Double Agent Fraud Speaks at AIPAC (American pro Israel Lobby group) conference, as they say “By Peace they will Deceive Many”

Poested by Keith Davies political correspondent

Son of Hamas or his real name Mosab Hasan Yousuf, author of the NY best-selling book “Son of Hamas”

We exposed this double talking Arab back in 2011. On two Arabic TV interviews which Walid translated, it shows that Mosab Hasan says in English to the Jews what they wish to hear, and in Arabic seems to have a different narrative.

a few quotes of Son of Hamas from this video:

“We Will Have our victory over Israel,” “Israel is an enemy” “Israelis responsible for all our miseries”

Son of Hamas endorses the use of terrorism against Israel in this video:

Now this charlatan has my Jewish brethren so fooled, he gets invited to speak on the same platform as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanayu. What a travesty! Many of you may ask “Why has AIPAC not invited Walid Shoebat to speak at AIPAC?” I suppose the Biblical answer is “A prophet is not honored in his own village.” Not only is Walid not invited to speak at AIPAC but cannot even visit Israel with the Israeli government and the establishment in the Jewish community terrified of their shadow of Walid’s message. Walid and I always joke that prior to Walid becoming a Christian he used to be “a terrorist of the violent kind, but now he terrorizes the Jews with his message.” I suppose he also terrorizes many in the Christian community too, as he is “controversial.” The truth is not pretty and to accept lies that tickle your ears is much easier than facing the truth. Prior to the Holocaust the Jews of Germany denied to themselves the truth of Hitler’s intentions. Today, most Jews who are informed, even those of the left understand the truth deep down but like the Jews of Germany are not ready to accept it and deal with it. As for most of the American people they are also in a state of denial about Obama’s treachery, and the unwillingness to accept that Islam is the problem. Inviting Mosab Hasan Yousef to AIPAC is the classic case of denial. The above videos prove beyond a shadow of doubt who Mosab is and what he is all about. There is no need to smear him any further as the his own words condemn him for who he really is.

You may like to watch the video below and compare it to the above and you can decide if this guy is the real deal or just another opportunist to tell Jews what they want to hear and get paid lots of money for it ( in his book he clearly admits he was helping Israel for money, his own words). Many accuse Walid doing what he does for the money too, i.e “Zionist Bribes”, if that were true then Walid should say he was for a “two state solution” then every left-wing Jewish organization would be falling over him to have him speak and we could charge them tens of thousands of dollars and they would pay no problem, but no, most Jews because Walid does not support a “two state solution” refused to bring him to speak or support our work to support Israel. If you are not politically correct amongst the Jews money is very hard to come by, but truth to us is more important than any money, G-d provides us more than enough for us to do our job on warning the world, being a watchman and helping our brethren from persecution. Walid is not interested seeking an invitation to speak at AIPAC but certainly would so if invited, but only to do so as a watchman to warn his Jewish brethren of the dangers of Islam and issues that my Jewish brethren do not seem yet willing to face.


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