Germans Fed Up with Their Government Surrendering to Islam are Taking Matters Into their Own Hand and Burning Down Muslim “Refugee” Centers


From a December 7th, 2015 protest in Germany by PEGIDA (People Against the Islamization of the Occident) has been one of the most vocal protesters in Germany. While they have not been formally implicated of any wrongdoings, Germans are tired of being made second-class citizens in their own homes and are beginnin to stand up for themselves.

German news reports that German citizens are attacking en masse the homes where Muslim “refugees” have been staying. Since the beginning of this year, there have been 222 attacks but only four convictions. What is more amazing is that 169- 76% of these cases- have absolutely no leads. 93 of these attacks have been firebombs in the form of Molotov cocktails.

The attacks against the Muslims have been taking place all across Germany. From the Deutsche Zeit (assisted by Google Translate):

A research team at ZEIT ONLINE and the time has investigated 222 violent attacks on refugee shelters this year. There are all the attacks, in which people have come to harm or damage could occur. The result: Only in four cases, courts have been sentenced offenders in eight other cases, charges have been laid. These are just five per cent of all attacks.In less than a quarter of all cases the police could ever identify a suspect.Almost all actions are therefore not cleared up. Eleven percent of the procedures were now even ceased. And that, although already 104 people have been injured in attacks.

The German government admits that these 222 attack are just against the shelters. There has been an amazing 747 attacks against specifically the Muslim “immigrants” this year alone:

The number of 222 cases is significantly higher than those published in November, the Federal Ministry of the Interior. The ministry speaks officially only 120 acts of violence against refugee shelters. Overall, the authorities have “relevant offenses bearing on the topic of ‘crimes against asylum accommodation’ ‘so-called registered in the current year 747th However, It also includes simple vandalism, propaganda offenses, graffiti and Volksverhetzungen.

Expect a LOT more protests like these, and if things do not improve, civil war will be inevitable.