John Kerry and State Dept Caught Revealing Pro-Hamas Bias

Secretary of State John Kerry and his Under Secretary for public diplomacy and public affairs have both unintentionally revealed their pro-Hamas / anti-Israel position. During an appearance on a Sunday show, Kerry was caught on an open mic mocking Israel’s attempt to avoid civilian casualties with its strikes in Gaza.

Here he is clearly impugning Israel’s claims that it is conducting a “pinpoint” operation:

Clearly lost on Kerry – no doubt, intentionally – is that the rockets launched into Israel are so antithetical to the concept of ‘pinpoint’ that they can’t even be discussed in the same conversation. To boot, Israel is doing more to protect Palestinians from harm than Hamas is.

Instead, Kerry sounds more like Jon Stewart, who mocked Israel’s attempts to warn Palestinians in similar fashion, as reported.

One day earlier, Under Secretary Rick Stengel sent out a tweet about the Malaysian airliner and included the #UnitedForGaza. Within 24 hours, Stengel deleted the tweet and sent out a new one claiming it was a mistake:


As PJM points out, prior to joining the State Department, Stengel was with TIME Magazine and was more open about his anti-Israeli bias, which would seem to indicate that the ‘mistake’ wasn’t as innocent as Stengel would have us believe.

Meanwhile, as the Obama State Department’s anti-Israel mask continues slipping, the Egyptian regime that replaced the Hamas parent Muslim Brotherhood regime of Mohammed Mursi is making it rather obvious that it supports Israel’s Gaza offensive.


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  • richinnameonly

    Stengel sends the United for Gaza tweet out and then says it was a mistake? He lost control of his fingers? Kerry gives the impression of one with a large ego and little common sense.

    • Woody

      Yes, he barely climbs out of Joe Biden’s IQ of 29

  • Woody

    Yes, recall when the Demoncrats voted God out of their last convention by voice vote and then denied it/

    • Julie LaBrecque

      If I recall, after they took the third vote the ‘No’ applause outweighed the ‘Yes’ applause. Despite this, the speakers at the podium announced that God was being added back to their platform. The delegates on the floor booed. Loudly. They can’t deny it because it is on videotape.

      • Woody

        I did see the final completion of the New Testament (27 Books) occurred April 8th, 1592 at the Council of Trent.
        Interesting, huh?

        • Julie LaBrecque

          What’s next? These people resort to conspiracies to keep their false ideas alive.

          • Woody

            go God

          • Woody

            Yes, the Arabs are complaining that he Jewish people are having God change the flight of their rockets; of course–they are the chosen people and He is not going to abandon them

          • Woody

            Love IT!

            O My God

            When I look into the future I am frightened.

            But why plunge into the future?

            Only the present moment is precious to me,

            As the future may never enter my soul at all,

            It is no longer in my power

            To change, correct, or add to the past;

            For neither sages nor prophets could do that

            And so what the past has embraced I must entrust

            To God

            O present moment you belong to me whole and entire,

            I desire to use you as best I can,

            And although I am meek and small,

            You grant me the grace of your omnipotence,

            And so, trusting in Your Mercy,

            I walk through life like a little child,

            Offering You each day this heart,

            Burning with love Your greater glory,

            J.M.J. [Jesus, Mary, and Joseph]

            God and souls, King of Mercy, guide my soul,

            Saint Faustina

  • Woody

    Yes, he was the biggest traitor in the Vietnam war and was exposed when this yo-yo ran for President; so he fits perfectly with the 0bama Admin

    • yahshua love’s you

      Oh that’s why their buddys damn low lifes

  • yahshua love’s you

    Messianic yewish look at the picture on my display have a nice day

  • Woody

    Yes, my favorite Biblical line is “in the end I will wipe every tear from your eye..”.
    God Bless