Libya Airstrikes Turkish Vessel Raising Tensions Between Two Biblically Prophesied Nations Which Will War With Each Other (Daniel 11)

The relations between Turkey and Libya has deteriorated to the point that a Turkish cargo ship was attacked by the Libyan military yesterday. This becomes significant in that such deterioration between Turkey and Libya is a point of prophetic significance since in the Bible the Antichrist in Daniel 11 invades Libya and Egypt as the waterways are crucial for world commerce and Egypt had also escalated its fight with Turkey in preventing Turkey’s exports to go through Egyptian territory.


Photo allegedly showing Tuna-1 from Twitter

tuna1 copy

The Tuna-1 owned by a Turkish firm, drew not only artillery fire but two airstrikes in international waters Sunday evening, Turkey’s foreign ministry said Monday.

Libyan authorities defiant against Turkey said that the cargo ship ignored inquiries as to its load and path, raising concerns that it may be smuggling arms to terrorists who want to topple the Libyan government.

Turkey is attempting to gain political clout in Libya by aiding Islamists terrorists while Libya’s internationally recognized government in Tobruk has accused Turkey of sending weapons to its pro-Turkish Tripoli-based rival and barred Turkish firms from the country. Libyan authorities were alarmed when the Turkish-owned cargo ship entered a stretch of water between Tobruk and Derna, ignoring requests from maritime authorities for it to change course. The ship’s radio silence led Libyan military officials to believe it was carrying weapons into Derna, which ISIS have established as a base to launch attacks on government-allied forces.

“The vessel was suspected of carrying weapons to Derna,” said Naseeb Al-Abidi, a Libyan naval officer in Tobruk. “Why else would they cruise along that path and not respond to the Navy or Air Force when we contacted them.”

Turkey also protested to Libyan authorities, demanding an immediate end to threats against Turkish ships in the region, and called on the U.N. to hold the perpetrators accountable.

And when it comes to Egypt, the latest news is that Egypt is confronting Turkey in effecting Turkey’s 40 billion annually worth of exports to the Gulf countries. After the cessation of the agreement with Jordan due to Egypt’s pressure there is now no longer an outlet for those exports only to cross the Suez Canal.

Turkey’s attempts for expanding its hegemony in the region go far beyond its attempts to establish relations with its neighbors. No media is discussing Turkey’s building of an aircraft carrier seven times larger from the ships which are currently owned by the Turkish Navy and will be ready in 2021 for being deployed in the Mediterranean, Aegean Sea and the Black Sea and will be able to go to the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic if necessary.

Spain foolishly is building such ability to mimic its Juan Carlos I multi-purpose amphibious assault ship.  Turkey will be able to deploy F-35 jet fighters which concerns Cyprus and Israel.



Middle East sources reveal that Turkey is playing the role in building its animosity with Egypt:

“The Ottoman aspiration for energy seems to be permanent as we see the struggle over energy sources especially the Mediterranean tripartite agreement between Egypt and Greece and Cyprus came against drilling in the waters of the Mediterranean was a slap to Turkey, and is something which escalated the Turkish conflict with the Arabs to a higher degree. Also, no one is naive any longer regarding Turkey’s interest in Libya and its support to the terrorist group Ansar al-Sharia and in another way with the Tunisian Renaissance movement, the ruling party in Morocco or the Justice and development Party, which is under the broad umbrella of the organization of the International Muslim Brotherhood. Here we see the re-initiation of all the features of the past history [of the Ottomans] playing in the present conflict all over again. But this time the conflict carries much more weight than just to control and subdue the other nations to Ottoman will. It has become obvious it is an ongoing global war over the dispute for energy sources.”

In the Bible, Antichrist wants the “riches of Egypt” (Daniel 11:43) and as we see now the issues will escalate as both Egypt and Libya will be in the crosshairs of Antichrist. It would perhaps take a few years for a major showdown and only then will the world focus.

The mistake many do is to think that the Sunni Shiite divide is the key that keeps such a threat weak since Iran (Shiite) is believed to have a major divide with Turkey (Sunni). However, Iran, the other regional power will not divide with Turkey for several reasons. Firstly, Turkey has no interest in sectarian divides since it needs Iran more than Iran needs Turkey. Turkey seeks to have regional influence and does not yet have its original Ottoman hegemony and control over the region since it is in need to first establish  regional partners while Iran already partners with Syria, Lebanon and Iraq and can easily spread its tentacles into the region. This is why Turkey seeks to oust Bashar Al-Assad and seeks influence in Egypt and Libya via Muslim Brotherhood and Islamist affiliated alliances.

The other major problem for Turkey is that Turkey lacks energy sources and predominately relies on Russia and Iran for its oil and gas while Turkey is the gate for Iran’s export for oil and gas into Europe. If these arms are cut off, Turkey’s blood life ends.

However, Turkey has a foundation in NATO and unlike Iran it can tremendously influence the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations while both Turkey and Iran are focusing on Jerusalem.

