Jew Hate in Europe is perpetrated by Muslims with Cowardly Euro Politicians Standing By

posted by Keith Davies

Today the world commemorated the liberation of Auschwitz, the world loves to commemorate dead Jews but always seems to attack living Jews i.e. Israel. Interesting observation eh?

Pat Condell nails the issue of Euro anti-semitism with this powerful monologue:

Even today the BBC tweeted that “Do we need to lay the Holocaust to rest” in other words just forget about it. Read full report on this from Honest Reporting here

The BBC is so open-minded that its head has already caved in.

My Jewish brethren, especially progressive Jews have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in Holocaust museums yet today anti-semitism is as prevalent today as it was in the 1930s. Liberal Jews especially in the diaspora always want to play victim and at the same time they are afraid to confront the Islamic Jihad threat.

The true way to confront the Islamic Jihad is to attack the enemy and expose their evil. Defeating Nazism was left to America and Britain in World War 2, now that Israel exists and Jews have a strong voice they need to use it with an attack mode. We at are doing what we can and we have grown but we need to grow bigger to be that attack voice of truth. You can help us by spreading our message through social media and word of mouth.


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  • Marco Vincent

    yeah, which is going to be? Extinction or Salvation? Idiocy or Logic? Devil or GOD?
    Choose wisely!!

    • Trevor

      I choose…God, logic, and salvation!

    • Fhr68

      God , logic , and Salvation……always.

  • Trevor

    Keith, I want to ask…what is the difference between the Talmudic Jews and Orthodoxy Jews? It seem the difference between would confirm what Paul meant when he said that not all who says they are Jews are Jews.

    • Keith Davies

      There really is no difference.
      The problem with Orthodox Jew especially when it comes to prophetic teaching is that Jews avoid the truth of this particular scripture by a weird interpretation that if all Jews follow the Torah then the Messiah will come and avoid all the mess that is predicted. This is absolutely rediculous because in Isaiah 44 G-d states that things will happen as predicted from the beginning to end.

      • Trevor

        Thank you. It seem to me, generally speaking, that is what is the Hebrew Roots Movement seem to be doing. From materials I have read from and academic refutation of Jonathan Cahn’s “The Harbingers,” the HRM seem to be bringing people into bondage by elevating the Torah over the New Testaments.

        It’s funny…they accuse the Church of twisting the Scriptures when all they need to do is read Galatians where Paul destroyed the Judaizers who penetrate the church and brought several members into bondage. No wonder Theodore gets busy in fighting the heresies of today as it was in the Apostles’ time.

        Thanks for answering my question.

  • RodK1975

    Can there be any doubt that the Jews are God’s chosen people seeing how hated they are and always have been and how many times they’ve been nearly exterminated yet God has preserved them?

    • Trevor

      What is more of a shame is that the Jews cannot see it too.

  • nick

    Bless the Jews and all Hebrews.

  • susan

    “The BBC is so open-minded that it’s head has already caved in.” Priceless Keith, priceless.

    I find this growing hatred towards the Jewish people alarming!

    History does repeat itself!!! How many Jewish comedians were spared?!

  • AnthonyM

    Pat Condell delivered a much needed message in that video clip. Yes, we need to help you spread the word.

  • susan

    No you haven’t done anything wrong. Sometimes there’s a delay and sometimes it’s a glitch. This is a very busy website and its getting busier all the time. I used to wonder the same thing. 🙂

  • 1Bobby8

    Bravo Pat Condell for telling it like it is and pointing out the anti-Semitism by mainly Muslims, but there’s a new holocaust going on that’s being ignored by most of the media, and that’s against the Christians…Outside of websites like this, you hardly hear anything about the atrocities that are taken place in the Middle East and Africa and elsewhere by Muslims against Christians.

  • richinnameonly

    The Condell video needs to be viewed by Hollande and Merkel.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    The 7th empire already came and went, they did not conquer Western Europe.