European Truckers use PORK to Deter Muslim Highway Robbers

Calais, France is one of the most dangerous areas in Europe right now. It is on the northern point of France across from the English Channel near Belgium. This is home to both the underground tunnel crossing point to England for truckers and travelers as well as one of the largest MUSLIM refugee camps in Europe. This isn’t a new problem- it has been around since 1999 and has been getting worse each year, so much that Calais is now referred to as the Calais Jungle.

Calais is described by the European Media as a horror movie. The area is practically lawless, and it is extensively documented that Muslims engage in systemic highway robbery and attacks against truckers on a daily basis. The area is so dangerous for truckers that the British Road Haulage association, the largest lobbying group for truckers, has actually launched an emergency reporting line for truckers to get them assistance if they are attacked by Muslims from the Calais camps.

After years of being harassed, robbed, and even murdered and with little help from their governments, some of the truckers have been taking defense matters into their own hands, such as fighting back and carrying weapons even in violation of European law.

But this trucker has a hilarious and effective weapon to combat Muslim Highway Robbers- Pork:

Islam is very clear that pork is forbidden, so much that not only are Muslims forbidden to touch it, but if some scholars argue that a Muslim may not touch something which has touched pork.

Now pork will not stop the Islamic invasions…but it is a creative and grassroots solutions that will work in this situation. Indeed, since we cannot rely on the governments for help, the citizens will have to take responsibility for their own safety just as how in Mexico the Catholic Autodefensa Militias have taken up arms fighting against the evil cartels.