Obama is a traitor or Incompetent, What difference does it Make?

BY Keith Davies Political Corespondent (EXCLUSIVE)

Finally the Democrat establishment is throwing Obama overboard. This I predicted about a year ago. They can see that their own skins will be rubbed out in the coming mid terms and it appears they are not too happy about it. Leon Panetta one of the most respected Democrats, former CIA director and defense secretary from the President’s own administration strongly criticizes Obama’s dire leadership. Carter one of the worst president’s in the modern history of the United States calls Obama inept, now that is humiliating! By the way Jimmy Carter has now become a racist because he has “unfairly” criticized our dear leader President Obama. It seems the threat of the destruction of the Democrat party trumps the “unfair racist” criticism of our dear leader.

Just yesterday (October 8th) our Generals advised the president for the need for professional ground troops to defeat ISIS, but our dear leader again refuses to take the advice of the professionals who understand military strategy. Based on both former Secretaries of defense Leon Panetta’s and Robert Gates interviews/books it seems that President Obama will not take advice from his own appointed people who have the experience in matters we know the President has none. What is the point of having advisers who understand issues that the obviously our dear leader is clueless about and the commander in chief totally ignores? Or does our dear leader have a different agenda for the country?

The questions that need addressing by our media is not just whether the President is just arrogant, has a leftist hatred of America but is he possibly even on the side of our enemies and a traitor acting on behalf of those enemies. Even now, the conservative media will only suggest incompetence or arrogance but will not dare tread with the view of possible treachery. I would strongly argue it is treachery. If we follow the policies of the Obama administration by helping the Muslim brotherhood (MB), removing the dictators in the Middle East in favor of the MB, as well as our strong relationship with Turkey (strong supporters of the MB) who we have also shown to have trained and supported ISIS. Even today the Turkish military looks on standing by which is only one kilometer from the Turkish Syrian border town of Kobani as their secret ally ISIS overruns the town while the US does not have the ground intelligence to mount effective air strikes because our president will not do what is needed to protect the nation never mind not willing to save innocent lives. We also strongly believe that the war on ISIS is an excuse to bring down Bashar Assad, which continues the administration’s policy to remove dictators and empower the Muslim Brotherhood.

The big question is why does our president wish to follow these policies which in the opinion of both Republican and now the Democrat establishment are not in the best interests for the safety of the United States. It is obvious based on logical and critical thinking that the president of the United States has acted and continues to act in the direct opposite of the interests of the United States. It is also a fact that President Obama has governed in contradiction to the powers granted to him under the constitution. This charge has been made by Professor Jonathan Turley a constitutional scholar from Georgetown University and an admitted Democrat. Watch the video below.

The case for impeachment now is fully provable without even the Fast and Furious scandal, the IRS scandal, Benghazi, the Vet scandal, now the Ebola crisis and the endless disturbing issues that has made the United States a laughing-stock to the rest of the world because We The People elected the the most unqualified or treacherous person ever to hold the office of President of the United States. The American voters who fell for this charlaton twice, should be deeply embarrassed.

The fact is that we as a country cannot muster leaders both on the left or the right who have the willingness to stand up to this tyrant, who has brought our country to the many clear and present dangers that are threatening us now. Whether Obama is a traitor or incompetent, as Hilary Clinton so clearly stated “What difference does it make?” Obama needs to be shown the door of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Two more years of this and you will not have a USA, which is exactly the intention of Barrack Hussein Obama, when will America figure it out?


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  • Karen Honick Ortwein

    Do any of you think a closet Christian or just a “good person” in Obama’s administration will one day run away from the White House, fists clutching real evidence showing Obama to be the muslim traitor he is?? Sometimes I drift off into dreamland thinking about it. Then reality hits me in the head with a shovel and I remember that our country is probably reeping what we’ve sown. I want to believe God will punish but not destroy because so many of his children here are abiding in Christ. I really want to believe something will happen before it’s too late.

    • Julie LaBrecque

      I believe we are being chastised, “If you are without chastisement, in which all have shared, you are not sons but bastards.” Hebrews 12:5-8

      • Karen Honick Ortwein

        Just no getting away from it is there. I will rejoice in being disciplined.

  • Karen Honick Ortwein

    Here is my fear—–terrorist attacks all the way into Jan. 2017, when traitor Obama should leave office, BUT HE DECLARES MARSHALL LAW instead of going. This stops everything. No new presidency. No more rule of law. Then, we are finished. Obama reveals he has been muslim all the time—ha ha ha—-& you can kiss America goodbye he shouts at a presser. All his goons, all the muslims in America pop up telling us what fools we have been. Pay the tax and live under shariah or we will cut your heads off. Wonder what Affleck will do? Get a real close shave? Or perhaps head for the ATM?

    • JulieB

      Martial, not marshall.

      • Karen Honick Ortwein

        funny! no islands involved!! thanks

    • Linda Murray

      I’ve been warning of that for 5 years now!

    • sandra schmidt

      It is “martial law” you brain dead zombie.

      • Karen Honick Ortwein

        Be careful dear Sandra. Walid, I & many others on this website are annointed ones. Look to the story in 2 Kings 2:23-24. The youth called Elisha evil names and received their due reward. Two she-bears came out from the forrest and mauled them to death.

