Defeat the Rinos or You will have a Civil War.

Keith Davies Polictical Commentator

The lies and deception in our country were epitomized two days ago by two separate stories. The biggest tragedy is the apathy and dereliction of the people of the United States and the lack of interest in what is happening to us as a nation.

The Detestable Johnathan Grubber

The Detestable Johnathan Grubber

Jonathan Grubber is a detestable human being, who in his arrogance told the truth, yet in his humility lied through his teeth at the hearing on how the “Unaffordable” Care Act was rammed through by lies and deception. On every substantive question put to him he failed to provide an answer. He was hired as an expert on the financial analysis of the potential implementation of the health care law yet on every question concerning the financial analysis Grubber punted, knew nothing, or could not recall. The so-called expert and proven architect of the law (self-admitted by Grubber) now cannot answer one question concerning the “financial modeling” and even tried to use his attorney to avoid mentioning the money he “earned” from the tax payer for his so-called expertise, which has now been revealed as a proven fraud and a lie. Based on the evidence so far shown to We The People, it is beyond any reasonable doubt that the “Unaffordable” Care Act was a deliberate attempt by the Obama administration to defraud the American people and the first person that should be arrested and brought on charges of grand theft, larceny and fraud is Jonathan Grubber; the next two should be President Obama and Nancy Pelosi, along with Harry Reid and any other of the people who boasted that they were architects of the law, which can be easily gleaned from the public record.

To add insult to injury, the Obama regime and his sycophants in the Senate try to blunt the Jonathan Grubber embarrassemnt by throwing the CIA under the bus. The selective outrage and morality of this regime is breathtaking. The deliberate undermining of our first amendment by the Obama administration with the IRS scandal, as well as the investigative reports we have uncovered of the deliberate conspiracy to undermine the Benghazi attacks by blaming a video that we showed was actually made and promoted by the Federal government with the intent to undermine criticism of Islam, report you can read here.. There was also the Fast and Furious scandal which was used in an attempt to undermine the second amendment and now, since Obama has lost all power in the Congress, he is using deliberate propaganda and race politics to distract the nation from real issues and many other scandals that I can assure you will come to light over the next two years.

Yet no one Republican law maker has called for criminal proceedings, nor has there been any aggressive stance to have the health care law defunded, which would now be possible based on the Republican majorities in the House and Senate for the next Congress. The Health care law as passed will bankrupt the nation ten times faster than even social security will. John Boehner promised that when the IRS scandal first arose that people were going to go to jail, yet Lois Lerner continues to receive her pension and lives in her beautiful DC neighborhood. We have politicians in Washington who disrespect this country so much that they put their own political futures ahead of the nation and WE THE PEOPLE are now letting them get away with it.

While there will be yet another Supreme court ruling in the next 6 months on the health care bill, it should be the responibility of the Republican leadership to actually lead based on the mandate given to them by the American people. Alas, it appears that the Republican leadership is as corrupt and pathetic as the Obama administration, and we have come to a spot in our nation’s history wherein the basic principles of freedom and self-determination, as outlined by our constitution, have zero meaning and WE THE PEOPLE as a vast majority are willing to accept tyranny for ourselves as a nation.

While the election in November was a sweep against the new communist party of America – more popularily known as Democrats – only 33.9% of the people who qualified to vote actually did. This is the lowest percentage since 1942. So, while our country is burning, only one-third of the people had any interest in how their country was being run – or not being run. Sadly, this proves that most Americans do not care for their freedoms and would be happy to live under tyranny. Based on the behavior of the politicians of both parties, an unedecuated and apathetic people opens the way for Nazi or Communist-style tyranny, which is exactly what we are heading for. It is ironic that the words of Jonathan Grubber, as destestable as they were, sadly based on the evidence of the terriblly low turnout versus six years of the most corrupt regime in our history, are true for at least 66% of the people of this country – maybe more if they voted Demorcrat – and what is even more tragic is that at the next election, if we vote for Republicans or Democrats, we all will become stupid based on what both parties are doing to our country.

It is time to clean house and to rid ourselves of Rino fools who are selling our country out. The Rinos are the extremists, not We The People who believe in freedom, accountability under constitutional laws, living within our means with freedom of opportunity unhindered by both corporate and union welfare interests. In each of our own Congressional districts We The People need to find candidates who believe in and will act on these principles. We have two years left to put this plan together or our country will fall into the abyss of tyranny that will end up with compliant dummies or a Nazi-style regime that may end up in revolution and another civil war on par with that of our first civil war. Tragically, the odds of tyranny far outweigh the return of freedom and, as Jefferson once said:

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.


