HORRIFYING! Self-hating leftist Jews invite Muslims to turn their synagogue into a mosque

According to Islamic law, any building that hosts the followers of Allah is considered part of the dawah, which means it is now considered a Muslim property working for the expansion of Islam.

Turning a synagogue into a mosque

Turning a synagogue into a mosque

Jewish Press  The Beth Israel synagogue in Peterborough, Central Ontario, Canada, invited Muslim worshipers at the Masjid al-Salaam mosque to pray in their building, after it had been firebombed on Nov. 14 by arsonists.

On Saturday night, the synagogue’s website published an announcement stating, “Yesterday, Friday November 27, Beth Israel became a house of worship for the local Muslim community.” On Friday, Beth Israel hosted two prayer sessions for local Muslims and a potluck dinner.

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Beth Israel Synagogue president Larry Gillman told CBC, “As Canadians we have to stick together. It’s not about religion, it’s not about race. (Oh it’s about religion all right, and yours is the one Muslims hate the most) Canadians do this.” According to CBC, as soon as Gillman heard about the fire at the mosque, he reached out to his synagogue’s board of directors to find out about sharing space with the Muslim congregation. They voted unanimously in favor. “I hope this can be some kind of small example to others,” Gillman said.


    Rabbi Moronicus?

  • Stephen Dalton

    Golly, all these years I believed Jews were smarter than other people! Then something like this comes along and totally destroys my belief in superior Jewish intelligence!

  • mspip

    there has to be something wrong with their thinking…. taking the viper to their bosom.

  • John Deer

    Are those Rabbi’s STUPID.??? You can’t believe their Insane behaviour and then the “MUSLIMS” excepts the Offer to pray in the house of the “”DEVIL””.. For sure, those Muslims are going to be punished by “Allah” to HELL and BRIMSTONE for praying their. LOL!!!!

  • John Deer

    Surely the Insurance company will take the necessary action to safeguard the claim. In this case the IRS has to take action as well as the Donations were a setup under false pretense by the Mosque Leaders. Dishonesty has no Bounds in the name of “ALLAH”. The Koran instructs this behaviour.!!!