STOLEN VALOR: Major Con Artist Deceives Christians To Steal Money From Them, Says That He Was A Special Forces Captain And A CIA Agent. Christian Man Confronts Him And Gets It On Film

By Walid Shoebat busts a major con-man who in the past brought the attention of the FBI, Senator John McCain and even John Kerry. A major embezzler and con-artist is finally exposed, confronted and recorded for the whole Christian community to beware. Here is how the story goes:

Walid Shoebat confronts fake Special Forces captain  Alan Everett Goetsch

Walid Shoebat confronts fake Special Forces captain Alan Everett Goetsch

My associate Keith gets called by an Alan Goetsch, claiming to be a decorated hero, a Green Beret and member of the US Army Special Forces unit saying he was tired that nothing is being done to help and aid the suffering Christians in the Middle East. Goetsch who runs Gideon Group 300, a supposed elite force unit that claims to do special operations in the Middle East are over 600 strong that are ready to deploy, an A team, top of the line, the best in the east and the west …

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Keith, my Jewish assistant, excited, contacts me to meet with the decorated hero who supposedly was involved in catching UBL (Usama Bin Laden) and a meeting was arranged to visit with me in  Michigan while I was recording for the Jack Van Impe show. Goetsch starts telling me how he was part of a special unit working for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and how through his association of Pervez Musharraf’s family (Musharraf’s brother-in-law whom he claimed to have converted to Christianity) was able to pin-point the location of Usama Bin Laden in Abottabad Pakistan.

As the plot thickened we asked Goetsch for a proposal on how him and his “elite special forces” team “Gideon Group 300” intend to rescue Christians from Syria. We received a long elaborate plan riddled with code-talk and military mumbo-jumbo (intended to impress) which included the use of all sorts of weaponry and even grenades just incase they run into ISIS.

To show his principles were up to par the “decorated hero” even said that he would not pay ISIS real money to buy Christian slave girls but will give them fake money instead, regardless that the idea of ‘printing fake money’ is a crime unto itself and add weapons smuggling, this is a recipe for major illegal activity.

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Goetsch was so ‘honorable’  that he even claimed that he was not looking for money from Rescue Christians and that he simply wanted to use Rescue Christians’s 501c3 as a conduit for depositing money from his major donors and in turn we pay for his supposed heroic daring operations. Why can’t the man get his own 501c3 was another red flag. While the man says that he is in no need for money, he needed a conduit and a reputable contact in order to generate trust from his followers who he told he is associated with Rescue Christians.

With over a thousand Christian followers on his twitter titled “I am the bold voice of truth …” Christians were being conned not to know that the man who runs “Gideon Group 300” as we began to investigate even has a mugshot:

Instead of rescuing Christians abroad I thought that it was time to rescue dumb Christians in the homeland, so I investigated further. As it turns out, Goetsch is not only guilty of impersonating himself to be a Christian, a pastor and Green Beret decorated hero, but also impersonating a police officer and CIA agent whose “plan was to aid rebels fighting the Sandinista government in Nicaragua and to recover missing servicemen from Southeast Asia.” The Associated Press reported Goetsch bilking victims: “Late Wednesday, the Select Committee on POW-MIA Affairs asked the FBI to review the committee files on Alan Everett Goetsch Jr., who allegedly bilked the family of a missing American in Southeast Asia.”

Pulling up old newspaper articles from 1985 up till now, Goetsch is no minor con-artist, he has brought the attention of Senator John McCain and even John Kerry.

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A con-artist at youth and a con-artist in his old age, some just never change


Alan Everett Goetsch (from his Facebook)

In fact, the man was such a major embezzler that Senator John McCain and John Kerry have referred this to-notch con-artist to the FBI for prosecution:

Senator John McCain, R-Ariz., a former Vietnam POW, blasted as misleading, if not an “outright lie,” a claim by one of several organizations that raised funds purportedly to locate American servicemen missing since the Vietnam War.

McCain is a member of the Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs, which Wednesday released documents showing that the fund-raisers mailed millions of solicitation letters and made hundreds of thousands of telephone calls on behalf of clients who claimed they could help the missing servicemen. The committee, chaired by Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., referred the case of Alan Goetsch Jr. to the FBI for possible prosecution.

