How Innocence of Muslims Could Put Google and the Obama Administration on Par with Charlie Hebdo

On the day that the Muslim terrorist attacks at the offices of Charlie Hebdo were taking place in Paris, an Amicus Brief submitted by various news organizations on November 25th was officially filed with the U.S. Ninth District Court of Appeals in the case of Garcia vs. Google. The brief was submitted in support of Google, which is being sued by Cindy Lee Garcia to prevent the media giant from making available the infamous Innocence of Muslims video that the Obama administration blamed for the Benghazi attacks.


As far as the Muslim world is concerned, there is little to no difference between that anti-Muhammad video and the anti-Muhammad cartoons published by Charlie Hebdo. Garcia, an actress who appeared in the video, insists that she was duped into appearing in a movie that was in no way portrayed as having anything to do with Islam when she took the job. In fact, she says, her lone five-second appearance consisted of anti-Islamic words she did not utter; Garcia does not want the video made available based on a copyright claim.

To put this into context, imagine Charlie Hebdo discovering a very talented cartoonist it wanted to hire on a freelance basis to draw a specific cartoon. Let’s say this cartoonist’s name is “Stanley” and that he does not want to draw anti-Islamic cartoons. As a way around this, Charlie Hebdo assures Stanley before hiring him that this will not happen. After the cartoons are drawn, Charlie Hebdo changes the wording in the balloons, making them very anti-Muslim and publishes them without Stanley’s knowledge or approval. A terror attack and anti-Muslim protests all over the world are said to have been in response to Stanley’s cartoon.

Would Stanley then have the right to sue Charlie Hebdo and demand his cartoon be pulled?

That is essentially Garcia’s claim when that argument is applied to her role in Innocence of Muslims.

News organizations that were part of the Amicus Brief filed on the day of the Paris attacks included the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post. The editorial boards of each of those entities have come out in defense of Charlie Hebdo, which is something that most first amendment proponents have done as well.

This would seem to convey consistency on the part of these organizations when it comes to freedom of the press. However, while the editorial boards of these news organizations champion freedom of the press, many of their writers come down against it in this case.

As has reported, there is evidence of mitigating factors beyond Garcia’s copyright claim based on her having been duped by the filmmaker. In addition to the filmmaker – also being sued by Garcia – being a federal informant when he produced the video, there is additional evidence linking the Obama administration to the production of the video.

Should Obama administration involvement in the anti-Muhammad video ever be fully revealed to the American people, it would certainly pose problems for the administration narrative that the video was responsible for protests and the Benghazi attacks. Here is then White House Press Secretary Jay Carney three days after those attacks, essentially deriding the judgment of those behind the video:

Five days later, Carney would then question the judgment of Charlie Hebdo for publishing anti-Muhammad cartoons:

Any Obama administration involvement in the video would also cause problems for his very close foreign policy adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, who after the Paris attacks said he found the cartoons “appallingly vulgar and directed at the Prophet himself”, which is precisely what Innocence of Muslims was intended to do:

As has reported, Google should either voluntarily or through subpoena reveal who is behind NewsPoliticsNow3, the YouTube channel that uploaded the 1:32 trailer excerpt and is the first known entity to reference the video by the name it has become known by today – Innocence of Muslims. That channel has since been removed.

According to Google’s own image capture algorithms, the NPN logo is likely the property of Stanley, Inc., a company that does work for the State Department and Intelligence Community. As if that’s not enough, Stnaley, Inc. is owned by CGI, the Canadian company that built the disastrous Obmaacare website.

NewsPolitcsNow Avatar tied to Stanley, which does work for Obama administration.

NewsPolitcsNow Avatar tied to Stanley, which does work for Obama administration.

If it is revealed that the Obama administration was involved with the video, Garcia’s attorney should then file a motion to have Google’s attorney Neal Katyal removed from the case based on a conflict of interest. As reported, Katyal was the Obama administration’s Solicitor General from 2010-11.

Should Obama administration involvement in the video’s production be revealed, a decision by the U.S. Ninth Circuit in favor of Google might seem like a victory for the first amendment but it would actually represent something far more insidious.


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  • susan

    It’s getting more than a little disconcerting and unbelievable at how many people are still blind even when the TRUTH is served to them on a gold and silver platter! Will someone please pick up a fork and at least taste it? Thank you Ben!

    • Marco Vincent

      Maybe many refused it because the TRUTH taste bitter in their mouth that is used to chugging Arabian Oil?

      • susan

        “Chugging Arabian Oil” I hope they get heartBURN.

  • koolmom21

    Obama has never been held accountable for anything; so I doubt if he will now. He is a snake who slivers away from all that should trap him.

    • Marco Vincent

      More like a sidewinder type snake.

      • susan

        Don’t they like to do their slithering on the desert sands? 🙂

  • Marco Vincent

    Maybe this is a good time to use Bing.

