. Now, had this issue came up in a court, your attorney would filter this and tell you that you need proof. What constitutes “proof” is a reliable PRIMARY source account. For example, the report you provided mentions that this “pope kissing the Quran” was in a TV segment aired on Iraqi TV. Can you provide this? Of course not. Yet this is the type of thing I do when I make my cases. Example: Bergdahl. I was on radio today being cross-examined. It is not an easy thing to do. I had to bring PRIMARY SOURCE ACCOUNTS to prove my case that Bergdahl was a traitor. In a court of law, you need to prove that that book the Pope was kissing is indeed the Quran. What evidence do you have that this book is the Quran? Just because it has a cover that looks like it? Just because a Catholic blog says so? In a court, your case is doomed. A while ago there was a lot of hoopla about Obama’s ring. By the time I examined the photos, it never said “Allah” or any of the things that were claimed.

      I am doing this exercise with you to show you why much of what people post on comment lines are usually unreliable.

      Now, having said that, the Pope could have kissed a Quran. But “could” is inadmissible. Get my point? Or do we have to keep doing a ring around the rosie?

      • Hi, Walid. I appreciate your exercise in challenging what I posted and certainly understand your questioning the validity of the story. I know very well the importance of ensuring the accuracy of anything that I post and if it turns out that I fell for a fake story and the source I cited was unreliable and it was not true that the Pope kissed the Qur’an then I will issue a personal apology to you and your readers.
        By the way, Walid, you have quite a lot of clout. 🙂 Would you be able to contact and verify the report that was published by the CatholicCulture organization and also determine if that group is reliable and reputable in its reporting? That’s really the only way you will know for sure since that is the source of the information that I posted from. Again, if my post turns out to have come from a fraudulent reporter who made up this story then I will promptly apologize and even ban myself from posting on your blog for as long as you wish. Fair? 🙂

        • Cynthia Banks

          Mike you are quite a gentleman. Thanks so much.

      • Cynthia Banks

        Walid are you saying because he is a conspiracy theorist that everything he reports is a lie. Do you want the Popes held up to the same standard? I think not…

        • shoebat

          No. I am saying that because he is a conspiracy theorist, one needs to scrutinize the evidence, which needs to be ironclad and adimissable in a court of law and so far you have not provided it. But if you see Mike Ramirez below, you would understand that such evidence needs to be obtained since the claim was it was aired on Iraqi TV. I can investigate it from Arabic sources and see. But the lesson I am trying to teach here is accuracy and honest reporting.

          • Cynthia Banks

            That being the case would you give the evidence that this report was by Gibson? And evidence that his report that his report is in error. But what you are asking Mike to do is prove a negative. As the widow of an LAPD detective it is a well known, tactic to obfuscate.

        • Cynthia Banks

          Ok but both the sites are given are Catholic sites. The pictures that are posted weren’t taken by Mr. Gibson or was the article written by Mr. Gibson. I don’t see evidence at all that Mr. Gibson is involved. Where do you find that? Then when Mike tells you it is the Catholics reporting this, and the name is given of the one doing the interview Patriarch Raphael I Bidawid. Do you have a problem with this messenger?

  • AnthonyM

    Well, that is disturbing, for sure. He says homosexuality is a gift from God. While some may be born with that tendency, and maybe that can become a source of grace, there are other causes. Romans Chapter 1 that Paul wrote God says various people changed the Truth of God for a lie, so God gave them over to degrading passions. What was the instance Paul referred to, was there a specific lie?

    • Grim Fandango

      Who was Paul, and why should I care what he supposedly said thousands of years ago? And where are the “Paul’s” of the modern era? You BuyBull bangers make me shoot milk out of my nose, really.

  • shoebat

    Franklin, anyone can do a twist around a valid argument and shed doubt. Who is talking about “Maybe it is the love that homosexuals give to God that is the same as the love of heterosexuals …”. These are evil doers, infiltrators with an agenda to convert Vatican into Sodom and thats all you can come up with? Your statement above is more like liberal talk. How can this take the leaven out from your Church. As far as the kisses, it wasn’t Jesus who kissed Judas but vise versa. All of the sudden these days we see the Pope kissing Judases and Muslim feet. Its should be insulting to conservative Catholics.