Goetsch knows how to make acquaintances with senators. In the past he linked with Senator Jesse Helms and currently he linked with former state senator of Tennessee Stacey Campfield. In an Associated Press article, George Amos, undersheriff in Sweetgrass County Montana described Goetsch as a “fast-talking con-man” who “could sell an Arab s sunlamp …”

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But Goetsch failed to sell this Arab (me) his fast-talking ‘shpeel’, I smelled the crook the second I met him. In the Arab world we have a saying: “you know something is a lie from the size of the claim”. Goetsch  who claims to have pointed where Osama Bin Laden was hiding in Abbotabad Pakistan is some big claim indeed. The other dead giveaway was that Goetsch, while claiming all these credentials and presented his ‘top secret’ proposal for his daring rescue mission publicly tweeted all the supposed secrecy spilling the beans to all his followers:

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Another major red flag.

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This is done simply to fool his thousand or so followers to gain credentials and legitimacy so the con-artist has no choice but to open his big mouth. Unfortunately I do not have the time to find out who else this man tried to con, but donators beware.

I confronted Alan Everett Goetsch, and got it on film:

Rescue Christians runs into so many con men (whom we will expose) and it wasn’t that we were immune in the past, Keith was nabbed three times and all three seem to be legit with one who had a working relationship with Benjamin Netanyahu while another was a retired and confirmed police officer.

It is that serious. We live in a world of corruption, con-artists and societal deterioration.

So how can you catch a con-man? The Bible warned about flattery, beware when someone tries to fatten your head with all sorts of impressive tweets and messages. This is what Goetsch did while the whole time I knew he was simply a professional con-man who has an authoritative voice, knows his Bible and has finally ruffed up the feathers of McCain and Kerry for stealing American Valor.

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Con men are everywhere from government to media. When the Jerusalem Post trusted one con-man named Jorg Luyken to work as a journeyman writer, he wrote an article stating that I “Walid Shoebat” was a con-man who was never a terrorist since according to him that there was never any explosive charges detonated in Bethlehem Manger Square in Israel, which later Drew Griffin of CNN (a proven liar) travelled to manger square saying the same thing. The ironic thing about this story was that Bethlehem Manger Square is the size of a parking lot in which in that time during the seventies, the United Nations published in their files of what was thought to be a grenade going off in Manger Square in 1977 where Bank Leumi was while the source they used was the “JP” (the Jerusalem Post) stating that a bomb went off in manger square in 1977. This is the very paper that initially said there was no bomb in Manger Square in Bethlehem, the birth place of Jesus Christ during 1977. Then the story travelled to CNN and the liars and con-artists disseminated a false story that the honest was accused of being a con-man while the con-men were simply ‘honest reporters’.

jp copy

The key when investigating a claim is to examine the sources. CNN did all this without providing any evidence from Israeli sources. None of these outlets disclosed by CNN gave a single statement or any exchanges or interviews with any police, prison or government officials or any real agency. To ask someone “where have you examined” “what records have you checked” … is indeed a valid question:

And as it turned out, it was CNN who provided nothing while saying that they “went through great lengths” to find out if a bomb went off at Manger Square when in fact it was a documented incident. Had they done their homework as they claimed, they would have found the United Nations reports as well as the reported articles in the Jerusalem Post and the Yediot Aharonot from 1977. To show how CNN does a poor job in investigating (just read here).

I investigated Huma Abedin, her brother, mother, president Obama’s relatives and found them to all be frauds, liars and con-artists. Today politicians and media can be major conduits for frauds.

Catching a fraud is easy. When anyone says anything to you, the first thing to do is to start drilling down asking: how do I know what you just said is true? Even if they provide you with a document, you need to verify from the original sources that such a document is true. Goetsch showed a military discharge report. Problem was, he refused to give us a copy. This is a red flag. I asked Goetsch the moment he said he knew Prevez Musharraf’s brother in law, “how do I know that you know this man?” Goetsch provided a name and even phone numbers. The problem was that the man whom we called simply hung up on us. There was no verification whatsoever to prove that Goetsch knew any of the Musharraf family or that he was Green Beret or has worked for the Department of Homeland Security. Everything was a lie.

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  • RodK1975

    Good work Mr Shoebat/Ted/Keith… If there’s no ill-intent, there should be no problem being checked out completely… I find it funny when people try to pull something crooked, and you get wind that something isn’t or doesn’t seem to be square, they get agitated with you because you’re trying to check them out. They bristle because you aren’t overly excited at taking a complete stranger at their word just because they throw the moniker “Christian” around, when, they approached you in the first place. Then all of a sudden time is of the essence and they accuse you of impeding progress when they’re the one’s stalling. Hilarious and sad at the same time.

