The Coming Genocide Of Christians Under Obama

By Theodore Shoebat

The Muslim jihadists have taken over Mosul, Tikrit, and other parts of Iraq. Hundreds of thousands of people have left, and who do you think is going to suffer the most? Christians.They are going to be slaughtered. Here is a video just recently released showing the anarchy that is flooding Iraq:

Many mainstream conservatives do not want to talk about this, because it makes Bush look bad, and leftists don’t want to talk about it, because it makes Obama and Islam look bad. At the end of the day the truth is clear: Saddam should have stayed because he was exterminating these devils. The Muslims feel very empowered from Obama’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Al-Nusra Front jihadists, and his support of the Jihad in Syria.

There is a genocide of Christians coming, and it will be done thanks greatly to Obama.

Haitham Jazrawi, an Iraqi pastor, made this revealing fact:

Ninety-nine percent of the Christians have left Mosul

One Christian activist forewarned:

If this continues, Mosul soon will be emptied of Christians… This could be the last migration of Christians from Mosul.

A native Iraqi was able to get his family out of Mosul, but has sacrificed himself and remains stuck in the area:

Christian families are terrified… I was able to make my wife and children leave Mosul, but now I am stuck in the house and can’t move.

Not only is this type of violence happening in Iraq, but in countries like Yemen as well. We just recently rescued a man from Yemen who left Islam and converted to Christianity. He was almost murdered by Muslim militants, who bombarded his home with knives and guns. In his own words:

When I was at school helping with the place, a group of terrorist extremist Muslim’s went to my house at exactly 01:30 PM. They knew I finished work at one, and they knew I had to be in the school bus, so the estimated that I would be home at one and a half. Now this is what my family told me. The men knocked on the door and my mom opened, she saw them and got scared because they were armed, maybe two of them had guns, and the others had knives and daggers. My mom quickly told my dad to come and see what these men wanted. They told him that they were there because of me. They told him that they wanted to kill me because I have converted to Christianity, and that is punishable by death in Islamic law. My dad got really angry and nervous and threatened them that he was going to call the police if they did not leave.

When his mother called the police, they told her that they would only come if she paid them 1000 rials. She agreed and they came over, but they did nothing, because Islam dominates the country and cares nothing about Christians.

We eventually sent Kais to Egypt, but the people who picked him up were terrified because he was an ex-Muslim, and so they through him out of the car. A cab driver picked him up and drove him to a cheep hotel. We tried to send him to Thailand, but he was rejected; we tried South Korea, but we couldn’t find a single courageous church who would accept him; we tried Cambodia, but they rejected him. The only country that accepted him was Sri Lanka. As Kais himself wrote to us, thanking our manager Keith Davies for his monumental actions in rescuing him:

A few days later you told me that Thailand said no, then you say South Korea would do it, then you say day said no , Then China, and they say no too, then Cambodia, what a surprise, NO, then we finally ended up with Sri Lanka which hopefully won’t change their minds.

Thanks a gazillion time Mr. Davies for everything that you did for me, and all the things that you continue to do for me

We have extended into saving Christians in Yemen. Please help us save more Christians.



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  • richinnameonly

    Looks like they treat life like a video game.

  • Jim Kirk

    we should do that here in the us to the cops…….fk’ing sh’t cops!!!

  • Nicole Petrino-Salter

    Anyone who says Saddam should’ve “stayed” is completely off the mark. What he and his sons did to his own people is just as barbaric and savage as this. He had no respect for Christians whatsoever and killed anyone and everyone he felt like exterminating.

    • shoebat

      Hmmm, you never lived in Iraq and if you ask the Christians over there regarding their life during Saddam or Post Saddam rule, I would win 99.9% and you would get a few local village idiots to agree with thee. Sure he exterminated Kurds and Shiites who opposed him, but so is the way to rule in the Middle East, you try to take over, you are exterminated. Its always been that way. Now that y’all tried it your “democracy” way, we see the results.

  • shoebat

    Why is it that when I say that a scorpion is less worse than a cobra, someone would jump up and down and talk about how bad the scorpions sting is? Who is discussing its sting or its creepy appearance, when especially we were discussing the current venom of the cobra which is instantly deadly? Sure, I would kill the scorpion, but if the choice is that I would have to accept the cobra, I would stick with the scorpion and keep my eyes open rather than risk a deadly cobra.

    I agree on getting rid of Saddam if the U.S occupied Iraq indefinitely, but American patience ran out. It wasn’t only Obama who wanted the troops back but most Americans. But your err is that you see us is pro-Saddam, we are not. We are simply being logical knowing how things turn up to go the opposite way. No keeping force can keep peace indefinitely in the Middle East. Just look at how many times they tried when Regan put Marines in Lebanon and as soon as casualties rose when the barracks was bombed, Regan pulled out and tuck tail. Lets be practical and honest here.

    • Proudvet56

      Sad to say Walid, most Americans will never get middle east thinking from your point of view. You see starting in the early 60s the whole attitude began to change in this country. We stopped putting to death the most brutal of criminals, we stopped total victory in war. The attitude of my parents generation disappeared, and so much of it came from the American pastors way of teaching the bible. We must tell the UN to go [email protected]#k themselves, as a matter of fact we should shut that place down! We allow the ACLU, and other left wing groups have a say in how a war is fought. That translates to tying the warriors hands in combat. I don’t think Reagan, and other leaders realized who they were dealing with. He, and I think many others thought that suicide war died with the Japanese. But again, he had to deal with liberals, and the UN, as did Bush 1, and 2. People in America are afraid of facts, and the truth. In the end, when the anti-christ makes his move, I agree with you we will have to end that war the same way we ended WWII. Why don’t these American Christians have any faith? They say if we use our nukes, the enemy will use theirs. I doubt it, but if they do I believe God will then step in,and protect us just like in the old testament. Western Christians don’t seem to believe that despite the claim of their strong faith God bless

  • AzzaSedky

    This is a persistent pattern. Islamists do not target Christians only, but target all who defy. The aim is to inflicting terror, and by doing so, creating submissiveness.

    However, I do agree with you that if nothing is done now, this horror will grow and grow.

    See “The Islamist Pandora’s Box”

  • shoebat

    Remembe the widow’s two mites, she gave everything.