IN THEIR OWN WORDS…Muslims tell you exactly why Islam can never coexist with other religions, with free speech, human/women’s rights, critical thinking, and democratic principles of freedom

By BI: Share this with all your liberal/leftist friends who don’t see Islamic violent jihad and non-violent ‘civilization’ jihad as the greatest threat to their very existence. All these clips came before ISIS but confirm that ISIS has everything to do with Islam.

  • Delta Rain

    Satanists don’t even know that allah is the devil?

    • Marcos Filipe Guerra

      The Devil rickrolled them on that one. They think that the anti-Christ is a satanist like them. “Keep supporting Islam and soon I’ll apoint the antichrist among you so you lot can rule the world.” The biggest stupidity is to believe in perfect good conscience in the biggest liar that has ever existed. I mean, can you imagine? “You know the devil is the father of lies, right?” – “Oh, yeah, we know that. He said he only lies to non-satanists.” – “And you believed him?” – “…….yeah man….the devil gave me lots of money.”. Rickrolled!

  • Tom_mcewen

    Some see 1.3 billion muslims as a threat to our future and the threat to our children’s future. Politicians are them as 1.3 billion potential voters.

  • How could anyone deny Allah is Satan?

    Unless they are servant of the devil using the guise of being a Christian to deceive.

    • Marcos Filipe Guerra

      It’s that famous verse:

      “But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.”

      2 Timothy 3:13

      It leaves me jaw opened that still some people, even after I show them the videos of stoning, beheadings, muslims in europe supporting shariah law, a whole mosque cheering to the Paris shooting and so on, they simply keep on saying that “Islam is a peaceful religion” or that “muslims are the ones that most suffer from radical Islam”. Incredible. I understand your outrage.

    • Shannon Courtney

      blind mice- blind follow blind, dead follow dead, evil follows evil…

  • richinnameonly

    This video should have been shown to all attending the meeting described in the previous article about a new mosque in VA.

  • reyol

    This is the tiger that the Left is riding. They hope that the tiger will eat the Christians and not harm them. The “refugees” are a mercenary army hired to destroy Christianity and the nation state.

  • ace

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