Jihad Against Westerners has Begun and Is on the Rise as Enraged Muslim Terrorists Murdering Cops and Mowing Down Civilians

By Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack

It has now become obvious that the Jihadi enticement against cops and civilians is on the rise as Shoebat.com urged citizens three months ago to get ready for these attacks in the ISIS Manifesto. The phenomenon as we warned will focus on the U.S., France, Canada and the U.K.

The latest case in point comes via France when a Muslim named Bertrand Nzohabonayo attacked police while shouting Islam’s loving call to its hateful god – Allah.

French police on Saturday shot dead a man who attacked them with a knife in a police station while shouting “Allahu Akbar” (“God is great” in Arabic), a source said.

The man injured the face of an officer at the entrance to the police station in Joue-les-Tours near the city of Tours in central France and injured two other before he was shot, the interior ministry said.

Anti-terrorist investigators were probing the incident, a judicial source said.

The perpetrator was a French citizen born in Burundi in 1994 and known to police for common crimes, a source close to the case told AFP, adding that the attacker “shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ from the moment he entered until his last breath.”

And as the New York cop killer had the most violent Quranic verses on his Facebook page, Nzohabonayo the Jihadist had the ISIS flag on his Facebook page which shows these are ISIS Jihadi sympathizers.


Image captured from Bertrand Nzohabonayo Facebook page

If westerners are going to ever adequately confront the threat that faces them, they will have to PROFILE. For example, take a look at Nzohabonayo. There are two major red flags that when taken together become a RED ALERT. On his forehead sits a zebiba, caused by friction generated by rubbing the forehead on the prayer mat multiple times per day during Muslim prayers. The second cause for concern is the beard without a mustache. Taken separately, these traits may or may not reveal a Muslim fundamentalist.

However, when a Muslim has both, the odds of having a fundamentalist in your midst go up exponentially:

Bertrand Nzohabonayo

Bertrand Nzohabonayo

Of course, the case of Nzohabonayo is reminiscent of one that took place across the Atlantic from France, when a hatchet-wielding Muslim in NYC attacked four NYPD cops before he was killed:

Nzohabonayo was born in Burundi in 1994. The son of separated parents, he arrived in Indre-et-Loire in recent years and called himself Bilal after he converted to Islam. On his Facebook account, the man displayed the flag of the Islamic State as a cover photo. This image was posted on December 18th, 2 days before the attack.

The young man also posted many suras of the Koran on his account for over a year. He also has a YouTube channel, where he published videos all related to radical Islam.

One of his friends described him as a young rapper who stopped the music overnight a year and a half ago and converted to Islam. He also believes that it was the online videos he was viewing that pushed him to want to join a group to “do jihad.”

As Nzohabonayo was assaulting police in France in the name of jihad, an off-duty police officer in Great Britain was murdered one day earlier. While celebrating the Christmas season with colleagues, Constable Neil Doyle was murdered by an assailant who continues to be questioned but remains unnamed.

Murdered: Constable Neil Doyle.

Murdered: Constable Neil Doyle.

It is not known if the attacker was Muslim but the longer authorities refuse to identify the suspect, the more likely an Islamic connection becomes. This again goes back to the reticence of westerners to identify and confront their enemies, which have most assuredly have identified and are confronting them.

Moving back over to France, yet another Muslim was caught mowing down pedestrians this weekend in the name of a peaceful religion while claiming to do it all for the sake of Palestinian children:

A driver shouting the Islamic phrase “God is great” in Arabic has run down pedestrians in Dijon, France, injuring 11, two seriously, French media say.

He was arrested after targeting pedestrians in five different parts of the city in the space of half an hour.

He is said to be “apparently imbalanced” and to have spent time in a psychiatric hospital…

…The lives of the two people seriously injured in Dijon are not said to be in danger.

Witnesses told police the driver, aged around 40, had also said he was “acting for the children of Palestine”, an unnamed source close to the investigation told AFP news agency.

This is all part of a global jihadist movement driven by social media and an ISIS mentality. It’s the same ideology that would inspire a scumbag to storm the Canadian Parliament after murdering a soldier standing guard at a memorial; it’s the same type of ideology that would inspire a scumbag to behead an innocent and unsuspecting woman in Oklahoma; it’s the same ideology that would inspire a Muslim to take hostages inside an Australian cafe while demanding an ISIS flag before murdering two; and it’s the same ideology that would lead to its own followers murdering children who were being raised to follow the same ideology / religion.

Have no fear, though. According to U.S. President Barack Obama, ISIS is “not Islamic” and if you think it is, you’re an Islamophobe:


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  • Softly Bob

    Time to fight folks.

    The Crusader bus is waiting at the stop, the engine is ticking over and the bus-driver is getting impatient.
    Hurry, hurry we’re going to be late for the war!

  • RodK1975

    Mr Shoebat, what is the significance of the muslim having a beard minus a mustache? Are muslims commanded to shave the mustache? Is that limited to only some brands of Islam?

  • Trevor

    They say that profiling is racism. They say that profiling is wrong and is against liberty.

    I say, so what?! Appeasement has not worked one iota, and insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results each time.

    • RodK1975

      More lib idiocy… “Profiling is racism” is just like “You’re not suppose to judge”. Absolutely no understanding of the concepts, do they have. Profiling and judgment are essentials to existence. You can’t live without making judgments or without profiling. Next time someone says we’re not suppose to profile or judge others, let’s hand them a bowl full of dog excrement and tell them it’s chocolate ice cream and see if they use profiling and judgment. LOL

      • Trevor

        I know. It drives me nut whenever someone bark, “Do not judge!” Yet, they do not know nor understand the context of that very reason.

        The reason for Jesus’ saying that was because the Pharisees tend to judge without examining their own conduct!

        Paul gives similar reasoning in Romans chapter 2.

        • RodK1975

          Exactly, I can’t remember which Gospel it is right off the top of my head, but the next chapter after Jesus said, “Judge not that yet be not judged” He says “But judge righteous judgment”. But, idiots, when you argue them down about it will go off on some tangent about “contradictions” in the Bible when there are none.

          • Trevor

            Yeah, that too drive me crazy. I find arguing with a 2×4 more effective than a fool.

            What’s that proverb? Oh yes:

            “Rebuke is more effective for a wise man than a hundred blows on a fool.” Proverbs 17:10.

  • richinnameonly

    It’s very disturbing the the average person won’t understand what’s going on until this really gets revealed in TV “news”, where they get their information. Is that ever going to happen?

  • richinnameonly

    We are too tolerant and politically correct for that. We’re more likely to watch the country go down the toilet before we realize we were played for weak fools by those that were aiding the enemy.

  • shoebat

    You see gays know that my blog is not Disneyland. I ask them when they make there comments “are you a sodomite?” and if they say yes they are not admitted. I finally got tired of them.

  • shoebat

    Amen Troy.

  • Kamau40

    Exactly correct Troy.

  • TroySavary

    Islamaloath, I’m gonna burrow that, with your permission.

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