Muslims Order Christians That They Must Pay $250 Or More, Or Else The Christians Will Be Slaughtered

By Theodore Shoebat

Muslims in Mosul, Iraq, have ordered Christians that they must pay $250 or more, or be slaughtered. According to one report:

The semi-official channel Al-Iraqiya quoted sources as saying that “The terrorist gangs of ISIL imposed Jizya on Christians in Mosul, so as not to be killed,” Al-Manar reported.

“The Jizya amounts start from $250 and end up at large sums imposed on the traders. ”

ISIL launched a wide offensive in Northern Iraq in June, committing a massacre against more than 1000 Iraqis in Nineveh province.

Here is a video of Muslim jihadists slaughtering people at random in the same area where these Christians are being forced to pay taxation:

As we read from one Middle East report:

Sources in the Iraqi province of Nineveh stated that the so-called ‘Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’ (ISIL) terrorist organization imposed the Jizya on Christians in Mosul, so as not to be killed or their properties to be seized.

This type of tyranny is just one of many foreshadowers that indicate the impending holocaust of Christians.



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  • Toby Eaton

    Christians have only non violent choices is this matter. Pay the tax, suffer the abuse or flee. One must have faith to know God’s will for their life. This is the times spoken of in Rev. 13 v10.

  • John

    Just wondering why verse 2 said the Lord revengeth 2 times.

    • Varghese

      Yes, as you quoted verse 1 says that Lord will take revenge and verse 11 says the demonic counselor that makes evil plans against the Lord will come out of Nineveh. You quoted more correctly.

  • papou

    sale pouriture que allah vous envois tous en enferre gand de pouriture

  • Heather Schieferle -Preysz

    I’m wondering are these Iraqi Christians or Christian Missionaries sent to try and convert them. I’m not condoning their slaughter – that is incomprehensible – but I am saying I would be outraged if people came into my community and told me I was going to hell for believing what my forefathers taught me. No doubt they want all non Muslims dead and that is despicable, however so is proselytizing. How many have been slaughtered in Protestant vs Catholic wars?

    • shoebat

      If Nazis were killing Jews as part of their religion, wouldn’t you hope someone coverts these Nazis to Christianity?

  • yahshua love’s you

    These Muslims are bunch of dimwits damn they are really cave men and cave women I thought that we as Jews and Christians where cursed and now they want my brothers and sisters in Iraq to pay jizya may yehoshua pay these animals a warm visit shalom

  • Clint

    Where, pray tell, does the Bible prophesy that America, Europe and Australia will fight the anti-Christ? That’s pretty hard to swallow since the Bible doesn’t mention America and Australia in prophecy. I’m waiting?

    • Varghese

      Septuagint which was considered by the inspired authors of the New Testament as reliable translates Hebrew word
      transliterated as Chittim in Daniel 11:30 in to Greek as ῥωμαῖοι (i.e. Romans) [Ref: In his book the antiquities of the Jews; Josephus wrote that Chittim meant Mediterranean islands. Now, if I combine the above two reliable meanings I can come up with the meaning “Romanised Islands”. Daniel 11:30 tells us of a Roman Navy coming to fight the al-Mahdi in the middle of the tribulation because Daniel 11:31 speaks of abomination that causes desolation occurring. Dan 11:39 says he will take action against the “strongest” “fortresses” (i.e. Defence force) which means two things (#1) his fortress (Defence) is not the strongest (#2) he is engaging “fortresses” i.e. more than one Military simultaneously. Ezekiel 39:6, says God will send a fire on al-Mahdi / Magog & Chittim / Islands. This is interpreted by Dr. Chuck Missler as antichrist’s missiles raining on people living in the west and at the same time western collations army’s missiles raining fire on antichrist’s people. However; if you do an exhaustive search on all occurrences of the word “pit” you will find all these nations are Islamic meaning a vastly greater mortality in the Middle East / Islamic countries. I don’t think this is solely accomplished by chittim’s military might. Only the Son of God is capable of
      destruction of such a magnitude. God says in Isaiah 13:12 I will make a man more precious than fine gold; even a man than the golden wedge of Ophir… And He goes on to say in verse 19 of the location of caliphate (i.e. Political Babylon in Iraq because it is destroyed by Meds towards the end of the great tribulation (not Elam which happened in the middle of tribulation to Mystery Babylon in Mecca). And Medes are not necessity Kurds because most of them migrated to Europe), the glory of kingdoms, the beauty of Chaldean excellency; shall be as when God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah. It can be said with absolute confidence that Europe will not become Islamic from the nations that goes to “pit” all being in Middle East. The beast received a mortal head wound when the caliphate was dismantled after the world war. And by that wound healing; the same beast might come alive but not necessarily in the same geographic regions in which it had existed historically because we don’t see Spain for example going to the “pit” or India for example going to the “pit” neither does the caliphate have to be in the same location. Also, if I remember correctly, last time I checked using my computer(but not too sure though) Chittim also has an Aramaic meaning “miry clay”. Daniel 2:34 reads “As you were watching, a rock was quarried—but not with human hands—and it struck the iron and clay feet of the statue, breaking them to pieces”. I do note that the word for clay used here is different. The iron mixed with miry clay in the statue. Not sure where to go with it. But it is interesting. From the above facts it can be deduced that Chittim is literally Rome (and by extension Europe, US, Australia, and other western allies.)
      According to one of the several valid interpretations the “restrainer” 2 Thessalonians 2:6 in the Roman Government (not the Holy Spirit). It could very well be providential for Israel that Christianity spread towards Rome and all parts in Europe compared to other parts in the world! I am bewildered and embarrassed by evangelicals having problems with revival of the Roman Empire. With the pathetic spiritual state today’s evangelicals are in; it may very well be the Roman Catholic Church that plays the pivotal role in destroying the antichrist in the end times! And if you believe in the scriptural teaching of the “rapture” this should not be hard to comprehend once you have identified the “mystery” Babylon as located in Arabia and destroyed by Iran in Isaiah 21.

  • Varghese

    Thanks for the kind reply. I was wrong to assume the doctrinal backgrounds of the people who visit this site. It happened to be a bit more diverse than what I had thought. Once again thanks for your candid reply. Cheers.

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