The Slaughter Of Christians Is Beyond Human Imagination

By Theodore Shoebat

The slaughter of Christians is beyond human imagination. That is what Munir Kakish, chairman of the Council of Local Evangelical Churches in the Holy Land, has exclaimed:

The shedding of blood of Christians in our area is going beyond human imagination… Killing Christians just because they are Christian is not acceptable and should be stopped immediately

The violence is getting so severe that the Vatican is urging that help for the Christians go beyond just verbal condemnation:

A leading Vatican diplomat said that the international community must move beyond verbal condemnations and actively assist the persecuted Christians of northern Iraq.

“I would say that we should not have a short memory,” said Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, who represents the Holy See at UN offices in Geneva.

“A few years ago, I remember we were faced with a similar situation as we are faced now in northern Iraq when Tutsi and Hutu in Rwanda were killing each other,” he said in an interview with Vatican Radio. “There were meetings, political declarations, but very little action.”

“And then, every year when we commemorate the almost one million people killed in that genocide, we make a kind of ‘mea culpa’ saying we have not done anything effective to prevent the killing of those innocent people,” he continued. “God forbid that this may also be the same situation today in northern Iraq.”

Archbishop Tomasi noted that Pope Francis, in his recent letter to the UN secretary general, referred to the “relevant articles of the UN charter” in making an “urgent appeal to the international community to take action to end the humanitarian tragedy now underway.”



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  • yahshua love’s you

    Oh yehoshua obliterate those who have slaughtered your precious children their blood cries out day and oh av avenge your precious children avenge them avi in yehoshua Ben ha elohim’s name

  • Andrew

    Who cares what the pope says for goodness sakes. Let’s see what God says in His word, it’s pretty clear to those who are not perishing. We’re seeing the spirit of the Antichrist moving throughout Europe and the whole world for that matter. Why doesn’t the Vatican pick up arms and vanquish the works of darkness right in their own hemisphere? Does this surprise you folks? The bible is replete with references to the Antichrist. The spirit of the Antichrist was present during the entire bible; this is nothing new. For those of you who place so much worth in history, read the scripture, now there’s history, which is right out there for anyone paying attention to comprehend, warts and all. Jesus said, “If anyone desires to follow him, let him deny himself, pick his cross and follow Him”. We in America will not escape the persecution of the church indefinitely; we will suffer some sort of
    persecution. For it is written, all who seek to live a Godly life WILL be persecuted in some way for righteousness sake. I mean really, what was the fate of all of the Apostles, save John, (the one whom Jesus loved)?

    America is living in a Romans 1 condition this very minute, God has abandoned we Americans who know NOT Christ and have given us over to a reprobate mind, a mind that is useless. Look around, perk up, get real, quit deceiving one another. Government run schools are indoctrinating
    our children, our educational system is overrun by liberal crackpots who seek to socially engineer all aspects of life and we’re giving hearty approval to the murder of unborn children being slaughtered in their mother’s womb by the millions! How about A Jesus question, “do you think that their sins are any worse than yours, I tell you NO, and unless you repent you will likewise perish” How about that for historical truth? I didn’t even need some kook wearing a Gold crown carrying some ridiculous scepter to tell me that! This site has some great commentators and some real winners if you get my drift? I’m not positive, but it seems as though there’s a prerequisite to bend over backwards to accommodate the fraudulent/false religion of Catholicism, it seems to permeate most of what is discussed here. If someone were to ask me which religious system has the most dedicated members in America, I would answer the JW’s. If someone asked me which religion possesses the most family oriented members I would answer the Mormons. If someone were to ask me which religion has the most fanatic/serious members I would answer the Muslims. These characteristics should be found in the Christian church, but neither the world nor I sees them manifest in the so-called church. This is a sad commentary period!