  • richinnameonly

    Liberals/progressives and muslims are determined people with untiring, evil agendas who feel that the ends justify the means. They have been at work for a long time through several avenues and have brought the U.S. to the brink. Some people are just now realizing that they have been afraid to speak truth. Others are still so brainwashed they have minds that have been turned upside down. Look how different the country is now from what it was at it’s beginning. God has been forgotten or purposely pushed aside and we are paying. We need a great awakening. Maybe it has to be this way in order for prophecy to play out as planned. I wouldn’t have thought this country could get so far off track with out someone in it taking action to bring it to a halt and turn the ship around. Impeachment seems to be out of reach right now with the congressional situation we have. I’ve read things that indicate there may be other ways to disconnect this POTUS, such as through the Joint Chiefs or other ways. But the fact is that it hasn’t happened yet. Which could happen first, removal from office or a declaration of martial law? If we have an election in 2016 I’m sure there will be a huge effort to illegally rig the outcome. Everything from runaway debt to the “mishandling” of ebola has been intentional. If you assume POTUS is a muslim determined to take the country down, all his shenanigans make sense. He plays it close enough to the line that the most popular TV news analyst (Bill O’Reilly) is still confused and not sure why Obama does what he does. Maybe he could join an awakening? He still doesn’t realize Obama is laughing at him and giving him his one finger salute. And that’s the “cutting edge” reporting that people get today.

  • susan

    Great article Keith! I’ve screamed at my tv many times. Quit calling him an incompetent. The man and his advisors have a deliberate plan. That’s why they are successful in all the “wrong” things and failing in all the “right” things.
    Sometimes I’ll get so excited watching FOX Because I can see they’re getting ready to put their toe in the water……but it doesn’t happen. Fear I suspect. So they put McCain on and talk about Big bad old Putin. While mosques are being built all over the place,even where there arent populations to to support them here in their U.S. We are encouraged to murder our children in the womb because opnly a dummy would actually want their child.tian,nation.

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  • Stephen Dalton

    How can you give WND any credibility when they push that blood moon crap?!

  • Karen Honick Ortwein

    I wrote that around 3 a.m. and it shows. I don’t mind being corrected at all!

    • JulieB

      From one Christian to another, “God bless you richly, ma’am.”

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  • Julie LaBrecque

    Do you prefer the word discipline? “My son, do not disdain the discipline of the Lord or lose heart when reproved by him; for whom the Lord loves he disciplines, he scourges every son he loves…They disciplined us for a short time as seemed right to them, but he does so for our benefit, in order that we may share his holiness. At the time, all discipline seems a cause not for joy but for pain (pain?, you say uplifting love), yet later it brings the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who are trained by it” Hebrews12:5-11. “…you are to deliver this man to Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that his spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus.” 1Cor 5:3-5

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Obama is most definitely the worst traitor we’ve had, yet so many Dems still fawn over him. I believe God is already sending judgment to our country. We cannot continue to allow the murder of innocent babies in the womb and expect God to let it go unpunished.

  • sandra schmidt

    If it happens I hope it takes all you nutty religious freaks, Christian and Muslim so the rest of us can live in peace.

    • shoebat

      If your hope is fulfilled, than I hope us nutty Christians leave first and you remain with the Muslim.

      But begging we show up for you will not be answered and you will get the blade and cry out “does anyone have a gun”?

  • shoebat

    I do not dialogue with an idiot who writes “I hope it takes all you nutty religious freaks, Christian and Muslim”. And now you want to appear witty when there is not a single cell in your stupid brains function? You speak of Hitler and want a Christian holocaust? You speak of me while you are brain dead? You speak of Taqiyya while you practice it?

  • shoebat

    “No red blooded American male would ever tell a woman she “will get the blade”.

    You forgot what you wrote “I hope it takes all you nutty religious freaks, Christian and Muslim so the rest of us can live in peace”.

    You act now as a victim when you spew pure hatred? You wish that us Christians be totally murdered and now you act as you are a “woman” forgetting you are a witch?

    All I said that if we Christians are all dead, that you will get the Muslim blade. Its a fact. And now you are blaming me for your own foolish tongue?

    You sound like the demon possessed in the Exorcist movie trying to get sympathy from the priest.

    Why don’t you just get lost and do not show your ugly demeanor here ever again. You hear? I don’t take these types of statements lightly.

  • shoebat

    You don’t think I understand your mindset? Your sick. You are afraid and so you talk of guns and cops trying to scare me, thats all. You think Christians are the boogie man. You went to some liberal school and you live in New York which was hit y Muslims and now you are here to attack Christians. And now you are developing some sort of mental phobia.

    You don’t need “friends” “cops” or “military”, what you need lady is a shrink and there are plenty of these in New York. Go see one. I am not running a mental clinic here.

  • shoebat

    After running into you, I finally unlocked the mystery as to why so many Americans are joining ISIS to become suicide bombers.

    Just curious, did your husband die drinking anti freeze that he grabbed from the garage, by any chance?

    “I simply responded to your idiotic comment that I would cry out for a gun that wouldn’t be there as I got “the blade.””

    FALSE. Here is your first comment:

    “I hope it takes all you nutty religious freaks, Christian and Muslim so the rest of us can live in peace”.

    “By the way, Walid, aren’t you a filistini muslim?”

    Boy, you can smell a “Muslim”?

    Stop sniffing your boyfriends arm-pit thinking its me, okay?

    P.S, to know a “sharmouta” try researching original sources for a change and ask your mom. She can help you identify a sharmouta through your keen smell.

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