Amazingly, Ezekiel predicted that the two (Turkey and Iran) will unite when it comes to a future invasion, regardless of the sectarian divide, while he also tells us that eventually such brotherhood will divide in the end where “Every man’s sword will be against his brother” (Ezekiel 38:21).

Such unity (coalition) and later division can only be explained as we see the current situation between Turkey and Iran where we have a Sunni Shiite divide while at the same time they immensely are in need with each other. So while many think that this Sunni-Shiite sectarian divide will cause Turkey and Iran to clash, the Bible tells us that these two will unite and will only clash at Armageddon. In the meantime, we will continue to report the escalation, but this requires patience on the part of the saints of whom many want Jesus to “come quickly”.


  • Willing to die for Jesus

    I know this is meant to be for prophesy end times, but I wished the US and EU would just stop pandering to Muslim Turkey and side with the Christian Russians at least for once… and get rid of that relic NATO that now only exists for “unnamed country” to bomb countries without UN approval (well if you’re gonna set up some “international law” at least try to abide by it… haven’t seen Russia or China break international law and bypass the UN security council to do as they please because they’re “special”…. hmmm… I wonder what other group of people think they’re “special”… no wonder the petrodollars are thicker than blood (ie, American Christians would kill a Russian Christian.. many of whom the former don’t recognize as one… and even gloat like the Protestants did sacking Rome in the past…

    • Jeff

      Willing, you took the words right out of my Mouth, The World needs to open their eyes to Turkey and see what their true intentions are, WE SEE IT, why wont the rest of the world see it.
      As far As Russia, I don’t think it’s going to be Putin Leading Russia much longer, Because I think Russians are beginning to see the truth about Ukraine, Though I have no respect or love for Ukraine, as I have seen a lot of Ukrainians posing with pictures of Hitler and swastika flags. But the Last thing I want to see is America Fighting Russia, Win, Lose, or Draw we are BOTH MOSTLY CHRISTIAN COUNTRIES And GOD knows there are enough Christians be killed and persecuted around the world right now.
      As always my friend, GOD bless you and yours!!!

      • Willing to die for Jesus

        I really pray that it’s Walid’s version of the End Times because I really would rather be executed by the State for non-compliance/treason than be forced to fight a fellow Russian Christian, I’m 32 so if war is coming around in the next decade, I don’t nor can I in conscience at all fight for some corrupt Soros elites. (of course I have no problems fighting under the banner of the Cross for Christian interests, not the interests of secular elites or corrupt sell out politicians/ bankers / “the Illuminati”… call them what you will)

        Lord, Jesus Christ, forgive me, a Sinner, Amen.

        God bless you and your family too Jeff, in the name of our Blessed, One and Only Begotten Son of the Heavenly Father and Son of the Mother of God, Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior.

  • Willing to die for Jesus

    yes… one that doesn’t further Islamic goals.. because that’s what the US seems to have done whether by intent or the result is the same as if it was intended (eg, Libya bombing, Iraq Invasion, Belgrade bombing, etc…)… and the EU has to be unhinged from the teat of Washington unless it wants war with Russia! NATO is dangerous indeed..

  • Trevor

    Read the news about Libya attacking a Turkey ship earlier today. I thought it was a significant development.

    It makes me wonder if Israel’s large natural gas reserve may be something Turkey would use to “sweeten the pot” when confirming a covenant of peace with many someday.

  • Fhr68

    Yup tear down the UN as well! Non of this world organization foolishness. We don’t need global networks dictating to individual nations on what they can do and not do. UNs green agenda and policy on immigration just to name a few. As far as NATO is concerned it’s the henchmens tool, they will want to hang to that for the time being. Especially turkey, it serves as a nice buffer zone for them to operate within until they have established enough of the old empire to jump of that bus.

  • Trevor

    This is way, way off-topic, but Ted, I would love your take on this –

    Native Americans claiming to be inheritors to the Ottoman?

    • RodK1975


      • Trevor

        I was just reading GWOT, and am in the part where Walid is explaining how the Romans were completely related to the Greeks, and my mind was immediately flooded by a book I have completely forgotten.

        When I was in 8th grade, I was studying Latin (yes, teaching deaf how to speak Latin…hysterical), and one of the requirements was to read “Aeneas.” I cannot believe I forgot about this, but at the end of the book, there was an oracle that said one of the twin sons would go on to found Rome. Their names were Romulus and Remus. Aeneas was basically a story told of a man escaping the Trojan War and journeying west.

        • Eric

          Studying Roman history was part of my homeschooling, Trevor. Latin as well. I remember the story you’re mentioning here.

          • Trevor

            I enjoyed reading the “Aenid,” and studying the Greek/Romans mythology. Not saying I believed those but it was just fascinating to see how people tried to explain away how the world was formed back then because they lost the knowledge of God.

            At the end of the book I was reading relating to the mythology, they said the gods became forgotten because of the spread and growth of Christianity. What humors me is how cruel and petty the mythological gods/goddess were with one another and with mankind.