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  • susan

    Scary article because it’s true! If churches don’t start preaching how would Jesus vote, using the morals found in the bible, his words. And registering their congregations, we will fall into the abyss, of islam.

  • richinnameonly

    The most troubling thing in the world today is Islam, but that’s not what this article is about. But just to stick with this subject there are mountains of things to point out. In my mind, to be manageable, they get capsulized into cause and effect. We have the gradual takeover of the education system, the media and the entertainment industry by the left. This has resulted in minds and tastes that have been slanted in certain directions, with a lifting of older, traditional safeguards. Look at entertainment today, read the nightmare things going on in the public school system and “higher” education. The country has been pretty much turned on it’s head and many of the people are distracted or just plain stupid. Facts and common sense don’t take precedent anymore. The really important stories don’t get reported. Just one of the by products is government officials that most people think of as conservative are not really that conservative when compared to former times. Conservatives that fight the system have the mud slung at them and some eventually sticks because of the volume. The whole envelope has changed, and even the “conservatives” are more concerned with retaining their positions and avoiding being called racists and phobes. The ones wanting smaller government and a balanced budget are called terrorists on a weekly basis, while the debt has now pushed past $18 trillion. Many concerned citizens can see the country teetering on the brink under the weight of Islam and the left, but feel powerless to change it. They look to the government to do something, but nothing happens. Oh yeah, we can change it by voting for more morons. God’s Kingdom is the only way out. I’ll get off my soapbox now.

  • royal

    Republican or Democrat there is no difference, the government is a big Wheel of Fortune, and the Politicians play let’s make a Deal, lets screw the people. THE GOVERNMENT HAS TO MUCH POWER…….THE POWER BELONGS TO US….WE THE PEOPLE…….??? Are we stupid ????? Lol

    • Marco Vincent

      On this article ….I agree with you. Today the difference between Republican and Democrats in America has so blurred that sometimes one have to wonder that may be the two sides should call it quits and join together to form one big party.

      • royal

        If the Republicans dont impeach Obama..then there is no bought that they are two side of the same should be charges of treason along with all of the administration

  • momprayn

    Yes, agree. The crucial things that “enough” need to realize is we don’t have much time left (until 2016), and old R party has long been gone, taken over by complicit NWO Globalists and we are really already under a dictatorship for all intents and purposes….Congress being made irrelevant. They’re laughing at us, enjoying our naivete, apathy, stupidity – how easy it is to fool the masses…..BOTH parties. RINOs control the party and answer to the Globalist elites, not us. However, we’ve been in the process of being awakened to many things (including Islam) and I pray we will rise up, one way or another with God’s help and finally resolve this in the next two years. Corrupt GOP has the wherewithal to make sure they get their next picked team playing Globalist puppet (Jeb Bush is one) through fraud and other unscrupulous ways. No way they will allow any “good” one that we need. They’ve told us publicly they want to purge their “base”. Well, let us take the initiative and voluntarily be “purged”… their END!
    My two cents – I think all who want liberty need to leave the GOP en masse and form a new unprecedented party that will draw all fed up people from both sides, as well as Indies and Libertarians. Make them go the way of the Whigs. We will have added proof of the corrupt status quo R party with the new Congress next year. I think that will be the “last straw” for so many who have been holding back and hoping. Their numbers are underestimated. But of course it’s only God’s “two cents” that count. Don’t know yet what He plans…..
    But there already have been Congressmen (Cruz, King) publicly saying how their fellow Rs are complicit with the Ds….J. D. Hayworth (R-AZ) and Sarah Palin saying they need to go the way of the Whigs if they don’t do what they should and she would consider a new party to go to.
    Re Palin, many don’t like her but I’m thinking she may be “God’s answer” for this new party. She’d also be another woman – against another woman (Hillary) which would counter any planned use of “sexist” cards. Then I saw this comment under a Palin story at Breitbart that says a lot that I agree with:

    “SARAH will win in 2016 either under the GOP umbrella or third party because she will establish a new political paradigm. Everyone looks at the election as a static thing with so many millions of voters divided between the two parties. However, only about 65% of the registered voters vote in a Presidential election which means that there are 65-70 million who do not vote. then there are tens of millions who aren’t registered, many for the reason they believe it is all corrupt and the system broken which often is the reason for those registered no-voters. Sarah Palin will plug into that resource as a breath of fresh air with a strong record of fighting corruption and crony capitalism. Because she can legitimately take the establishments of both parties to task, she will bring a new excitement which will draw a large portion of those non-voters into the system and when combined with the conservatives just itching for this opportunity, she would simply overwhelm the other candidates. She has near 100% name recognition, is quite physically attractive and is Reaganesque in her positive love for this country. She will cause a political tsunami in 2016 and it is starting to build already.”

