Modern Day Schindler’s List for Life; Provided by You the supporters of Rescue Christians

Dear Supporters,

We have been hard at work in December saving the lives of persecuted Christians in Pakistan. In the last few weeks we have saved 40 families from the Brick Kilns that is about 300 people. We will save a further 300 more families (2000 people approximately) in the first quarter of 2015. We can only do this because you provide us with the resources to be able to buy their freedom. Just as Oscar Schindler purchased the lives of over a thousand Jews you are purchasing and redeeming the lives of thousands of persecuted Christians.

Each life costs us about $80.00 ($600 per family) with that money we pull the family away from fear, destitution, poverty, hopelessness, and overnight they have new hope and a life where they can live in dignity and enough money to support themselves with a home, good food and proper employment. Our teams in Pakistan are performing miracles and will continue do so. There are 20,000 Christian families in slavery and we will with the help of God and your support release all of them over the next few years. This is the best Christmas Gift that we can offer to you our supporters. God Bless you and may you all have a blessed Christmas and Happy New year. To support our ongoing work to save our brethren please click here.

Below is proof of the work we have done this month in Pakistan, with each family testifying of their suffering and the fact they were rescued by our organization and your resources: