Muslims Burn Boxes Of Cigarettes By The Droves, And Declare That Whoever Is Caught Smoking Will Be Punished

By Theodore Shoebat

Muslim jihadists (members of the ISIS), who now rule the areas of Mosul and Tikrit in Iraq, have made it law that cigarette smoking will be punished, and they have also burned boxes of cigarettes by the droves. They made this edict into a document as we find in one report:

Promising Muslims they will be treated well unless they are spies for the enemy or criminals, the document requires citizens to pray five times a day. It also outlaws drugs, alcohol and cigarettes, and warns that gatherings, flags and bearing arms is now forbidden.


The edict reads:

No drugs, no alcohol and no cigarettes allowed

In Arsal, Lebanon, Muslims murdered a teenager for supposedly insulting Islam, and they also tortured three young boys for selling cigarettes, as we learn from another report:

Locals say fighters from Jabhat al-Nusra—Al Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate—shot and killed a teenage gas station attendant last week for allegedly insulting Islam. Days earlier, the militants kidnapped and tortured three young boys who were selling cigarettes in town.

In an ideal Islamic society, tobacco smoking is illegal. The Muslims are no different than Mormons, who prohibit smoking, and leftists who want to ban smoking. The Nazis also made bans on smoking, and were the first to connect smoking with cancer.

Under this Islamic control in Iraq, Christians are suffering and being slaughtered. We must help them. >PLEASE CLICK HERE TO MAKE A DONATION THAT WILL SAVE CHRISTIAN LIVES


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  • Julie LaBrecque

    Look how many Christian denominations declare it is a sin to drink alcohol, (but OK to contracept children). Proverbs 31:6 “Give strong drink to anyone who is perishing, and wine to the embittered” The Passover meal involved wine – real wine – not grape juice. Jesus made wine and partook of wine. Aren’t we to imitate our Savior?

  • Proudvet56

    My devious side says B-52 bomb that city with tons of Cigarettes. My younger veteran bros who served in the war with islam told me the air assaults would include some loud heavy metal, and rock-in-roll on loudspeakers attached to the choppers. You gotta be a vet to appreciate that. That type of music is devil worship to muslims they told me, and would scare the crap out of them. LOL! Love it

  • richinnameonly

    POTUS is pro-muslim, probably for several reasons.

  • richinnameonly

    I wonder if these bad guys smoke hash when no one is looking?