  • shoebat

    Well Hector, you were WRONG in your first assumption. Your post is posted here and us Christians are not afraid of arguing your points either.

    For your information, we have and under much ridicule defended several Popes. Now that we post more about the homosexual infiltration, you ask us to STOP diecerning and start loving? To diecern is to love. And in the name of “stopping hate and division”, shall we also sell the farm? It is actually you who are hateful and judgmental for you are judging and dividing us? Does your God love only the homosexual and hates the homophobe?

  • davidrice1951

    No Catholic Priest is Christian. In his book The Faith of Millions, John O’Brien, a Catholic priest, explains the procedure of the mass.

    “When the priest pronounces the tremendous words of consecration, he reaches up into the heavens, brings Christ down from His throne, and places Him upon our altar to be offered up again as the Victim for the sins of man. It is a power greater than that of monarchs and emperors: it is greater than that of saints and angels, greater than that of Seraphim and Cherubim. Indeed it is greater even than the power of the Virgin Mary. While the Blessed Virgin was the human agency by which Christ became incarnate a single time, the priest brings Christ down from heaven, and renders Him present on our altar as the eternal Victim for the sins of man—not once but a thousand times! The priest speaks and lo! Christ, the eternal and omnipotent God, bows His head in humble obedience to the priest’s command.”


    • Cynthia Banks

      It definitely is not Christian, as with most of their practices.

    • Stephen Dalton

      David Rice, you have no understanding of church history or the Bible. The Apostles believed the bread and wine was transformed into the very body, blood, and divinity of Jesus Christ. So did the Ante-Nicene and the Post-Nicene Fathers. Do some reading in history, and you will find out that only heretics disbelieved this. If you think what you believe is Christian, you are sadly mistaken.

      • davidrice1951

        Either the Bible is wrong or Catholic doctrine is wrong. I chose the Bible, you take whichever one you want. Compare Scripture with a Catholic book, written by a Catholic Priest and published by a Catholic publishing house, describing the Mass (above) with Scripture. (below). The difference between our veiws is that I accept the Bible as the absolute authority which trumps all arguments. Catholics accept the Bible as one authority among many, easily trumped by a Church Council or the latest Ex cathedra statement by the Pope. This difference alone means that Catholics and Bible believing Evangelicals will never come to any agreement whatsoever. With that in mind, please compare the passage in the above post with plain Scripture.

        , “24 For Christ did not enter a sanctuary made with human hands that was only a copy of the true one; he entered heaven itself, now to appear for us in God’s presence. 25 Nor did he enter heaven to offer
        himself again and again, the way the high priest enters the Most Holy
        Place every year with blood that is not his own. 26 Otherwise
        Christ would have had to suffer many times since the creation of the
        world. But he has appeared once for all at the culmination of
        the ages to do away with sin by the sacrifice of himself. 27 Just
        as people are destined to die once, and after that to face judgment, 28 so Christ was sacrificed once to take away the sins of many; and he will appear a second time, not to bear sin, but to bring salvation to
        those who are waiting for him.”

        • Stephen Dalton

          David, the Holy Bible is a Catholic Book. We Catholics preserved all the various manuscripts that were floating around since 33 AD, and in 397 AD, we selected , by God’s inspiration, which ones would be in the New Testament canon. Since we put the NT together, we know what the proper interpretation of the Scriptures is. And the history of the Church shows nothing even close to anything that could be called Protestantism or Evangelicalism until 1517. So either the Bible (and the Catholic Church) is right) or Protestantism is wrong. BTW, which of the 40,000 brands of Protestantism is right? Each one declares the other one wrong.

  • James Foard

    I’m a Protestant, not a member of any particular church, but I believe in the validity of the Sacrament of Communion, always have, It’s in scripture. I was toying with the idea of converting to Catholicism over the past couple of years, but now have largely abandoned that idea, partially because of some of the articles I have read about the current Pope here on Shoebat, partially from what I have heard and read elsewhere.
    I will not join a church under the authority of a friend of heretics. Jesus, friend of sinners, yes. Jesus, friend of heretics, never. I will pray more and look into other sacramental churches; Lutheran, Reformed, Orthodox, Coptic, wherever the Lord leads me. God bless you.

