Al-Jazeera Reporter On Trial For Pushing Muslim Brotherhood Agenda and Western Media Wants Him Freed

The truth is that as an Al-Jazeera reporter, Mohamed Fahmy was in Egypt for one overriding purpose. As an agent for Al-Jazeera, that purpose was to push a Qatari-backed Muslim Brotherhood agenda. The rub is that Fahmy held dual Canadian / Egyptian citizenship and Canadian media – as well as the Prime Minister Stephen Harper want to see Fahmy released.

Egypt is fighting for its very survival, which includes dynamics like the one involving Fahmy that Canadians don’t fully understand. Walid Shoebat recently appeared on Sun News Network opposite a Canadian citizen who began to argue for Fahmy’s release. As usual, Shoebat introduced an angle that isn’t often considered by western media:


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  • susan

    Sorry..plug in not supported. I’ll try to find the article on another site.

  • AnthonyM

    Good interview. They seemed shocked that the English translated version they read is different than what is in the court documents as they appear in native language from Egypt.

  • FF

    Excellent mr. Shoebat.
    Beeing a journalist of a foreign country gives no one immunity to be terrorist in any other country, or else all the terrorists could just registrate as journalists and became legal in their doing.
    Would Canada accept Egyptian journalists/terrorists in Canada?

  • shoebat

    What we know are court records and not comments on my blog which are meaningless since you did not share one iota of reference to anything you wrote. What was discussed on the interview was not Fahmy’s connection to the M.B but Al-Jazeera which he was affiliated with. We did state that Fahmi “could” be innocent, but again, this is a matter for the courts, not me or you to decide. As far as this “Jesus would not be impressed” should be attributed to your comment.