In the Eyes of God Richard Nixon may have been one of America’s Greatest Presidents

by Keith Davies political commentator

I know the headline has some of your blood boiling but I have your attention. If America can still give President Obama a 40% approval grade after all the lies and scandals that our media will not report on, then Richard Nixon the 37th president who resigned over a coverup of the Watergate breakins when his impeachment was inevitable.

In the 1970’s the media which was also liberal decided to go after President Nixon and rightly so at the time, but based on how our media operates today, Nixon would be a saint compared to the corruption, lies and deceipt of the current President and his administration.

President Nixon despite his faults made many successful decisions regarding foreign policy. His détente with China has been always regarded as a significant accomplishment. The ending of the Vietnamese war (which was a betrayal by the democratic left in Congress), but led to the long term healing of the country was also a success.

Key History on President Richard Nixon

However one of the most important foreign policy decisions that President Nixon made was his strong support of Israel. There is more than one lesson learnt from what President Nixon’s actions. The importance of educating your children in the faith and instilling pride whether A Jew or a Christian was the underlying cause of President Nixons decision to provide Israel with the necessary arms it needed to defend itself. His mother read the Bible and told him one day he would do something that would help the Jewish people. In contrast President Nixon’s Secretary of State Henry Kissinger an unbelieving and secular Jew who probably never read a Bible in his life was prepared to let “Israel bleed” in its great hour of need. Fast forward today and we see our leftist Muslim President implement policies that threaten the security of both Israel and the United States and we see the Middle East in flames with millions of Christians threatened with death not seen since the holocaust of world war two. Richard Nixons’s decision was not an easy one, as the US also had many balancing interests with the Arab world especially when it came to the oil supply. As a result oil prices were rapidly increased and used as a weapon to attack the West after the decision to help Israel. President Nixon’s brave and righteous stand with Israel and with his maker was a result of what was right instead of what was politically expedient. President Truman similary had to deal with Sectretary of State and former General George Marshall who was also antagonistic to setting up the State of Israel, yet President Truman overruled him and recognized Israel which was one of the keys to Israel’s rebirth.

The second lesson we now must deduce that God has his plan for Israel and the end of days, he will raise up the necessary leaders who will fulfill his promise and will deliver us from the evil. People with faith need to stand and be a watchman, help your brethren who are being persecuted and stand with God, with Israel and against Evil.

Some may say Nixon was an anti semite, but the actions of people say more about someone than their words. Obama says he supports Israel but his actions and policies are another matter.

You are either for HIM or against HIM, God does not have a grey area, so if you are “a moderate” or indifferent it is time to get off the fence.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Look at what Bill Clinton did – he decimated our military and committed adultery in the Oval Office – yet he receives high marks from our liberal citizens. Under the Carter Administration, our country gave away The Panama Canal, (and our military installations there) the one branch of the United States government that actually provided income to our country. Yet Nixon is remembered as “Tricky Dicky”. Thanks for the article.

  • lemarie1

    As I have sent to Walid before. This is my take.

    Some points about Barack Hussien Obama that fit the Anti-Christ


    I am a woman
    who has long thought that Barack was the Anti-Christ leader in the Bible. I wanted to send points to you as I thought
    you would understand. I don’t think you
    thought that he was him, but I think you could think on these points and see
    that it makes much sense. You do have
    much insight, but nobody would have ever thought the Anti-Christ would come from
    America……..never……..but don’t ever forget that the truth is stranger than
    fiction. Just look at the Bible.

    1) Israel must trust him to confirm
    the covenant…..He is working feverishly with Kerry right now to have the
    agreement signed and Israel will think that he has the power to confirm
    (enforce) it because of the strong nation Obama controls which has watched over
    Israel all these years. The fact that
    the Muslim Brotherhood sees him as a friend secretly, (in fact he is a member) they (The Palestinians) will do his

    2) He is Muslim
    with his name being Hussien. The name
    Barack Obama means lightning from heaven in Aramaic / Hebrew See this

    3) He is lawless
    one and does not go by the laws of America, completely subdued us. We don’t even fight. Constitution means nothing to him.

    4) Came in the name of peace…..even
    got Nobel Peace Prize for nothing. And
    by peace (prosperity) shall destroy many.
    He has stole the prosperity of this nation. Craft has prospered in his hand. Daniel

    5) He must mock
    God’s Word…….he has mocked the Bible many times. You can google the videos of this.

    6) Must be a deceiver…..doesn’t
    even have proper birth certificate or selective service or social security
    number…….all frauds!