    God’s will be done – We shall see………

  • Marco Vincent

    Socialism never works. Even China knew that…thats why they implemented regulated Capitalism in their economy while keeping leash on market and banks to control inflation rate. Now look where they are on the global economy today.
    Even the US now has debts with China thats is a high as a mountain. A situation that is unheard of in the 60’s and 70’s.

  • Kamau40

    Another very timely and well written article about the present and short-term future state of our nation.

  • Tom_mcewen

    I’ll see if I can find my watering can, if you need to borrow it.

  • RodK1975

    :-)) That’s the problem… Christians (Real ones) had no one to vote for in that election.

  • marlene

    Maybe at least half of that 59.1% represents foreigners who don’t care. Maybe we should vote AGAINST the party in power until they get the message. Maybe we-the-people should obey the constitution, instead of complaining, and use the powers and remedies granted by it to actively protest, demand and hold our local and state governments accountable to it as well. The constitution contains everything we need to fight the tyranny of illegal executive orders, harmful policies such as amnesty and obamaacare, destructive common core, planned parenthood immorality, special privileges for one government designated class over the rights of others, such as the LGBT, removal of a foreign born president who overreached his executive authority, and prevent our federal military from conducting “tests” in our cities under the docrine of Posse Comitus. There’s a lot we can do but the door on our right to bear arms is closing. We must support well-regulated militias and demand that the States fund them, and our National Guard. We need to demand that our State legislators to exercise their constitutional duty, power and authority to nullify ALL harrmful executive orders and acts, especially to refuse to accept illegal aliens into their states and refuse to fund amnesty. Right now, dozens of our Sheriffs and state legislators are in DC, protesting amnesty. We need to stand with them. Did you know about this? Are you joining in supporting them? Do you care?

    • Trevor

      I hate to say this, but Obama is continuing the same doctrine Bush applied to himself. Bush argued, and very effective I might add, that he has the power to execute the office without requiring Congress’ approval. Obama is simply finishing what Bush started.

      It all started right after 9/11/01.

  • Trevor

    This articles addressed several things that have been on my mind lately.

    I often tell my father-in-law that I would never, ever vote for a Democrat because I simply don’t trust them, but when it comes to the Republicans, I am extremely disappointed. One of the minor parties I really wish people would pay attention to is the Constitutional Party. It’s far more in-line with my thinking, conservative belief but unfortunately, America is far too entrenched with a two-party, communism style system.

    The only way to change our government is through a revolution, I’m sorry to say. Since our own Declaration of Independence gives a strong support when it becomes necessary, We the People actually have the power to dissolve our own government. I realize what I just typed sounds rebellious, but at some point, people are going to say, “Enough is enough!”

    From snooping in some Twitter accounts, I can say that the temperature among freedom-loving folks are beginning to rise, but it has not reached critical mass yet. I am not sure what the trigger will be when it turns into a full blown revolution, but I have a strong feeling before the decade is up, we may see the thermometer break through the glass ceiling.

  • 1Bobby8

    The fact that Imposter Obama hasn’t been taken to task on anything in 6 years in office only tells me that republicrats and demicans are one in the same.

  • Adriana Gibson

    A Godless people at its best. America no longer embrace the principles that made her great. There is no such thing as We The People. If there was we would have millions of Americans on the streets demanding Obama and his entire adminstratrion to resign. As a Nation, America does not care.

  • shoebat

    “God bless you as you fight, but do you fight for truth or for hate?”

    Both, but actually focus more towards the hate with a tint of truth.

    “Do you enforce lies or do you really seek truth”

    Actually I enforce lies hoping that through my lies you can see the truth.

    “and real justice and love of Messiah.”

    Well that all depends on which Messiah your talking about. There are many Messiahs.

    “I question for a reason, no for many reasons I have seen your error all over”

    Yes, me too and I tend to want to write articles to expose me.

    “and somebody who claims to have been muslim, and now a true Christian, would that person really want to kill muslims, and support politicians?”

    Not sure since I am so confused that we need you here, your very essential to our operation. You know we badly need to be exposed.

    “When the commandments all over the Bible to not kill”

    Yes, but I cannot help killing, I kill spiders all the time, the scorpions I call my kids to do. Hate these things. Their pesky.