  • Tom

    Great job Walid “Bulldog” Shoebat!
    Keep up the good work!

  • Jacob Ellinger

    “Some church people say, “It’s okay to be gay, but they should not have sex, they can not love each other.” This is the greatest hypocrisy. It’s like saying to a plant that grows, “You must not flourish, you must not bear fruit”

    I agree completely with him. you can not serve God and mammon and therefore the only thing that can happen to these people if told such things is to bear fruit. the kind that God cuts off! the kind that is rotted!

    I am sorry if I am showing to much hate for this man but he is more then a sinner, he is a snake in the grass, hiding under a white coat. He is a blasphemer who leads people from the truth. He is a worker of lies and the Enemy of God.

    Non of this is really surprising though when you consider the state of the church as a whole. Money and power has corrupted the church so completely that you would have a better chance at hearing the full truth of God at a non catholic church then in one.

  • slhancock

    The Bible says that if a man is confronted with his sin and he refuses to repent of it he is to be excommunicated from the fellowship of believers until that time he does repent, then he can be welcomed back into the fellowship. We are not to support the sinner in their sin, but to hold them accountable, and if they refuse then put them out. The purpose is to make them desire to change so that fellowship may be restored. Not to allow them to continue in their sin and praise its deviancy. These men/women (especially church leaders) who hold to views of homosexuality as “normal” or a “gift from God” are themselves deranged in their minds and one has to wonder if they are true believers or so deceived that they need to be excommunicated until they come to their senses. This is shameful, and I am ashamed that the Pope feels that blessing this man is acceptable to God. Recent actions by THIS Pope have me very worried about his intentions. This is not good.

  • Matthew 7:13 Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: 7:14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. 7:15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. 7:16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? 7:17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. 7:18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. 7:19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.

  • We have some Catholics that are not be going to see God’s new kingdom, may be… pray they will wake up to the true teaching of Jesus and the words of God… I have a question
    Are we to pray for people we know are really sinners and refuse to change, it is ok to pray for sinners who know they are not sinning , or pray for both..???
    I know we are not to pray for Satan , right ?
    Haven’t God already laid judgment on Satan?
    LOL Three Questions…

    • momprayn

      I’m not Catholic but it’s my understanding the Scriptures teach we are to pray for all sinners until they die because no matter how hopeless they may seem, God knows what we don’t and He may use our prayers to have mercy on them & bring them to faith and be saved before it’s too late for them. You never know. Some people have been saved on their death beds. As for satan, no – we don’t pray for him and yes, he has already been judged – just as all the other fallen angels. In fact, we are to hate all evil and of course that means satan and all his demons.

      • Thank you for answering me… I am not Catholic either right now, l am of no denomination … except l do believe in God, the Son and Holy Spirit.. l am trying to stay true to the Ten Commandments.. l am learning from here a lot… l love how things are explain and going into the history and future..

        • Cynthia Banks

          momprayn is right we are to pray for all. Remember we are to even pray for our enemies.

          • I will find that hard to do for muslims who practice Islam… So l think they are anti-Christ and l just will find that hard to do..I will ask God about this…

        • Hi DustyFae. Here are some thoughts to keep in mind:

          I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me. (Proverbs 8:17)

          And you shall seek me, and find me, when you search for me with all your heart. (Jeremiah 29:13)

          Jesus said: “I Am The Way, The Truth and The Life; No one comes to the Father except through Me.” (John 14:6)

          There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. (John 8:1)

