Rabbi who was Hated and Assassinated by Arabs; Now His Words Speak From the Grave

posted by Keith Davies

In an interview conducted nearly twenty years ago Rabbi Meir Kahane who was outlawed by most Jews both in Israel and the United States because of his “extremist” views, but today based on what we are witnessing his analysis of the issues of Israel and Arabs rings true. Only the most hardened leftists could not see what the Rabbi was saying today was 100% correct.

In the interview below not only will you get the truth but you will see a brilliant man handling the haters with style and brilliance. The only one comparable to this skill and willing to speak the truth would be my colleague Walid Shoebat.

The truth is not pretty and when you speak it is not popular and can not only get you outlawed but can get you killed.


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  • Linda Murray

    WOW! I’ve been saying that all along… that they should THROW them out! Why have I said that? Because in the OT God TOLD Israel that where ever they are dwelling… to get RID of ALL pagans & heathen & send them OUT of the camp or city. OUT from amongst them!

    And God is the same yesterday, today & forever. He DOES NOT change!

    • Grandmere

      You are so right. You have been living in my heart this week. God bless you.

  • Shannon E

    Wow!! I LOVE this Rabbi’s boldness and fearlessness! May Israel raise up another Rabbi Kahane, and soon!

  • What an absolutely priceless archive! I wish to say nothing more, because I can say nothing more to add to the brilliance and candor of this man. May God have mercy upon his soul on that great day.

  • susan

    Video won’t download.

    • Grandmere

      The apple of God’s eye

  • Stephen Dalton

    I’m somewhat leary of rabbis in general. They’re teachers of an Anti-Christian religion. If Kahane’s dream of an All Jewish (Talmudic) state came true, how would the Christian population of Israel be treated? I hear stories about Christians being abused by the devout(?) Jews all the time. I also hear stories of churches and shires being desecrated by the Jews. If Kahane’s Kosher State became a reality, would the Anti-Christian hatred contained in the Talmud and other Jewish writings encourage them to accelerate their Anti-Christian activities? These are things that need to be considered before we rah-rah someone like this man

    • Keith Davies

      Stephen get a life. Chritians have murdered and persecuted many more Jews than Jews did to Christians over the last 2000 years. There are plenty of Church manuscripts dedicated to slandering the Jews too, example Martin Luther’s “the Jews and their lies” The Muslims are slaughtering Christians by the tens of thousand while the Christian population in Israel is growing, stop warping reality and showing your Jew Hate.

      • Stephen Dalton

        So who’s hating Jews? Read my reply below. I refuse to close my eyes to documented Jewish misbehavior, just because Jews have been mistreated by other people. And a lot of that misbehavior has been fueled by the Talmud and the rabbi who teach it.

      • Trevor

        While it is true that the Crusades have harmed the Jews, thankfully, there was some bishops who threatened to excommunicate the Crusaders from the church if they continued their mistreatment of the Jews. Likewise, the Jews did bring harm to Christians.

        It’s interesting that there is a sibling rivalry between Christians and Jews, exactly as Paul stated in his Romans discourse. The Pope John Paul and Benedict are to be commended for their efforts to win the hearts of the Jews, I have recently learned, and Pope Pious (perhaps I’m naming the wrong one) is to be commended for being active in saving as many Jews during the Holocaust at great personal cost, being slandered by many.

        My love for the Jews continue to grow daily, and it continues to be my prayer that God will remember His covenant with them and redeem them as He has promised.

        In Revelation, there is a brief passages that states the Jews will be sealed to do the work of the Lord (the 144,000) and they will also be the ones who follows the Lamb wherever He goes.

        I’m thankful that many Jews continue to find the Messiah, and I pray they continue to grow.

        The time of the Gentile dominating the Church is coming to a close as God is shifting His focus back on the Jews.

  • richinnameonly

    Keith, this was great! I had just about forgotten about Kahane, but it brings back memories of how much he got bashed in the media even though he was right and made perfect sense.

  • John Warque

    Im for kicking out the muslims from every country including formerly Christian countries, Israel, and the Philippines.

  • Julie

    I remember a rabbi speaking after 9/11….we are dealing with Amalek…and the only means we have is to drive them back out….to the barren desert.

  • susan

    Video won’t play.

  • Grandmere

    They dropped out of the news after the death of Mandela. I fear the inroads of Islam.

  • Trevor

    Love the rabbi. He is bringing the guns, hammer, and knives. No hold barred right there.

    Edit: The rabbi has made the woman uncomfortable many time with his bluntness. There were moments where the woman was caught off guard and she recovered, but you can see it.

  • j7h

    You guys all have my sympathy, down there. What’s happening in your country and Zimbabwe too, is scary and sad. You can come here to the U.S. We’ll take you. But you might actually be safer in Canada or Australia.

  • j7h

    Yes, I’ve read about Orthodox Jews in Israel who have attacked some Christians. When my brother was living in Israel he told me about a few incidences. But the reality is that Israel takes in thousands of persecuted Christians every year and treats them very well. Arab Christians fleeing for their lives are welcomed in Israel, with full religious freedom. So are Muslims in Israel. You’re always going to have your few in every people group who hate the outsider. I’ve met a few mean Jews who hated me for being a Christian and for wanting to talk to them about our faiths. But most Jews I’ve met have been very open and accepting, even if they think I’m a nutty Christian.

    • Dan Knight

      A few bad apples in every bunch. Though I’ve read a few articles from their viewpoint: They really were offended by e.g. the Pope’s visit to the tomb of King David. Many Orthodox Jews are scared. I think that’s the reason. Fear makes people irrational and do things they wouldn’t do if all they had to worry about was parking … As Mr. Spock would say, I’m not condoning bad behavior, just guessing as to why. In the States I’ve worked with almost a dozen Orthodox Jews (science you know), and they’ve always been the best people you’d like to meet. If a bit quirky about bacon!

  • Keith Davies

    The Talmud is not written by or inspired by G-d, it is written by Rabbis who “intrepet” the Torah. The same as Christian theologians write negatively about jews, Rabbis did the same thing. The Bible is the key manuscript period bioth to Jews and Christians, the Jews just do not past the Tanach, that all.

  • Stephen Dalton

    ssmith, thank you for your dead on comments about my remarks. No, I’m not a Jew hater, but I know enough about the Talmud and Jewish history to prevent me from believing Jews are, as you put it, “holier than thou” people. BTW, I find hating Jews, because they’re Jews to be ridiculous, because Christ our savior was one in the flesh. Jesus loved his own people, but he had some pretty tough words about them in passages like Matthew 23. Strangely enough, I’ve had to criticize some people who claimed the Lord wasn’t a Jew. Can you beat that?!

  • Stephen Dalton

    jon, you should remember Jews have persecuted Christians too. Read the New Testament, the early Church Fathers, and some of the books I’ve already mentioned. And jon, this idea of claiming Christianity is the world’s longest Jew hate ever is a slander and libel against the Church. If we really hated the Jews, they would have been wiped out like the Cathars years ago. It was only the pity and mercy the Church showed these folks that kept them from being killed on many occasions.

  • Stephen Dalton

    The Nazi’s were pagans who’s hatred of Jews stemmed from occult theosophy, not the prejudices of Christians.