    “to love enemy, to return good to evil”

    Yes, I was planning to sell my wife to ISIS you know, as a concubine, it should be my token of loving the enemy. How about yours, is she for sale?

    “YOu are suspect Walid, answer me now, or answer many later.”

    O my gosh, well, can I take a raincheck?

    Listen, I have changed my ways. Here is now my new favorite preacher. You should model yourself after him:

    • Tom_mcewen

      Must be at Berkeley, where people stop at all the green lights to enjoy the experience. Amsterdam is full of these seekers, I was stopped and asked for a euro or two to buy a ticket, since he was a little short, by a guy with only one shoe caught up totally in the mystery. The other shoe had got a visa and was on a walk about in Australia.

  • shoebat

    “Come on, Mr. Shoebat, have you still not read my book”

    No but I tried the paper to make a kite. It made an excellent kite and I am sending it for you to fly.

  • Arvis

    Interesting, no one has mentioned the Koch brothers, or ‘the powers that be’. Our government follows the puppet masters. Quoting Keith Davies, “if we vote for Republicans or Democrats, we all will become stupid based on what both parties are doing to our country.” Absolutely, that is why I refuse to vote.

  • Arvis

    Absolutely Redbird, Satan’s mouthpiece.

  • shoebat

    Why is it that I never know what in the world you are talking about.

  • shoebat

    Just imagine a digital kite then.

    I am not sure if you have a specific discussion or your here to advertise your book as usual. But I assure you, know one is biting so perhaps you can try the falafel stand next door?

  • shoebat

    The article was not mine, it was by Keith Davies.

  • shoebat


    I am trying to figure out your issue with me. I can’t seem to pin point what your objections about me are. Show me a quote or two of disagreement and why. Perhaps we can start somewhere?

  • Keith Davies

    you make the same point as I did in article. I also gave the soloution about replacing as many Rinos as possible. The reason Obama won the election was the foolishness of the people, they voted. That is a fact whether itis haughty or not!

    • shoebat

      When we chew out Americans for voting in Obama, we get in trouble. When we say America is not going to be destroyed in a cataclysmic biblical judgment because its not the Harlot of Babylon and we say this in defense of America, we still get in trouble. Perhaps we need to become politically correct, but even then, we will still get in trouble. So what do we do?

      Answer: Continue seeking to get in trouble.

  • shoebat


    You need not apologize, its alright, at least we can say that your note got us to now become friends.

    I am not sure what question you had, but if you fear that someone is going to saw your family’s head off, I would suggest that you would lock and load. Its the best solution, don’t you think? Think second amendment.

  • shoebat

    When you write I skip 3 inches to see what is it that you want. Here it is:

    “Now sir, your teaching error was in that your son wrote an article which you defended, that supported the killing of muslim terrorists, and said they were heroes. That is a natural response, but not a Godly one. God tells us to not rejoice over our enemy’s disgrace or downfall. He says don’t kill.”

    And then you tell me this:

    “Love you Walid, took the time to write to you, and ask that you read my book and make some comments on it. It was received from His throne, and needs a jumpstart to viral status, hardly any sales yet, as I have emailed copies of my book to my friends.”

    All you want is what the rest of the lunatics come to me for, to jumpstart a piece of junk whom you claim falsely as “from the throne of God” when it came out of your sick mind. Had it been from God, He would have jump started it already. Why would you need me when as you claim you have the “throne of God” you blasphemer.

    Now kindly, I am not listening to your demonic aspirations anymore. You are a schizophrenic demonoid. When you sent me your request to sponsor your book I spent 5 minutes and on your youtube testimony you say that you were a schizophrenic and you still are a schizophrenic, except now you are also like a demon chasing folks who are combating terrorism and while condemning them asking them for favors. You do not speak from God. You speak from either your sick mind or from a demon. So for the last time, stop harassing me, get exorcized and begone. You are sick and demented. You are part of this sick so-called church that claims all sorts of God-connections and speak as if God speaks through you when in fact a demon speaks through you. All the mix of Bible verses and such with your lies does not sway me one iota to recognize sickness.

  • shoebat

    Take it easy bcorriher73, Keith is my right hand man and if the votes were rigged, how would he know it? And what evidence do we have of any rigging? This is no specialty of ours.

  • shoebat


    Really its no offense. We argue and disagree and even at times yell back and forth and we are still friends. We have thick skin, if you know what I mean and hope you develop the same, especially around here. God bless you sister Betty. I see now your at at with Keith.