    7) Will be
    good talker charismatic. Duh

    8) Will be seen as a Messiah…….Media,
    Liberals, Front of Magazine with Halo, Blacks, Guilt-ridden whites who hate
    their own kind, non believers. I could
    go on. In fact it says all will worship him whose names were not written in the
    book of life from the foundation of the world.
    Rev 13:8

    9) Rises up out of the sea……America……many
    different peoples……melting pot. Revelation 13:1

    10) Diverse
    from the rest. The rest of who? The previous leaders.
    Out of nowhere, Black, being from America, Daniel 7:24

    11) Neither
    does he honor the God of his fathers……. Here I
    think the word fathers could mean America’s heritage as he has inherited America
    through deceit. Notice in Daniel 11:38 below it says that he will
    honor a God of fortresses. Do you know
    how much money Obama is funneling to the Muslim countries……of course you
    do. Then verse 39 sums it all up. Here where it says he will take action
    against the strongest of fortresses (America) with the help of a foreign God
    (Allah) and he will give great honor to those who acknowledge him ……..and will
    divide the land for gain!

    The Tyranny of the Western King
    …37″He will show no regard for the gods of his fathers or for the
    desire of women, nor will he show regard for any other god; for he will magnify
    himself above them all. 38″But instead he will honor a god of fortresses, a
    god whom his fathers did not know; he will honor him with gold, silver, costly
    stones and treasures. 39″He will take action against the
    strongest of fortresses with the help of a foreign god; he will give great honor
    to those who acknowledge him and will cause them to rule over the many, and will
    parcel out land for a price.…

    12) Father from Kenya Assyrian?
    Kenya where Obama was really born was
    actually part of the ancient Assyrian empire. See:

    13) Really in love with himself…….will
    probably does the Abomination Obamanation of Desolation.

    14) Called the small horn
    which could mean young horn or Country (America), compared to all the
    other Muslim countries. It doesn’t mean
    that the people here in America are Muslim.
    But a country’s leader defines the country until he is no more king. So this is how we are defined now.

    15) Comes in and subdues 3
    other horns
    (Kings) of the Muslims. He is the
    one who incited, funded and achieved the overthrows of Egypt, Libya and
    Tunisia…….but Syria might be the actual last one. He has sent weapons. Plotted with Muslim Brotherhood and even was
    recruiting and arranging as in the Bengazi mission.

    16) He will destroy
    many……… know that he has turned the blind eye towards the
    Christians being slaughtered in the Middle East, and also has been erasing
    Christianity from America. …….part of his plan…

    17) Obama was trained by Saul Allinsky, author of the book “Rules
    for Radicals: Which book states in plain site that this book is dedicated to
    more at

    The Restrainer
    removed, (I believe original America which was Christian and Jewish mostly) has
    been the Restrainer
    in the current world but Barack subdued America and takes her
    down. I don’t believe that the Restrainer
    only means the Holy Spirit as lots of people believe, although we do have the
    Holy Spirit in the believers here. As I
    believe God uses nations to further his Kingdom.

    18) Having great power as Anti-Christ means that
    he had to lead from a most powerful country…..America, where he can paralyze the
    only nation that could have been subduing the Beast and subdued it in the

    19) I believe when he stops the
    daily sacrifice
    by the Jews that all the Islamic nations will totally give their
    allegiance to Obama as their leader, and then all hell breaks loose. (Great

    20) Strong delusion that they might believe a lie Thessalonians 2:11
    which will probably cause the falling away mentioned in II
    Thess. 2:3 where even so called
    “Christian peoples in this country” see him as a healer.

    Ok I could go
    on and on. But I value your knowledge
    and wanted to throw some thoughts your way as IRON sharpens IRON

    I just wanted to say one thing for you to also consider…..The “lawless One”
    would have to come from a country that had laws, not Sharia law, but Christian
    oriented law which is our Constitution. You know the Sharia law will not be
    broken by the AntiChrist… will be FOLLOWED as in CHOPPING OFF HEADS FOR
    NOT WORSHIPPING ALAH. Every time I turn on the news (at least on Fox news) he is being called “lawless”. Maybe God is trying to tell us something outloud. Here
    is an article link to a short WesternJournalism link.
    in Jesus, Lena

    Love you my
    Brother in Christ…….keep fighting!

  • Kamau40

    Another well stated article. A person’s actions always speaks louder than words.

    • susan

      Amen! We will see Nixon in heaven but will we see Carter?, Clintons?Obama? I’m looking at the trees. Wrotten fruit.