    • Indeed Rod. This con-man claimed to have security clearance was irritated why we had to do a “background check …” and when we insisted on it he cried “I want a divorce” as if we were married to him in any way shape or form. The problem is that he is probably going to the next unaware victim or even senator.

      • RodK1975

        Absolutely, it’s sad that someone would try to hijack such a good cause, that’s trying to help people in such dire need, for their own diabolical ends… It’s also sad that you can’t trust that someone who says they are Christian actually are Christian. People like that don’t seem to care that they are stoking a hot fire for themselves in Eternity. Unbelievable.

        • Grandmere

          Let this be a lesson. Just because they say they are a Christian does not make it so.

          • Julie LaBrecque

            There is a remote possibility this could have been a set-up; a known con-man (who else can con but a con?) is often the tool of undesirables to defame/destroy entities on their ‘list’. Had RC allowed this man’s organization as a ‘partner’, the man’s organization then exposed as a fraud, then the gig is up for RC – would be charged with money-laundering, etc, lose 501c3 status, reputation impugned, lose status with donors and prospective donors.

          • Grandmere

            Exactly. We all need to be careful.

      • VikingCelt

        Lol! Wow. The guy’s loon. He’d fit right in as a patient where I work. And you don’t just walk out of this place. Send him my way.

      • observer

        Good job in turkey helping orphans….:)

  • Jeff Benton

    LOL That man better be careful… The guys I’ve met wont take kindly to being fooled or conned… He better make darn sure he delivers on whatever promises he makes to a bunch of brothers in arms…
    Either that or go ahead and get a good Doctor and Dentist lined up heh heh heh…

    • Funny you say that he needs a “Dentist” since when I met the creep he had a few teeth missing. He then says that his long cut on his arm was due to him fighting a rattle snake. Then I find a lawsuit by him against Home Depot claiming that an unsupervised saw at Home Depot caused the cut.

      • Grandmere

        He has to watch out for those unsupervised chainsaws, Chef. They might come to life and cut his lying tongue off.

      • Jeff Benton

        LOL That is too funny!!!

      • VikingCelt

        Oh yeah, he belongs where I work. Trust me, he’d get taken care of.

  • knight

    There are thousands world wide with their hands in the till for this and that. The governments need to limit all to a few that governments can watch more easily.

  • richinnameonly

    In listening to that guy I’m not even sure of what he was trying to do that would improve both Rescue Christians and his “operation”. If the two were combined or cooperating I would think that money would have to be involved in some way, but he kept denying that. Good that his past scamming was discovered. The most surprising thing to me in the article was that John Kerry happened to do something right at one point in his career.

    • Indeed, money would have been involved, he would use Rescue Christians to deposit donations from victims and in turn we would give the money for his supposed operation. Get it? A con-man first eases up on your worries “look man, I do not want any money”, but the trick is hidden in the detail.

      • richinnameonly

        Yep. Would have given you a mess on several levels, along with disappointed RC donors. Good catch. I’m still surprised Kerry did something right. Keeping you and yours in my prayers.

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  • AnthonyM

    Thanks for flushing that rat out of his hole ! He, and others like him, could do a lot of damage and discourage people from giving.

  • Marcos Filipe Guerra

    The moment I saw how he was spilling his guts about how he would do many things to rescue christians with boots on the ground I thought: “Wait a minute, if you want to rescue someone from a place that is very hostile, you keep your cards to your chest.” Black Ops standard, I think, maybe? Then I read again the first infos and right after I hit the mark of “rescue christians and gideon group 300 to secure a cargo ship”, that’s it. Crook, hands down. “Secure a cargo ship”!??!!? Reminded me on how Walid answered CNN on “How do you rescue those christians in Paquistan?” Walid: “None of your business.” Much like local media asking arround the police about how and when they are gonna set the trap for the bad guys and then broadcast it. “We asked the police how they would do it, but they refused to disclose the issue.” Of course, you dumbass.

  • VikingCelt

    Yikes. I’ve never heard of this guy, but thanks for the heads up. I totally agree that we need to be careful and pay attention. Slicks like this will only abound more and more as time goes on.

  • ChiRho

    I was just taking last night with my wife (I feel like Ive been saying that alot lately here) about people claiming to be Christians who are not. She has had bad experiences in the past with phoney Christians who are evil. I told her that in the end Jesus said many will come to him saying, “Lord we have prophesied and cast out demons in Your name!” And He will say, “depart from me for I do not know you.”