Toddler Shoots Muslim Man at a Party

In the Middle East, it’s common practice to take guns to parties and weddings so that you can fire them in the air. It’s also somewhat common for children to be at parties. Naturally, the two don’t mix, especially after you put your gun down right next to a curious toddler who has just seen you use it.

A video posted to Masrawy TV purports to show a young child mimicking the behavior of an adult who has just finished firing his gun into the air. The one thing the kid did get right was shooting upward. The result was quite different.

And Americans are told WE need gun control in THIS country?!

We’re not exactly sure why the guy with the camera just kept rolling but he / she could probably use a gun safety class as well.



  • Linda Murray

    Hey! What GOES around COMES around! LOLOL 😀

    • yahshua love’s you

      Yes that’s right hahahaha

  • Stephen Dalton

    It could have been worse. A dog could have set off the gun (this has actually happened in America!) and we know how much Muzzies hate dogs!

  • FrankLivingston

    LOVE IT!

  • Shannon E

    I think this kid could have a future in the IDF. Way to go kid…can we all agree to send this kid a few more trinkets to play with ??… lol

  • richinnameonly

    Are you sure this wasn’t Chicago?

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