Rescue Christians has a record month and saves nearly 700 people from Slavery in Pakistan.

In the month of January our teams have been hard at work in Pakistan saving over one hundred families from slavery. We increased the numbers saved by 150% month over month.

Rescue Christians has a record month and saves nearly 700 people from Slavery in Pakistan.

Rescue Christians has a record month and saves nearly 700 people from Slavery in Pakistan.

We are producing a short documentary film on this work, which should be completed in about a week.

Our backlog of cases even after releasing over a 140 families over the last eight weeks has increased by 50% as new cases keep on coming in. We currently have about 450 (families) cases we intend to release as soon as possible. We give priority to families who have a known threat or are actual victims of rape. These families usually have daughters between the age of 12 and 18. Rape and beatings are common place occurrences for these poor victims in these brick kiln factories.

For new readers, the families who are enslaved are victims of predatory lending, nothing like the practice of predatory lending that people in the USA suffered after the crash of 2008, this is one hundred times worse.

What happens in Pakistan is that very poor and uneducated Christians need a relatively large sum to treat a sick family member in hospital, as there is no health insurance and the government hospitals are useless, so in order to save the life of the person they need to pay for private care. In other cases the family needs to marry of their daughters so they need a dowry which is still a strong tradition in that part of the world. They borrow the money from a Kiln owner and then they get trapped and can never get out of debt. The Kiln owners pay them so little after interest (thousands of percent charged) and the people are uneducated to understand they are being ripped off, so they need to borrow more money just to pay for food and they are now trapped forever, unless they have Rescue Christians “A” Teams pull them from their misery.

girl in brick kiln

This practice is illegal in Pakistan but the government is so corrupt that the Kiln owners buy off the government officials. About 20,000 Christian families are stuck in this abject misery.   We have released several hundred families over the last two years now because of your generous support we are able to release over a hundred this month alone and next month our goal is 150 more.

Once released we organize a proper job that pays a living wage, pay for their house rent for first month including the security deposit, purchase food, bedding, pots and pans and other essentials, then the family is on their own to restart their lives with dignity. The cost to do this is only $520 -600 per family. To save just one family is not much but to save one hundred families costs us nearly $60,000 this month. We have been only able to this because of YOUR generosity and help. Next month we hope to save one hundred and fifty more families, who desperately need our help, we have the funds to do this but there are 20,000 more Christian families that need our help.   Please consider supporting this holy mission.

Below are 50 videos of testimonies of the families we have saved in last 4 weeks, and next week we will post another 50 videos to prove that your money is being used for the purpose you gave it.

Our goal in 2015 is to save over 15,000 people. We estimate the cost to do this at over a million dollars. If we can raise more than two million dollars we can save twice as many as this number this year. Click here to donate.

Our work in Iraq to save orphans and families is also progressing and we will provide news on this as soon as the Spanish government and our partners in Spain have finalized the travel plans for the Orphans. Please be advised that the children will not be adoptable in the USA, if that changes we will advise on the blog in a another news update

Below is the first of 50 testimonial videos, to see all 50, please click here. We’ll be posting the next 50 in the next week.