Obama CAUGHT in Illegal Alien Conspiracy at the Mexican Border that helps PROVE Administration involved in Benghazi Video

The recent massive influx of illegal aliens from Mexico into U.S. border states is confirmed to be a community organizing operation out of the White House. As far back as January, the Obama administration was advertising for “escort services for unaccompanied alien children”. This proves a conspiracy at the Obama administration level, which also adds probable cause to the case that the administration was involved in the creation and viral nature of the anti-Muhammad video it blamed for the Benghazi attacks.

Here is the screenshot that has the administration busted relative to the illegal alien conspiracy.

Smoking Gun of Obama conspiracy to launch border invasion.

Smoking Gun of Obama conspiracy to launch border invasion.

Today, we have an illegal alien crisis and it is a direct result of the Obama administration – a conspiracy. Period.

Check out this video:

Innocence of Muslims Video
The revelation that the invasion of illegal aliens is a direct result of an Obama administration conspiracy is itself another piece of evidence in our charge that the same administration was behind the video that was blamed for the Benghazi attacks in 2012. The conspiracy to seek “escort services for unaccompanied children” in January represents a pattern of behavior, a type of psychopathy.

It also reveals an instance in which the operators left a fingerprint. Those six words about seeking escort services were not removed and as such, they represent a smoking gun.

Screen shot reveals NPN connection to Stanley as well as CGI merger with Stanley in 2010.

Screen shot reveals NPN connection to Stanley as well as CGI merger with Stanley in 2010.

The same thing happened with NewsPoliticsNow3. It uploaded a short 1:32 trailer of the anti-Muhammad video on 9/11/12 and took it down after the viral internet video pump was primed. Unfortunately for NPN3, they too left behind fingerprints. The image search of the NPN avatar revealed a connection between that YouTube channel and Stanley Associates, a company acquired by CGI in 2010; CGI is the company that built the Obamacare website, as Shoebat.com reported.

The source responsible for finding the connection between NPN and Stanley is Montograph. His most recent video on the subject can be viewed by clicking here.

This case and the one above reinforce each other.


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  • richinnameonly

    I saw an article on this earlier this morning and was going to forward it, but see you have it now. It said it was a DHS solicitation from January. Another manufactured crisis to add to the chaos. Another thing for them to lie about and claim the conservatives have made this all up. Just like Benghazi, F&F and IRS. Never let a crisis go to waste, but they manufacture them faster than they actually happen. Let’s see how many TV news shows report this. This administration will do ANYTHING to further their agenda, which is to take down this country and its principles.

  • Ron Handy

    ” The United States Gov. Is out of control.!! “

    • Barbarotico

      The elite of power of eeuu are the most feroceous enemy of the american people…

  • dusel1

    Congress and Supreme Court are complicit in all Obama crimes.

  • Impeach Obama Now!

    If Obama does not go down for this………
    Then I guess he can just get away with any other law breaking Lie he wants to for the next 2 1/2 years.
    And we are no longer a nation of laws at the Federal level.

  • yahshua love’s you

    Obama just can’t stop with showing his true colours to the world yet the world is in a coma may the body of yehoshua ha moshiach rise up

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