          • Thanks… l will study these verses…

  • Rick

    This “priest” does not even understand the Greek OR English of Paul. I quote: [W]e must overcome the letter of Scripture. It is the same St. Paul in 2 Corinthians 3:6 who says, “The letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.” … That this biblical letter.. killed and continues to kill, unfortunately, at times, not only morally but also physically, is a fact.
    IN CONTEXT (SORRY FOR CAPS BUT KEPT HIS FONT) THE LETTER HERE IS CLEARLY THE REFERENCE ‘TO THE LAW’…FOR THE LETTER OF THE LAW KILLS BUT CHRIST CAME BRINGING GRACE AND BY HIS BLOOD FULFILLED THE (LETTER) OF THE LAW WHICH BRINGS DEATH. aside from Paul, what were the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah? And the Lord God Almighty, El-Shaddai, utterly destroyed them. There has been in times past and some in secret societies of the Catholic church today, what is “sacred sex” during “worship”. This is NOT homosexual sex but sex between the priest and worshipers (Dan Brown did get this right). HOWEVER< this priest is completely contrary to ANY Catholic teaching since they, in their tradition hold that Peter founded the church in Rome before his death via upside-down crucifixion. If The Pope is firing ALL of the Vatican accounting and finance people, and then kissing the hand of this priest, who by definition is the Vicar or Representative of God on earth to His church; then up front, money is far more important than truth and obedience.

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  • momprayn

    It’s my understanding that the Scriptures teach we are warned to discipline
    (rebuke, correct) in love – anyone within the church that is sinning. It’s
    pointed out how we must really watch out for anyone teaching false doctrines –
    anything that is unscriptural that harms. This is also out of love for that
    person’s soul – in order to try to show him his error so that he can repent and
    be saved. So if you don’t speak out, not only will that person be lost but
    all that don’t do this will be held accountable.

    In 1 Corinthians 5:6, 12, 13 “Do you not know that a little leaven (sin)
    leavens the whole lump (whole church)? Therefore, purge out the old leaven
    (sin), that you may be a new lump since you truly are unleavened.”

    “Do you not judge those who are inside (the church)? …therefore put away
    from yourselves the evil person.”

    1 Timothy 5:20 “Those who are sinning rebuke in the presence of all, that
    the rest also may fear.”

    Titus 1:9 “holding fast the faithful word as he has been taught, that he
    may be able , by sound doctrine, both to exhort and convict those who contradict

    James 5:19 “Brethren, if anyone among you wanders from the truth, and
    someone turns him back, let him know that he who turns a sinner from the error
    of his way will save a soul from death and cover a multitude of sins.”

    • Hector Denton

      And this is what I am talking about momprayn with thanks. Being gay all my life and always asking God why He allowed me to be this, and why He has not turned me because I submit my all to Him. There are so many gay people who would see articles like this or be with churches who would only reflect the scriptures as Romans1, leaving them only to one solution, they are already condemned. Churches are constantly reminding us of this. So what is the point of following a condemning Christ if you are already condemned. God warned me not to respond, but how can I do differently if I have only known a God of love and only wanting to bring people to his mercies. Don’t condemn them before they even had a chance to walk in the door. Perhaps my message is not coming through as it should because I mentioned I am gay. What I am saying, and my purpose is not to show the pity for a gay community, but what you rightfully say James 5:19 “Brethren, if anyone among you wanders from the truth, and someone (i believe to be the church or a christian) turns him back, let him know that he who turns a sinner from the error of his way will save a soul from death and cover a multitude of sins.” I do not agree with a pope/priest kissing the koraan, or saying the word is not God. That is blasphemy and I will confirm, it is blasphemy. I understand the thoughts of the word not being God, but also know that no man of the church can wander past the word as it is written. I can quote many texts which appear to be contradicting, but if you do not believe the word in it’s entirety, then you do not follow Jesus. And yes, in saying this, I am already condemned. I can’t seem to get myself to get the message out as I want. I am sending a plea out to the true followers of Christ. Christ did not come to condemn anyone, but to save and give salvation to all who believe in Him. That is the works of which the church and Christians should be in my opinion, to lead the wicked to righteousness and not condemnation. Please see what I am trying to say. Not as a gay person (my trials with God and even worse with the devil interfering) but as someone who has seen more conviction, than saving. Just for a short while, change the word “homosexual” to sinner. Ok, now I am a sinner and not a homosexual. I can live with that. I choose Christ as my saviour, and I choose against sin. The last 4 years I have chosen God and nothing else. The worst and most lonely 4 years of my life. My waking thought is of Jesus, as is my last for the day. 99% of the day is talking to Jesus, for myself and praying for others. Yet I have nothing. I have a great salary, and for four years and the first in my life, I have being paying tithes (instructions I believe from God), yet I don’t even have enough money to visit a sinfull bar for a drink. Ok. I have been to 2 sinner (excluding the word gay) churches, and 4 general separate denomination churches. One of them gave me the opportunity to be baptised and I did not accept, one of them send me reminders of of their sermon schedules, but not one of them have invited me to be part of the community over my four years of leaving my sin (remember above) to be part of a community. I am still alone, feeling sorry for myself adn with all these conflicting beliefs everyone is telling me about Christ, I still believe in Him. So why is it that a sinner can still have belief in Him, when the sinner is already convicted? I am not asking you to choose the Christ of a sinner, I am asking you to be a christian who chooses the Christ I have learned to believe in the WORD which condemns me. Reach your hands out to the sinner. Christ humbled Himself. (even riding on a cult and I can even explain that to you being a layman) See how many people actually need you to bring them to Christ. We as humans unfortunately rely on humans to lead us to Christ. Should be the other way round. So hear my plea, Churches! Christians! if j
      Jesus cannot lead a sinner to him, Jesus expects you to lead the sinner to Him. So do it. Don’t condemn the sinner. In closing, the book who you all condemn we as a sinner with, read chapter 2 verse 1. I as a sinner love you, love my God and my saviour Christ Jesus. Not for me, but for Him, preach His love, not a condemnation the devil or anti-christ is teaching.