          • Eric

            Trevor, my brother’s an expert in Greek mythology, so he would probably enjoy a conversation with you on this topic. 🙂

            And secondly, I also found it humorous how the Greek gods were even more messed up than mankind! They were more fleshy, more immoral, and more unpredictable. They come across as even MORE flawed than mankind, I think.

        • RodK1975


    • Willing to die for Jesus

      they are clearly deluded, maybe Gulen gave them money to claim some sort of “indigenous connection” to the US… wouldn’t be beneath them to do this taqqiyah clearly
      EDIT: Today’s Zaman is OWNED BY GULEN
      Further edit: And all those voucher schools proliferating in all States

  • Willing to die for Jesus

    I pray and am more encouraged by the issue of ABORTION – the first country to LEGALIZE it in the West in modern times under the USSR and engage in GENDER CONFUSION by doing away with the natural male/female gender roles by “Comrade” or “Partisan” (ie, GENDER-NEUTRAL TERMS) being used. Putin has managed to turn around the falling birth rates which was absolutely suicidal, and extremely sad that abortion is still so widespread and used as a method contraception! Lord have mercy.
    Yes you’re right Russians who haven’t lived under the Cold War are not going to have that Islamo-crap stuff. But I fear they will thanks to the West fluffing up their peacock tails and feathers and clucking and demonizing Putin – surely you can see the West is calling for a WW3 against Russia. I will say this for a millionth time, I don’t know whether your American or European, or how old you are, but I am a 32 y.o. male from Sydney Australia (which really means we are either controlled by Britain or were, until American hegemony and naturally we’ve Americanized, not a bad thing UNTIL NOW when I see America as a byword for SIN, like much of the “Rest”). If there’s a war declared in the next decade and males are forced into war against Russia, I would rather be shot for non-cooperation that going into war to kill fellow Christians, Russians whose culture I absolutely admire and the Russian Orthodox Church.
    God bless you.
    ….and as for the EU – it’s the EUSSR, plain and simple so if you’re being told Putin is trying to revive the USSR, look at how the EU system works. The visions of the Portuguese children were not wrong when Our Lady appeared and foretold what was to happen at Fatima. West of the former USSR, the errors of the USSR have blown (ie, to the EU and as far as away to Amerikka).

  • Willing to die for Jesus

    hmm… when was the last time Turkey actually let the US use its own field bases – I’ve repented of the war invasion on Iraq and now say it was wrong but it would let the US strike from there nor recently with the Kobane Kurdish border issue; Turkey since the early 2000s hasn’t exactly played “partner” in NATO at all, I could be wrong, and the opinion polls show the average Turk despises the US, (Of course, Turkey knows the US can use the Kurdish card to rip it apart, since tthe borders of the Middle East have effectively been re-drawn with ISIS and Kurdish autonomy in Iraq, Syria.) I think even the Iranians – much more enlightened and unjustly demonized by the US and West have a better image of the US/West because of their large diaspora in, eg, South CA, France…Oh well, a NATO member, reviving the Ottoman Caliphate, let it rot the NATO as long as it opens up the eyes of the West/US that Russia is far better than Turkey any day

  • Fhr68

    I check it out when I have the time.

  • Fhr68

    Can’t say I’ve ever heard of him. Is she a historian or a novelist this MM lady!

  • Fhr68

    Margaret Macmillan is she a chrisitan?

  • Fhr68

    Everything your pointing out is only mans solutions they won’t work I’m afraid . Not this time around.

  • Fhr68

    Yeah you have to be very careful who you listen to, many are very biased on their point of views that spread influence. I’ve become extremely careful and cautious about that .

  • Fhr68

    Yup I agree there, but I don’t like what we Our country are doing In Ukraine aiding the US. Hegemony of that country. Very wrong, it’s a terrible terrible move. We are not a war monger country, going out there and imposing dictatorship to other peoples in their own country. Yet here we are aiding and supporting it, terrible. Economic sanctions is an declaration of war, and here we are defenceless and practically unarmed loaded right up with sanctions against Russia. A world superpower armed to the teeth with nukes. Usually countries like our never have nukes pointed at us, but imposing sanctions on Russia and Helping the US implanted puppet Kiev regime, with gorilla military training ! they could very well throw one our way, crazy stupid. Europe looks to be backing away from their US support on Ukraine , they have so much more to loose , only time well tell , what a nightmare. When you have countries following a terrible mistake , the results will be a complete disaster. WWII was a collaboration against and evil tyrant . This is not anything new when nations work together. But what will the result be if nations with a tyrant?
    The situation in the Ukraine can lead to WWIII, it involves Russia. And Russia won’t allow the west henchmen kill the eastern Ukraine people. But The US seems to think different and our country is playing along with the US. So stupid. As far as I’m concerned we are on the wrong side with this one. And should not be involved with this terrible US henchmen calamity.

  • Fhr68

    Ill check that out , thanks for the heads up.

  • Fhr68

    RT isn’t my news site for Russia .

    Here’s one such unbiased but informed journalist . Social media has a tendency to put out just as bad as the major news media.