  • Marco Vincent

    This never gets old :

    • susan

      It never gets old to me either. Thank you. 🙂

  • Trevor

    It is funny to read my Twitter timeline to see the Muslim imams blasting the “terrorist” attacks on Paris. Of course I had the audacity to say, “BS.” So far, not one tried to refute me. Maybe it’s because I am carrying an American flag with the Don’t Tread On Me rattlesnake ready to bite in place of the stars. Maybe they know that this rattler is ready to strike at any fool who dare to drop into my mention.

    However, here’s what I wonder would happen in coming days. The sharp rise in right-wing anti-Islam would drive the liberal/Muslims apologists from power only to see the Mahdi step into the wing from Turkey and proclaim peace throughout the land, only to serve to see a sharp increase in liberal/Muslims apologists to take back power and declare war on the right-wing.

    Maybe I’m just thinking too much.

    • RodK1975

      Any imam blasting the terrorist attack in Paris is doing so not because they think it was wrong but because it’s the wrong timing.

    • susan

      “Maybe I’m just thinking too much” ;-). I don’t think so!!!

    • Fhr68

      i understand Turkey and Iran is putting a agreement together, where Iran will stay quiet about the toppeling of Assad, in return for Turkeys support in the sanctions deal with the P5+1 because Turkey has the ear of the west. the neo ottoman new common wealth emperical system. plus Erdogan is still rallying Muslim support to form this new reign , which will be organised slightly different from the 7th. and the coat of arms should be put together by march of this year. will they hold back til negoations on Irans nukes are in their favour? give or take til june-aug at least. we got clay mixing with iron, one day its all good between them next day they they are killing each other. what a mess! but this new agreement between Turkey and Iran may just stick as Iran is hungry for nukes and both Turkey and Iran wants to destory Wahabii Saudis makes me wonder if Turkey will attack Egypt first. once syria and Iraqi sudan lybia are established, Lybia is pretty much good to go. Assad is a probem for them right now. in the meantime ISIS will be doing a number in the west. if they kill enought people it may cause the liberals guys like Maher to turn on the MBH. civil war in certain places, big mess coming. west gone mad, may revive the wild wild west again, Gun slingers will rise up everywhere. and muslims on the run. good time to start shipping them off liberal supporters against Islam vs. liberals against Islam. I love westerns.

      • Marco Vincent

        To put Russia and China in that perspective….right now the west are deliberately weakening Russia and bullying China into the corner. The weakened Russia and China would unleash their maddogs–> Iran and North Korea. While Iran seek dominion in the Middle East chess game and common pact with Turkey, North Korea would seek a proper unification with South Korea and a unified Korea would offer an alliance with Japan which would threaten China.
        Meanwhile ISIS would become a non-issue as the power of Turkey grows in the Middle East and Africa.

        And you would see that Turkey would act as the “peace maker” in all of these scenario.

        As the west celebrated the false peace…the unholy alliance would strike at Israel, China, Russia and the western nations in the Mediterranean.

        USA would be drawn into this war on all sides, splitting the nation into pro Russia-China and anti Russia-China.
        It would snowballed into a total world war 3 when Pakistan would take the advantage of India’s absence of power thanks to the chaos.

        And that my friend…is how the world would end…with a loud boom.

        Hope this scenario would add to yours and hopefully it wouldn’t end up like this.

        Keep the FAITH strong. GOD bless. Amen.

        • Fhr68

          Oh don’t worry I review my death everyday, by the time it’s my turn to be killed I’ll be all good with it.and review the lords passion and what He went through. what I’m fascinated about is how this is all unfolding . The the world ending with a boom, maybe but doesn’t The Lord come to establish his kingdom for a thousand years? I don’t think the planet will disappear the new Jerusalm comes down from Heaven. I could be wrong. But according to the Bible the Great tribulation comes first , a nuke would be humain compared to that. There are events far greater than a nuke. Like the devil cast out of Heaven and all his demons possessing the Muslims and ungodly and wagging war on us. The Middle East is nothing compared to it, that’s what I’m preparing for. Heck a nuke would be a relief , no suffering just melt In seconds. Ever look into Sufi Islam? They have a way to move on In and possess, and from what I’ve learned about these warriors they are more lethal as a killing machine than ISIS who uses drugs for suicide bombers, I learned they turn into killing zombies, imagine that coming at you. By the billions. Rather a nuke than that. Remember when The Lord showed The prophet l the vision of the end times and he nearly fainted with fright ? And The Lord told him not to worry because it would not happen In His time, that’s the stuff we are facing with the 8 th . Hope I didn’t scare you. But it’s the reality of what the monsters are all about.

        • Fhr68

          Have you read the article from the Middle East on turkey and Iran alliance ?
          Go to You will get some interesting news articles over there.

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    Glad you enjoyed the podcast.

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