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    • Cynthia Banks

      You’ve got to be kidding…..

  • usmcmailman

    What a huge ABOMINATION to God !

  • Sam Vats

    The Catholic Church is The Church of Satan , Filled with Fagots ,Dykes , Child molesters , Every Pope is a Anti Christ and is thrown into the lake of fire along with their deceived Pagan followers . Hell was made extra large to hold all the Catholics .

  • Emery Richards

    This is not a surprise, as Catholicism is one of the things that Jesus warned us about. False prophets, false Christianity, false teachings. The Catholic Church is one of the most pagan and satanic religions on the planet, and this wacko priest and the Pope confirm it.

  • Cindy

    Way beyond gross!! These pseudo priests are a total disgrace.

  • Alleged Comment

    WOW! We really are being ruled by DEMONIC MEN whose own beliefs supercedes GOD!!! Only their way count, their thinking. This is, of course, SATANIC!

    But I am not shocked because the Catholic Church is the whore that the Bible talks about that sits on the beast and has the blood of all the true saints on her hand.

  • TommyTCG

    All this mumbo jumbo about a cult with a history of 200million killed in the last 2 millenia in it’s name; that cult based on a virgin birth, on a star that stops and speaks, on a 3 day resurrection, on an ascent to heaven and and imaginary deity. Good luck trying to develop spiritually according to the Creational Laws.
    For some ideas on who Jmmanuel really was, try The Pleiadian Mission by Randolph Winters, for a needed re-education.

  • Badger Badgerism

    GLAD I AM PROTESTANT….you clackers have got your False Prophet!
    Let the Tribulation Begin!

    • Alleged Comment

      Then you are the daughter of the whore church the Catholics. You daughters came out of her in “protest”.

      That is why you celebrate the same thing. And even your costumes are alike.

  • Archie1954

    This is a disgusting article, one not even worthy of further comment!

  • Dante Ardenz

    Well well:A good “Kosher Conservative “site ! Nothing on the all powerful Jews,who the Church cow-tow too ,since Vatican 2,or the cult of Opus Dei,which now rules it. The Mulsim world is VERY real,and very big. It is divided,and some,like the Catholics,bought off by the International Jewish Banks:Saudi Arabia,Quatar,Kuwait,and others now puppets US/Israeli Stats: Jordan,Egypt ,Iraq,Libya. Iran,and formally Saddam tolerated Christianity,as does Syria. BUT NOT SO US/ISRAELI ALLIES ! Learn My God ! See Opus Dei Alert.Com. REAL JEW NEWS.Com. THE UGLY TRUTH.Com. Bishop Williamson You Tube.THE END OF SOVEREIGN AMERICA/REAL JEW NEWS.Com.

  • Ivan Sanchez

    Catholicism is just Satans’ attempt at hijacking Christianity. It is paganized to the core, with praying to saints and Mary who are just people. Showing Jesus still on the cross. They were behind the persecution of real Christians throughout the ages. Denying people the ability to know what was in the bible., burning alive those who tried to get it printed in their native tongue, so that their abominable practices would not be revealed as having nothing to do with the bibles teachings. I’m not saying you can’t be a real born again Christian and be in the Catholic church, I’m sure there are many. Watch the parts of The Know Your Enemy series on youtube about Catholicism.


  • Grim Fandango

    Homosexuality is an aberration. The whole purpose behind human and animal sexual urges are to encourage reproduction. I personally could care less what consenting adults do in privacy, but I absolutely can’t view it as normal, much less something to be celebrated.

    However, when it comes to the holy bible, it clearly is not the word of God. It is a contradictory rambling of numerous authors, whose work was included in the final book based on political and financial factors, and conceived many years after the supposed events that it chronicles.

  • Phil Jayhan

    Roman Catholic Priests have always molested children and always will.
    Apparently from every observation I have made, Roman Catholic priests
    think it their duty to deflower and molest little children. The Roman
    Catholic church sanctions it, winks at it, nods at it. In so ding they approve and even encourage Priests that ruin children. It is an
    institutional crime which cannot be separated from Roman Catholicism. I
    wouldn’t allow my children to ever be alone with a Roman Priest under an
    circumstance. They are perverts, have no morals and only think oral.
    Read your newspapers, it is in every days news. And these are the
    sex-tards that rule over 1 billion peoples religious views? Why would
    any parent ever leave their child alone with any Roman Catholic priest?
    They have to be warped and brainwashed by the same church to trust them
    in “all matters of faith.”

  • Phil Jayhan

    Is this a filtered discussion where editors approve comments? Why are my comments not showing up? if you need to approve comments before people can post, you need to let people know this is the social convention which is enforced by your website and that free speech is filtered, and only comments “approved” by your editors show up. If thats the case this website is nothing but BS and has no interest other then stifling free speech….

  • Phil Jayhan

    Roman Catholic Priests have always molested children and always will. Apparently from every observation I have made, Roman Catholic priests think it their duty to deflower and molest little children. The Roman Catholic church sanctions it, winks at it, nods at it. It is an institutional crime which cannot be separated from Roman Catholicism. I wouldn’t allow my children to ever be alone with a Roman Priest under an circumstance. They are perverts, have no morals and only think oral. Read your newspapers, it is in every days news. And these are the sex-tards that rule over 1 billion peoples religious views? Why would any parent ever leave their child alone with any Roman Catholic priest? They have to be warped and brainwashed by the same church to trust them in “all matters of faith.”

  • Gillettestevens

    You will all drink from the same cup you offer others.

  • lil-echoes

    This Joker must be one of those ‘hidden closet’ priest who diddles little boys. No wonder he hides his true nature. Possibly he’ll say it’s his GIFT from God….!!!

  • usmcmailman

    These are all signs of Satan, their Daddy !

  • lil-echoes

    Just glad Im not Catholic with Priest?? like that. So it’s an ok thing to be a child molester as long as it’s only with that child or to be a homosexual as long as it’s only with that man. Good grief. What is this world coming to. No wonder we are more and more evil as years pass..

  • Sharknado

    Fight the good fight Walid…you are a good Christian…thank you for defending the faith.

  • james ha

    gay men have intercourse with feces.

  • Mark2014

    Very dangerous indeed.

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  • Benjaminn Asiedu

    You have ignore the Sabbath and the whole annual festivals of the living God, how can you receive the holy spirit to guide you and help you over come the test upon the earth? Revlation 3:7-

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  • Tony Houghton

    Where do learn about this “god”…looking in the mirror?

  • Tony,

    You are the one who really need to do a study Church history. In fact, I even guarantee that you do not know any Church history. For if you did, you would never write things like “Constantine created a religion with Christian and Pagan practices and made it legal.”

    In fact, I can prove that what you stated here is lame. Here, let me ask: Do you have a single historian whom you could provide as reference to that statement you wrote?

    Here, let me show you what I mean. You stated:

    “Many genuine Christians stayed away from his brand of so-called Christianity.”

    FACT IS, you cannot and will not name a single group of Christians who “stayed away from his brand of Christianity”. Name one. I promise, you will not come up with anything but your own rant.

    “As the years went by these rebel Christians were branded heretics and killed in unspeakable ways.”

    Really? The Arians whom Constantine fought were “branded as heretics” when in reality they were “Christian”?

    If this is the case, than the New Testament which warned about the Arian heresy was “wrong”?

    I suggest you either learn history or keep listening to nonsense.

    “Christianity is placing your trust in Jesus alone”

    Really? This is the definition of Christianity? What about trusting Peter, Paul, Ezekiel ….? The word “alone” is ridiculous.

    Christianity is indeed “putting your trust in Jesus” and whomever He appointed as well since these speak TRUTH. This is why we have the Bible.

  • Stephen Dalton

    Tony, the Constantine created a religion with Christian and pagan practices idea is myth. That’s just a lie taught by Protestants like Alexander Hislop and heretical groups like the JW’s. And I has studied church history. See my previous post on this matter. You’re the one who needs to “really do a study on church history”.

  • Stephen Dalton

    Tony, the Constantine created a religion with Christian and pagan practices idea is myth. That’s just a lie taught by Protestants like Alexander Hislop and heretical groups like the JW’s. And I has studied church history. See my previous post on this matter. You’re the one who needs to “really do a study on church history”.

  • Stephen Dalton

    Your reply is classic Hislop balderdash. I used to believe that nonsense myself, until I became historically literate.
    Faith without works is dead. James 2:14-26.

  • Stephen Dalton

    Your facts didn’t give me ‘heebie jeebies”, just a good laugh. Your claims about the RCC are nonsense. No real historian or the writings of the Church fathers would back up your Constantine fantasy.
    You missed the entire point James was making. Faith without works don’t save.

  • “I could go on for hours.”

    Go on for hours, no one is listening to you anyway.

  • Vince Turner

    The priest’s analogy is flawed; homosexuality cannot ‘bear fruit’. Also, didn’t Jesus say, “Amen, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest letter, or the smallest part of the letter will pass from the law, until all things have taken place.”

  • “If God did not create those feelings, then who?”

    So according to you God created those “feelings”?

    What about the pedophile? Did God create those “feelings”?

  • “Who r u to judge?”


    ” What do u know about being gay? ”

    Not much.

    “I dont think you know anything.”

    So in order to know something one has to have a guerrilla nail him up the arse?

    “But i.know u have judged and it is ur judgement that will one day come up ur ass”

    My arse is fine. How about yours?

  • “You are being rediculous.”


    “Killing rape are a mans choice same as pedophelia.”

    Who are you to judge pedophiles who argue it is ‘consensual’? Tell us what would you tell a pedophile who makes such arguments?

    That it is illegal? What if it becomes legal? Where do you draw the moral ground?

  • “it is pointless talking to someone like you.”

    Very true.

    “look around you”

    I did. I see the lilies of the field and the birds in the air to find out that their is a mighty God.

    “and the more civilized nations are recognizing diversity and equality.”

    I suppose you think the Grecian Empire, the Roman Empire and the Egyptian Empire and all the other heathen empires that practiced gorilla sex were civilized?

    I have an entire book written to prove otherwise.

    “you must be from some place that does not respect that”

    Indeed. A kingdom of Heaven.

    ” and if not, you better smarten up.”

    Its not “smarts” that I seek, its wisdom which you do not have.

  • If according to you its alright, why then do you say “I go through the pain of guilt everyday”.

    You know deep down inside that its not normal to have another hairy man do it to you.